Is electric thermal warm shoes safe?


The weather is cold, and the feet are often cold like ice, and wearing a thick socks. Want to buy electric shoes, but? Will electric warm warm shoes will not be burned? Will electric thermal warm shoes will leak?

Electric thermal warm shoes (hereinafter referred to as “electric heating shoes”), in appearance, there is no difference with ordinary shoes; but in fact, electric heating shoes can charge fever and walk outdoors. The battery is set in the electric heating shoe. After charging, the switch is turned on through the remote control, and the heating temperature is turned on, the heat and the foot; the electric heating shoes has the characteristics of anti-snow waterproof, so you can walk outdoors.


Will electric heating shoes burns the foot?

The heating temperature of the electric heating shoes is between 50 ° C to 65 ° C, the constant temperature warm temperature 50 ° C ~ 55 ° C, high temperature warm temperature 55 ° C ~ 65 degrees Celsius. Electric heating shoes have remote controls to freely regulate the temperature, don’t worry, it will high temperature heat. When heating is heated with the foot, you can also turn off the heating function while doing ordinary shoes.

Will electric heating shoes leakage?


The electric heating shoes are provided with a battery. The 8800mAh battery is standard. The operating voltage is only 3.7V, the heat transfer power is 10W; the operating voltage is much lower than the human body safety voltage 36V; electric heating shoes set over hot protection, overcurrent protection and other multiple protection, plus Electric heating shoes can prevent snow and waterproof, so there is no leakage.


The electric heating shoes mentioned above are mainly electric heating shoes that work voltage is 3.7V. If it is a 220V electric electric heating shoes, it will be dangerous. Once a leakage electric shock occurs, it will be directly harmful to the human body. Therefore, it is very difficult to buy 220V electric electric shoes, the dangerous coefficient is too large. Electric heating shoes on the market, is mixed. Consumers should pay attention to the quality of identifying quality when purchasing can ensure security. When purchasing electric shoes, the voltage exceeds 12V is very cautious.