Fight a lot of thousand Yuan a number of tests is not up to the TV Do not spend money on the Zaoxin


Because the United States NASDAQ, fight a lot some time ago became the focus of public opinion. A lot of people are bored to fight such a discussion full of fake and shoddy products shopping platform why three years on the growth of APP a hundred million people are in use.

In this one, we have once again been impressed by the majority of users the ability to spoof humor. For example: Why should we fight a lot of black? On other platforms shopping I always worry about fakes, but in a lot of the fight do not worry! Because I buy must be fake!

拼多多千元电视机多项测试不达标 别再花钱买糟心了

Speak true, can spell a lot of success on the market, these brands really contributed to the cottage!

Return ridicule ridicule as a “hundred million people are using the APP”, we have a serious discussion of things: give up the cottage nature of the product itself to see, in the end how to spell a single low-cost product quality? The principle of seeking truth from facts, we fight a lot on buying a 42-inch TV, to actually examine how quality in the end.

拼多多千元电视机多项测试不达标 别再花钱买糟心了

TV can be said to be the most representative of a lot of products on the fight. Fight a lot to get listed on the eve of a great deal of attention is due to the TV: a few hundred dollars can buy a TV, not just free shipping, gave Wall suit, a time attracted the interest of a large number of melons for the masses.

拼多多千元电视机多项测试不达标 别再花钱买糟心了

TV on a lot of fight is not the same as with elsewhere, although this classification a slip of the television are a few hundred yuan, but a closer look, but very demanding. Several hundred dollars are 32-inch size. Size slightly larger but also the thousands or even hundreds of dollars. We purchased a 42-inch TV, priced at 966 yuan. As a contrast to the prices in the mainstream 42-inch TV Jingdong platform is about 1,300 yuan, the price of Internet TV is still lower. Ado, we now take a look at this fight a lot in the end how it kind of television.

拼多多千元电视机多项测试不达标 别再花钱买糟心了

Get the TV, I can not wait to fitted. Packing talk about it: a lot of fight this TV package is still very good, with almost normal TV package, which also has shockproof foam padding used. But we also do not see the packaging on the product brand information printed on the package is “SMART TV”, do the brand is called “SMART”?

When you see the product information on the back of the TV, I knew I was wrong. TV brand called “Red Ace Xing”, and we bought this TV shop called “ace TV excellent product.” Hear “trump card” is the word we have not felt very familiar?

I do not want it, then look at the front of the TV, this “trump card” two characters shape the wording is not very familiar with it? Here we should understand, this TV cottage is TCL ace series. Although in the current media environment, we fight a lot of the shelves of a variety of apparent infringing goods. For example, this TV can not see the obvious fight a lot in the cottage information commodity details page, even see the brand information on the packaging. But when you see the television itself, we can easily see that this is a fully-fledged cottage TV. Even in this vicinity LOGO, there are many bits and pieces do not clean up the rough work is evident.

This TV gives the greatest feeling in the work is cheap, plastic feel serious. In addition to panel TV lap around the rest is plastics and plastic. And this TV we bought the TV version, that is not the system, which means there is no chip processor, memory, and the like. On a panel to add a circuit board actually do so thick. Manufacturers are also thought to want to think about their target customers do not care about the thickness of the TV bar, can become.

拼多多千元电视机多项测试不达标 别再花钱买糟心了

Plastic base, also looks very cheap.

Vents television can directly see the inside of the circuit board will be protected by a general television, plus a shield or the like. From here you can see not only the shell is plastic, but very thin. Ah, it must be in order to consider the heat!

its not right! You do not have TV with a system, the heat can be? Exaggerated cable TV display is directly inside droop, even not fixed.

For a fairly rich interface part of the price of television is concerned. This HDMI interface and DVI video interface can be used. Although there are USB interface, basically a decoration. Because there is no chip processor, not equipped with video decoder chip, an external mobile hard disk would not be able to play 1080P video of the hard drive, not to mention the 4K. Only play hard in the picture, but also extremely Caton.

