“Shuanglanna Year” chill strikes, plush shoes become the new favorite of footwear market


The cold trend is in the year, this year is not general. The United States, Japan and South Korea have successively issued weather warnings, and believed that October this year, the northern hemisphere in early next year was low in the same period of the year, and even extremely cold weather.

In the winter warning sound, the northern hemisphere in the winter has received the chill of “Shuanglanna Year”. Traditional Chinese medicine often tells “Everything from cold, cold from the cold”, preparing a pair of warm performance shoes to avoid the importance of winter cold, self-evident.

As a daily necessities, the shoes has always had a broad market. According to Statista’s data, the 2020 global footwear market estimates more than $ 365 billion.

How do cross-border sellers nugget this 100 billion market? The cold winter is exactly a good time for warm footwear products. In recent years, plush shoes are designed in winter footwear market with its excellent warm function and fashion design.

“US Weekly” contains some consumer feedback on plush shoes, many consumers praise the shoes, one of the consumers: “I like these very comfortable plush slippers! ‘Fur’ is very soft And luxury, the first thing to go home in the morning or get home is to put them, this is a special enjoyment. “

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Plush slippers are the main categories of plush footwear products, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has increased people’s home time, and the length of the slippers will increase, which makes people seek more comfortable slippers, plush slippers are not smooth, but also Meet warmth during winter, naturally become the winter footwear market.

When you don’t want to live home, you should pay attention to keep warm, and the cold work in the outside is not easy. The plush shoes are still the main products from the daily shoes market. Plush peas shoes, plush single shoes, plush high shoes, plush boots, etc. Not only warm, but also very fashionable needs of young people, their furry appearance does not loster, is a wild winter Tools, winter clothing with warm-sensitive properties can be perfectly matched with coats, sweaters, etc.


During the epidemic, home isolation makes people accustomed to the comfort and leisure dress, and also prompted people to pursue the decreated styles to mitigate the depression of the epidemic. People are trying to seek comfort and fashion balance, plush shoes become people’s non-two choices, people turn to buy fashion and comfortable plush shoes like shoe brands UGG. According to the NPD Group’s data, in the epidemic period (from March to October 2020), UGG ranked second in non-sports shoes / sports shoes.

The plush shoe is not only a hot single product in winter, but also sells in other seasons because of its fashion characteristics. The fashion slippers decorated with plush are also the secret of picking up. The fashion circle has set off a plush slippers with a slide, a lot of stars, and the fashion blogger also likes to wear fashionable and comfortable plush. slippers. The Oscar Prize winner Jennifer Hudson has wore a pair of hairy pale pink slippers walking on the streets of New York City.

According to the current consumption trend of fashion and comfort, plush shoes will occupy an important position in the footwear market in the future. After winter, they will have steady growth in other seasons. How do the cross-border sellers related to related categories on this fashion trendy train?

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Cross-border sellers can rely on domestic footwear strength, launch the product price, novelty products, select the market that is strong in the consumption demand for such products, and effectively occupy the market share in the supply needs match.

China’s footwear manufacturing production has been in the world, according to Statista’s data, China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia are leaders in footwear production. As of 2019, these countries account for more than 75% of global footwear production.

The consumer area of ​​the footwear is mainly in the United States. The United States is the largest footwear product importing country, which imports approximately 1.8 billion shoes in 2020, and the second Germany only imports approximately 635 million pairs of shoes.

As early as many years ago, US consumers tend to buy footwear products made in China. A report of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank has pointed out that US consumers are purchasing Chinese manufacturing costumes, and the spending of footwear products is higher than those of the United States.


Cross-border sellers can aim at the US consumer market, continue to play China’s footwear strength, and more integrated into Chinese elements in footwear manufacturing, such as pure plush shoes, stabbed national style embroidery, integrating into Chinese aesthetics in the design, etc. Thus, the main exporting countries of other footwear products realize product differentiation competition. The sellers still need to note that consumers have different side focus on the plush shoes selected from different seasons. Consumers choose autumn and winter plush shoes, pay more attention to their warm function, choose the spring and summer plush shoes, pay more attention to their style design, the shoes mainly take the leather material, using plush materials on the upper as the pen of the embellishment, When the fashion feelings, it takes into account cool breathable.