Jiangyou 6-year-old cerebral palsy child is hit by the kindergarten teacher because the urine pants are hit, and the parents have been accused, and the police station is known for investigation.


New Beijing News (Reporter Wu Meizhi) Recently, a parent of Sichuan Jiangyou sent a document online. In June this year, his child was abused by the teacher in kindergarten, and the teacher also launched the parents’ parents to attack the group. On November 2, Ms. He Ms. He said that the Beijing News reporter has been involved in the jurisdiction police station, hoping to obtain fair results.


On June 29, after returning home from kindergarten, Ms. He Mother found that there was a clear red mark on his ass. Reporter

6-year-old cerebral palsy was hit by the kindergarten teacher, and the parents were accused of


On November 2, Ms. He Ms. He said that his child was 6 years old. It is a patient with epilepsy. It is also a children with intellectual disabilities. The hourly light kindergarten is a teaching activity, also in conducting disabled children’s recovery Training school.

Ms. Ms., “Children began to go to school in Jiangyou City in August 2020, I like to go to school, but after this year, after changing the master teacher, the child is obviously unwilling to school.”

On the afternoon of June 29, the parents found that there were red prints like bamboo strips on the child butt, and the child epilepsy was also epilepsy. Ms., said that she contacted the chief gardens on the same day, the head of the gardener sent three and the teacher’s chat screenshot, and the teacher admitted to the behavior of the child. “The teacher said because my child’s diapers are only hit.” Ms. He didn’t alarm, just asked the teacher to write a guarantee.

Ms. Ms., showing that some teachers said, “I just played the ass, the other places didn’t touch” “My teacher is generally not hit, even if it is a slight and scared” “Today, Hach is what I played. It is really irritating, because today is what I got a few times, he did not bird (urine). “

The kindergarten teacher said that because of the child’s diapers, I opened my child’s ass. Reporter

On October 29, Ms. He made a document in Weibo and Jiangyou City Forum. Ms., said that she recently commented on the experience of her child, and commented by the Kindergarten Teacher, in the parent group, the group announcement, let himself have the siege accusation of many parents, this is online .

In the chat screenshots provided by Ms., a teacher said in the group. I wrote an apology letter and a guarantee, and now I said in the forum. “There is a parent reply below” This family is brain-disabled, the teacher has made so much for his children, and you have been caught. “” Don’t know how to be grateful. “

Ms. He tells the Beijing News reporter, and the child has been controlled before, “Since this in June, the frequency of childhood epilepsy has changed, and the emotions are not very stable.”

The kindergarten teacher announced in the group, and the parents of the students were insulting to the lady. Reporter

The leader said that both parties have reached an understanding of the incident, and the police are investigating

On November 3, the Beijing News reporter contacted Teacher Zhao, Changzhou Guangyuyuan Garden. For the hitting incident, Teacher Zhao said that the teacher had already admitted the mistake and apologize to the parents, and the school has also handled the teacher. The two sides have reached an understanding. But for how the teacher is dealing with, Teacher Zhao said that it is not convenient to translate.

“But I didn’t expect her to post online.” Teacher Zhao told the Beijing News reporter, because some teachers saw Herch parents posted online, considering the impact on the school, they were in the group to announce the facts. In this regard, Ms. He said that he was only commented on the Internet. I saw the post of the teacher who was accused after the group was accused.

At the beginning of his wife, the Beijing News reported that a account named “Jiangyou Public Security” said that he has paid attention to the situation issued by Ms., and has transferred the center to dispose, it is recommended that Ms. will send a police station to the jurisdiction. The public security department launched in a timely investigation.

Ms. He said that the next day, I received a call from Jiangyou Public Security, and I also went to Jiangyou City North Police Station. The police station a few days ago I learned about the situation. Teacher Zhao also said that I have received an inquiry to the police station, I hope to get a fair result. On November 3, the Beijing News reporter called the Jiangyu City North Police Station and staff said that the police station was investigating the matter.

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