Can be washed with electric hot blankets, covered, covered, winter is no longer frozen


Spread and cold shrinkage is one of the most common physical phenomena in life.

For example, people have such animals, as soon as winter, just like a hedgehog, I like to shrink into a group until it slowly retracts into the nest.

Unfortunately, people can’t always be in the bed in the nest one day, and they can’t wrap a thick quilt.

That, why not come

Antarctic electric knee blanket

Woolen cloth?

Warm and safe, can also wash the knee blanket, not very small, can be covered, can be home to work, ready to use it is warm.

The Antarctic people don’t have to introduce more, and when it comes to it, many people will think of “warm underwear”. It is almost Chinese


National warm brand

I can sell billion products every year.

In addition to heating knees, it can also warm leg feet, warm shoulders, warm small belly.

Sitting on the sofa at home reading book, lying in bed reading, in the office, lunch break, can be used, let you have a warm winter, no more frozen.

Especially suitable for girls.

When a girl came to aunt, put it in the office, licking his stomach, warm, very comfortable, more comfortable than “hot water”.

The Antarctic electric knees have 3 gear temperatures, temperature control temperature ranges from 15 to 50 ° C.

Heating is high, 60 seconds speed, almost the warmth of the power-on cover, especially suitable for “afraid of the cold star”.

Thick imitation lamb is delicate, warm and skin, feel is particularly soft, posted on the face, there is a feeling of heating next to a furry sheep.

There are 2 colors and 2 sizes of pink, gray.


The big knee blanket size is: 105cm × 85cm,

Small knee blanket size is: 85 × 65cm

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Click on the picture to wrap the electric blanket!

Antarctic knee blanket, will be largely insulated from the soft fever, woven into the knee blanket, the whole line temperature control, and the power is uniform.

This knee blanket has overvoltage protection and short circuit protection, and it is automatically powered down after 3 hours.

The Antarctic knee blanket is internally thermostatic protection system, and the constant temperature control will ensure that the thermostat constant temperature is extremely hot, and there is no temperature suddenly increases or lowers a high temperature.


At the same time, its insulation design prevents leakage, truly heating, safe and rest assured.

The internal heating soft silk is very soft, and the knee blanket can be folded at will, which is constantly fractured.

Putting plugs, making knee blankets more convenient:

You can unplug the plug, wrap the electric blanket wrap around the house;

Moreover, it is convenient to wash.

One-button intelligent controller, high, medium, low 3 speed temperature adjustable, temperature range between 15 to 50 ° C.


It also has three hours of automatic power-off setting, even if you forget to give electric blankets in time, do not have to worry about electricity safety.

After the automatic power is powered off, the automatic shutdown power indicator will illuminate (the lamp does not illuminate when used).

Thickened fabric, contrast color double-sided material.

The front is a flange, soft and delicate, not fade, no fading.

The back is imitation lamb, soft skin, feels particularly warm, and does not fall.


It is a water-washable electric knee blanket, accidentally staining, do not worry, wash and washing according to the following method.


Cleaning method: Unplug the plug, put the blanket into warm water below 30 ° C, gently press the cleaning, after washing, naturally dehydration in the sun.


This winter, let your hot Antarctic knees accompany you.


A knee blanket, the old and the salty, the whole family can use it. When I bought it, I remember to prepare a parent.

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