“Fashion Women” Anna Wen Ter, clothing bright body, 72-year-old style still


What should the 70-year-old woman should? For most people, they have long been retired at home, or with grandson, or jumping with square dance. They gradually lose their passion in dressing, and relax and comfortable and practical dress are normal.


For the fashion female magic head Anna Winten, the 70-year old, she still figured the bobo head, she likes to wear high heels, printed long skirt, wearing big granules of exquisite jewelery , The gas field is full, let you believe, there is no relationship between fashion and age.

As a fashion gorgeon Vogue, the world-edited Anna Wincu, which has mastered the prevalence of life, but she has a unique landmark style.

After Anna cut into the BOBO head, Anna didn’t change the hairstyle, no matter how the trend changed, the trend is more like a failure, this BOBO hairstyle has been loved by her.

Golden mushroom head

, Neatly, with a black sunglasses, cool and personality, time is still still, this hairstyle has become one of her signs.

Few people can make a hairstyle so long, love beauty more like to try fresh things, thinking about the long hair of the long hair, long-haired sorrows. Anna made a change in the same way, and consistently a hairstyle made her unique style.

Of course, if you want to keep this hairstyle, not just like it, there is

The launch is the king

. Many female friends will drop their hair at a certain number of ages, and the pressure is turned off, and the children have lost their hair. And Anna can have such a dense launch, which is also enviable.

Despite the age of grandmother, it still maintains exquisite makeup, although the wrinkles on the face are as scheduled, but the skin maintenance is quite good, but also have a mozzare, which is strict with her decades.



It is closely related.

In New York Day, she got up at 5 o’clock every morning, sleep at 10 o’clock in the evening, keeping a good habit of getting up early. At the same time, I will not forget to do sports, play tennis is her favorite sports, so I can always start a day with a full spirit.

Slim bag hip skirt

The most tested a person’s condition, tightly designed the curve of the body, even if there is a dot, it will be enlarged in this long dress. Therefore, although this long dress is loved by many people, some people will easily try.

With the growth of age, most women can’t escape the situation of middle-aged blessings, especially the position of the waist and abdomen. It is most prone to stacking fat. Only persistent exercise, and a powerful love of beauty can we maintain a beautiful posture.

Although many people like neutrical wind, women’s

Warm and fascinating

It has always been the charm of people. The design of the bag hip long skirt is designed to showcase women’s unique charm.

Of course, the most needless is the beauty of the body, and then only need to choose the color of the favorite. The shape of small fluffs brings a fresh breath, and the wave point creates a romantic taste, and the strong color contrast will reflect the super gas field.

In Anna’s shape, you can see her right.



Pay attention, every long skirt, portrayed the waist, the waist, the modification of the waist and hips creates a rich woman, and the design of the neck is more conserved, the small round neck is wrapped in the neck. , Overall style flow


Elegant and noble


the taste of.

High heel

It can be said to be a perfect match with the long skirt, and they make each other to interpret the woman. High heels matching the fancy dress, it is best to choose a solid color, which will not grab the dress of the skirt, and the high heels of the naked high heels are the hundred touch of clothing color, and can also effectively pull high, proper Legs long.


High heels are very good, wear it immediately with the queen’s momentum, but it is not a kind type, especially this slender high heel requires step-by-step exercises and the right way. The older woman is best determined according to their own situation, do not blindly follow the style.

In addition to the unchanging BOBO hairstyle,

Black sunglasses

It is also one of her Peugeot. No matter where it goes, black sunglasses are always Anna’s trekle accessories, always maintain a mysterious feeling, it is difficult to speculate on her mood. It has always maintained a style of rendering, naturally forming its own logo.

The fashion female magic head Anna’s temperature map controls the trend of fashion, but she has always had their own persistence. She likes to wear high heels, bag hip long skirt, wear black sunglasses.




Great particle jewelry


It is also a favorite of her. Each shape will match the gorgeous jewelry as a finishing touch, the brilliant necklace will surround the neck and naturally focus on the face around the face.

The luxurious jewelry sparkles, and there is a lifting of mature women, but also creating a noble feeling. Jewelry has a lot of money, as an accessory, but also to match the clothing.

This long skirt has a dreamy color, like a sun sprinkled with colorful halo, with green as the main tone, with purple and orange. The color of the necklace is just consistent with the color of the clothing, which is both harmonious and becomes a pen.


Fashion ladies never ignore the role of the accessories, often with the decaying effect. This shape, the use of vegetarian solid colors, the mild camel has the characteristics of uncomfortable, winning many middle-aged women.

However, wanting to make a powerful gas field, the odor of camel is still not enough. With the joining of Jin Guang’s jewelry necklace, the moment the gas field rose.

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