Winter is just needed! Plus velvet warm and slippers, the family can come to a pair


As the weather is getting colder, of course, there is still a pair of warm flippers.

Winter slippers, many people will pay attention to “keep warm”, but it will often ignore the durability and safety.

Do you have such an experience:

Slippers bought last year have come out this year, it may have been black and can’t be washed. I can only wear a season;

I thought it was a pair of warm shoes, but I didn’t slip slip. I won a little water on the ground and turned the ice rink. I accidentally fell a “dog slim”, especially the old man, the child, the child, the child, the child, the child is really very Danger.

Today, we have brought you to Kojiro anti-slip sweeping shoes, not only keep warm, but more importantly, non-slip, dirty, can arrange for the whole family!


In addition to slippers, we have prepared winter warm special, and super cute warm flanges can wear a lunch blanket, this winter should warm.


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Slippers, non-slip plus velvet machine


Warm, safe, comfortable

This time I recommend it to everyone, the biggest feature is: non-slip!

Its slippers use TPR materials, with good back elasticity, wear resistance, and slippery, walking on a slippery ground is still steady.

Moreover, this slippers can be washed directly, and the dirty straight and throwing the washing machine will be finished. It is not easy to deformed it, and no need to squander.


Of course, as a winter slippers, it is also very important, Koof slippers, with some peel velvet and coral velvet, put on soft and warm.

The design of the package, can be packaged in a full foot, add warmth, step on Q, soft, hard, wearing very comfortable.

This time we brought you to everyone, there is still a semi-payment, men and women have, everyone can add a pair of people, safe and durable is true.

Dingxiang house is limited to buy a group price, as long as 59 yuan / double, limited to 3000 pairs, there is a pregnant woman in the family, really recommend!

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Can wearable flankolum blanket

A carpet is very soft and warm

In the office or air-conditioned room, take off the jacket, I feel cold, but I will feel a little hot, and this time is a furry small blanket, just good, warm and comfortable.

Today, the purchase gives everyone a silent eye-catching blanket, the flames are soft and warm, and the big eyes is really cute, it is simply the corps of the Office.

Wearable hooded design, and intimate glove design, do not affect your office typing mobile phones, keep warm office two incorrectly.

When you are sleeping, you will have a warm small bed, too warm and comfortable.


After folding, it turned into a small pillow, which can be lumbar, and a carpet is not occupied.


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9 o’clock a day

9 o’clock a day

Lilac home “limited time snap” column

Picking a small program immediately snapped ▼