New housing decoration finally completed: the last step is the hitching, multi-function + wash the gun high pressure


After a year of busy, the decoration of the new house is finally close to the end. The reason why this decoration is expensive is because it is a renovation of the house last time, it has passed for several years. Now the decoration style, materials, electrical appliances, etc., the difference in the past few years is too big.

After the cumbersome decoration, my new home has finally ushered in the final decoration step: install the shower. It may be different from many other people’s decoration, and other home appliances in my family have been purchased. Compared with the previous year, the shower has already had a lot of functions. Because it is a high-level, I chose more features, air added products: Sega covered. After the actual installation, I found there with a lot of highlights. Let’s share my feelings!


I will go to the installation process, I have chosen the hidden shower, the overall coloring and appearance, or the traditional. The full covered silver shower has up to 4 nozzles and a rack tray, which can be said to be more comprehensive.

From the overall appearance and workmanship, I personally feel more satisfied, online shopping price comparison is more favorable, seeing excellent workmanship, a lot in my heart.

The area of ​​the shower is relatively large, and it is also the most useful features in my daily, you can feel the smoothness of a large area shower.


The showerhead of the horses, you can see a switch to achieve three modes. Including only the massage mode of the intermediate hole out of the water, the mixing mode of the intermediate + portion peripheral water, and the rainwater model of the peripheral fly water can be selected according to the personal preferences, how much is selected.


The fixing member of the nozzle can be quickly changed by pressing the button, quickly changing the fixed level of the nozzle; such design, even a child, you can take your own bath, fixed nozzle.


And the gun and the faucet are more novel, the original shower, there is no so many rich accessories.


Wash the gun, there are two functions, and the most important thing is to clean. I was more wonderful, I didn’t pick up the power, but this wash gun also has a very high pressure, so as strong as the spray gun of the car wash.

Another function is that female users can be used to clean, and it is more convenient.


The faucet, can be taken out, directly to flush the mop.

So, how is every feature implemented?

In the hidden chandelier, there is a one-button four-controlled water separator that can easily achieve functional switching by rotation; and the water surface, there is also a corresponding illustration, not to select an error.

The standard is also large, and the size is also designed, hooks, soap, shampoo, bath towels, etc., can be easily placed on this shelf.

From the appearance and functional design, I think the horses are shower, it is really comprehensive. This is a product that is not high, but it has designed the current most mainstream function, and it is also very good to use the convenience. What is the effect of use?

There is an effect of air boosting, it is indeed very powerful, whether it is a shower, nozzle or wash the gun, is super large.

Especially the wash spray gun, even when you use, you need to press the thumb to press it. There is a kind of feeling of the kind of spray gun, which is super strong. Whether it is a wall, the toilet can be easily cleaned.

This picture, everyone can see, Shi Zhi Huaze, how big is the pressure, and the underground splash is very strong.


Of course, this is a water flow in the bottom. If it is a female use, you can choose to tap the shot of the gun, the water is not so strong.


The flushing dragon is always very laborious, and it needs to be taken from the finished faucet. There is a hidden house, the bottom of the faucet has a very strong water pressure, can quickly put the water into the bucket or flush the mop directly, very convenient.


Overall, I think I will shower, the price is the biggest feature; the function is comprehensive, detailed, including the faucet, is also made of pure copper, and it will be very durable. Personally, buy very much value!