Support independent call + Internet! Double 11 four popular smart watches: I bought it out without using mobile phone.


The birth of a smart watch has been in short time, with a comprehensive health function and interaction effect, and harvested a favor of consumers. It refers to its greatest controversy, which is much more than the smart watch needs to be used with mobile phones, which makes many people think that the utility of smart watches is a bit less short.


However, with the continuous update, today’s smart watches can basically have independent communication, online, and the application on the watch can be separated from the mobile phone alone, so that consumers have changed a lot. Then, take advantage of the arrival of the double eleven activities, today I can recommend three smart watches that can be interrogated, while the price is also a big discount, it is worth considering.

OPPO WATCH 2 46mm (activity to the hand price: 1799 yuan)

Recommended reason: ESIM independent communication, dual engine long battery life, super 50 life applications, continuous oxygen detection


With the support of the ESIM independent communication function, OPPO Watch 2 is enough to do independent communication, internet access. Therefore, even if it is separated from the mobile phone, it can also send a call in real time to ensure that the communication will not be lost, and it is like WeChat (children’s watch), Baidu map, Netease cloud music / QQ music and other applications You can use it online online, you can also realize WeChat, Alipay’s dual platform payment experience. You can also place your mobile phone at home when you go out. It does not affect normal communication and WeChat messages to view / reply.


It is guaranteed enough independence and intelligence, OPPO Watch 2 has high highlights in terms of battery life, but also on UDDE dual engine mode to obtain satisfactory battery life. In full intelligence mode, the OPPO Watch 2 46mm has a long time of use. It has achieved endurance time through light intelligence mode for 16 days, which is really a lot of performance. At the same time, Watch Vooc flash can make the watch to charge for 10 minutes to use all day, which can solve most people’s life anxiety issues.

In addition, OPPO Watch 2 supports continuous blood oxygen detection in health and 24-hour irregular heart rate monitoring, and automatically opens sleep monitoring systems when users are sleeping, helping to discover potential health problems and improve sleep habits; 100+ motion monitoring and recording functions, physical conditions when moving during exercise; supports electrical mode and camera assistant function, greatly enhances interactive experience between devices. It can be seen that the OPPO Watch 2 of the endless and practicality is almost no short board, it is worth considering.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic LTE version (Spot to Hand Price: 2699 yuan)


Recommended reason: the first Google WEAR OS system, BIA body ingredient analysis, health test, 40 hours strong battery life

Under the premise of differential calls and independent Internet access, Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic has worked with Google’s depth, the first WEAR OS operating system-based One UI watch version, so it also has a very good advantage in applying ecology. . In the app store, you can find a variety of popular third-party applications, like QQ watch, Alipay, QQ music, 咕咚 watch version, etc., cover payment, sports, chat, music, map and other categories, etc. More popular applications will be adapted.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic may be able to be able to be able to be able to do it. With the bioactive body dynamic sensor, it not only meets both heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, but also supports the “physical component index analysis” function, you can measure your health targets in all directions for users to manage their own health goals; In terms of exercise detection, the watch can automatically detect the ongoing motion, or quickly enter the motion mode, support more than 90 motion methods; blood oxygen saturation and snoring detection are supported when sleeping will help improve health.

Huawei Watch 3 (booking to hand price: 2549 yuan)

Recommended reason: Harmonyos 2 system, body temperature detection, heart and breathing health, wireless charging


Under the advantages of Harmonyos 2 system, Huawei Watch 3 can not only achieve independent communication through ESIM, but also to realize smooth communication with smart screens in the home, greatly enhance the limitations of calling with a watch. Moreover, it can remotely manipulate some of the products of Harmonyos Connect intelligent ecology, and you can get an outstanding functional experience when interacting with multiple devices. While achieving the mainstream application, its experience is equally good, for example, in the application speed, you can record the voice speed and support voice translation, functionality.

In addition, Huawei Watch 3 supports 100+ motion mode, supports temperature, continuous blood oxygen monitoring, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, fall detection, etc. Health status has more understanding. The battery capacity of the watch is 450mAh, with 3 days of intelligent mode life, long battery life can reach 14 days, and support wireless charging.

In general, these three watches have their own good system advantages and functional experience, and they are also available in terms of battery life. This should be more attractive to the performance of OPPO Watch 2, and the lowest price in the three is more prominent, the application of ecological advantages, health movements, etc., the cost performance is very good, it is worth considering.