拼多多千元电视机多项测试不达标 别再花钱买糟心了

Overall this TV is full of cheap, plastic look and feel a sense of workmanship gives. We buy is 966 dollars a television version, this TV box with the TV must also be used. This work from the current point of view, I think it is sorry for the price.

拼多多千元电视机多项测试不达标 别再花钱买糟心了

We have said earlier that we are buying a TV version, there is no system, and therefore can not configure this TV hardware and system resources for evaluation, let’s test this by definition TVs. Quality is the most important part of a television.

拼多多千元电视机多项测试不达标 别再花钱买糟心了

First, we use instruments to the gamut of this TV has been tested, tested, NTSC color gamut values ​​of this TV is 66.16%. Now a lot of NTSC color gamut values ​​of mainstream notebooks have reached 72%, lower than this. Of course, just a gamut value data, so we can not intuitively feel the quality of this TV screen, followed by a number on the screen shot to show it.

The first is the color saturation, color performance can only be described as very general, the performance of each color are not bright, saturation is very low.

Again a screen shot showing all kinds of fruit. Similarly, the color is very bright is not enough. And the brightness is very low.

Simply so you could not see the difference, then use the TV as a outstanding contrast better. But this comparison a little bully people, because this TV as a comparison of the price to be a lot of competition this high on a lot of TV. But the gap on the color is too big.

Then there is the light control performance. Like you can see, this light control basic TV also could not bear to look. Around the light emitting material has a clear halo. As for the previous question brightness and color of light has been said, there is no longer criticized.

Although still bullied, but still put on a good performance let everyone see the gap.

The last one is part of the details of the noise, put some high resolution images can clearly see the details and the noise level of this TV only “touching” to describe it. Noise clear, slightly larger you can see significant pixels. This marked TV resolution parameter is 1920 × 1080, on television can only be regarded as entry level.

拼多多千元电视机多项测试不达标 别再花钱买糟心了

Finally, we also sound this TV do a little test. We chose a Tsai “crossing” as a demonstration, set the volume to 70, the highest 100. Can clearly feel the sound level of this TV, even lower standards, this TV can only reach a point of listening to loud. Compared stereo TV now, more advanced Dolby sound, this TV does not exist, the sound is coming straight from the front of the TV. And most people can not accept is that in the treble part, this TV is frequently break the sound, can only adjust the volume.

Summary: Through the above evaluation work on this TV appearance and sound quality, the quality of this TV you should have an understanding of. My personal evaluation concluded that: whether it is work or sound quality of this TV all failed. There may be many readers think I was too harsh requirement, after all, less than a thousand dollars, to Han bike it?

But we’ve also said the price of this TV, 42-inch 966 yuan, but still without the system. Belt system will have to 1158 yuan. This corresponds with the Jingdong platform to the mainstream 42-inch TV price of 1300-1500 yuan, the price difference also two or three hundred dollars. But on this TV we see now shrunk very serious on workmanship, poor quality. Sound quality performance is only able to meet the minimum standards. And most important is the sale of this TV is quite worrying. I personally feel that all aspects have bought this cottage has shrunk TV, really better to add two or three hundred a better buy in all aspects of the regular brand TV.

拼多多千元电视机多项测试不达标 别再花钱买糟心了

But it is worth noting that this is a lot of TV sales in the fight on as many as twenty thousand, staggering. Business use is that consumers see four or five hundred television will unconsciously point came in “cheap” mentality, drainage to the Product interface. Reuse of hundreds of pieces of difference so that consumers feel that they pick up a great deal. As everyone knows, it is a buy back of all aspects of the shrinking knockoff.

The last sentence given to see everyone here: he was still young, do not know the fate of all gifts gifts, are marked in the dark good price. Although there are inexpensive, but do not forget there are “no good cheap goods,” the old saying!

拼多多千元电视机多项测试不达标 别再花钱买糟心了

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