Xiaomi Watch Color 2 is released, supporting “fishing” sports


Recently, Xiaomi official Weibo released a preheated poster of Xiaomi Watch Color 2. It is reported that this watch supports up to 117 motion models, including “fishing” movement.

Many friends can also be called sports?In fact, in 1983, the fishing movement was listed as a formally carried out sports.Do you don’t think this is a very complex, heavy mental and physical strength?

小米Watch Color 2发布在即,支持“钓鱼”运动

It is reported that the smart watch will be released with the millet Civi mobile phone at 14:00 on September 27.With a classic round dial, more than 200 online dials can be selected.

小米Watch Color 2发布在即,支持“钓鱼”运动

According to the previously disclosed news, Watchcolor 2 may be equipped with the latest movement and health tracking capabilities, including pressure, sleep, and heart rate monitoring, have a very complete biological health monitoring system, obviously this is anotherHigh cost-effective sports artifact.