Not all cotton, cotton baby call


Cotton, long history and rare. Compared with white cotton, cotton insect resistance significantly, which can be administered less pesticide, to reduce the impact of toxic substances from pesticides; drought resistance, barren better, particularly suited to dry land cultivation, it can be less fertilizer, reduce pollution from fertilizers. Therefore, from the perspective of ecological studies of textile, natural colored cotton products is a green eco-textiles, is worthy of the “noble.”

Since no dyeing process can present a natural color, so color cotton have soft, comfortable advantage without bleaching, printing and dyeing, disinfection in the process, almost no chemical residues. The clothing made of cotton, and more skin-friendly, more suitable for the growth and development of the baby.

No. ① red beans baby cotton cotton underwear, selection latitude

39 ° gold colored cotton natural origin, after


Nearly 300 days of sunshine and succinct land day and night, just to give the baby to bring the most intimate, the most skin-friendly wearing experience.


And the market compared to other cotton underwear, each step of the production of red beans baby cotton, are full of unique ingenuity and sincerity.

First, red beans baby cotton focus on raw materials, to each one of cotton are soft, high-quality. By geographical environment and affect the Earth’s rotation, the amount of light in different regions are different. And the need to grow cotton illumination area, mostly focused on latitude 39 °. Kids look for red beans latitude 39 °, starting from the source, to open up the exclusive gold cotton producing area, general illumination 3000 hours, strict control, the selection of the most standards-compliant quality fabrics. Refinement process, eliminating bleaching, dyeing process, to prevent chemical contamination of the reagent, the product retains the natural qualities of a healthy, non-irritating skin-friendly, more care of sensitive skin of babies.

From the source to find the most natural good cotton in line with “red criteria”, the next step is to go into the process, will create a good pair of cotton baby most sensitive skin-friendly children’s skin-friendly underwear.


Secondly, try to use natural red beans baby cotton fibers, and the use of more harmful to the human body color spinning process. At the same time to meet the children everyday wear, try to use high count, high-weight weave. Everything just to give their children a healthier, more comfortable wearing experience.

Finally, the depth of mining user needs children’s clothing red beans, adhering to the “user first, the customer first” concept of service for parents and children, provide more healthy, more high-quality skin-friendly type of children’s underwear. Our team of designers concentrated development, focusing fabrics, directed at the “skin-friendly.” 129 patent, is our confidence.

Not all cotton, cotton baby call. Red beans children’s clothing

Children create skin-friendly underwear, product-bridge, the ultimate success of the legendary red beans baby cotton.

Deep red beans children’s clothing children’s clothing industry for 28 years, focused on creating children’s skin-friendly underwear, high standards and strict requirements, the control design, each step of the production chain. So that every child can wear comfortable, healthy growth, this is the beginning of our hearts, is our persistent goal.

At the beginning of 2022, is willing to accompany you and your child beans children’s clothing, farther and farther, getting better and better!