Du Bin, Vice President of Wiefang Group: Star anchor to match 10 million


In 2008, a table game called “Three Kingdoms” was born, and it quickly caused a sensation in the young population, and it was popular in the north. After more than 7 years of development, the “Three Kingdoms” has become a gaming brand, and the product content covers multiple fields such as board games, page tour, mobile games. The “Three Kingdoms Killed” has always been one of the topics of the industry, and Du Bin is one of the founders of this brand.

Along with the wandering group, Du Bin also implemented the transformation of CEOs from entrepreneurial companies to large groups. During the interview with the reporter, Du Bin said, although this change has brought some changes, his personal mentality is always one. Although it is responsible for more business, managing a larger-scale team, but he still continues the product ideas when the “Three Kingdoms Kill” was successful. The pioneering and focus of this phenomenon have already left deep imprints in Du Bin. From a certain extent, Du Bin has made a “three countries”, and “three countries kill” also achieved Du Bin.

Tsinghua Doctor Entrepreneurship Compose “Three Kingdoms Kill” Legend

Reporter: As everyone knows, you are one of the founders of “Three Kingdoms”, can you talk about the entrepreneurial process of the year?

Du Bin: I have been reading a doctor in Tsinghua School, during school, and some small partners are very interested in the board game, exposed to a large number of overseas excellent products, but we found that the domestic board game market is almost a blank . Therefore, after graduation, I clicked with several like-minded friends, and launched the product of “Three Kingdoms”.

Reporter: It is said that when you start this business, your family seems to be particularly supported.

Du Bin: In the past, parents felt that they were governing the game industry. However, in the past few years, the industry has developed very fast, and the overall output value is high, and many traditional concepts are being submerged. Many parents’ attitude towards this issue has tended to be reasonable. And I itself is also a computer performance calculation, and it is also cut into the angle of bias technology when doing game products. So say that I have learned to go to school is actually very helpful for me to join the game industry.

Reporter: Why did I choose the three national themes when I do this desk game?

Du Bin: For Chinese players, the three national themes can be said to be the most wide audience, everyone is most familiar. And we decided to do a boutique board game from the initial project, choose such a subject, can help players more easily getting more quickly.

Reporter: The board game as an important branch in the entire big game industry, and the development of China is barely calculate the extent of the work of the work, how do you think of its future prospect?

Du Bin: In Europe and the United States, board game is one of the game, they will not divide the game clear. Including the current “Furnace Legend”, it is difficult to define how it is game, if not relying on the PC platform or mobile device, make it a card to play, or it is a board game. In my opinion, the essence of the board game stressed the confrontation between people and people. This kind of player has always existed, although the overall scale and online games of the board game industry, the mobile game is difficult to compare, but it is always steady. Because the overall profit margin of the board game is not high, it is difficult to show the development of this wellbetting like a mobile game, but this market space is very large, as long as it gives enough time, the development prospect of board game is definitely bright.

Reporter: “Three Kingdoms” has developed for so many years, realizing the perfect combination and excessive binding from board game to page tour, can you share the successful experience?

Du Bin: There are many sequential classes of board games. Not all board games are suitable for PC or mobile phone platforms. It is a very important feature of facial-to-face communication. It is this attribute to give the table game unique game. pleasure. When the “Three Kingdoms Kill” is placed to the PC platform, a part of the fun is also broken. However, the so-called losses of the east, the hullet, page tour or mobile games also have the properties that are not available, such as there is no time barrier, such as adding more game elements, which makes up for the lack of interest. In addition, the reason why “Three Kingdoms Kill” has been launched in different platforms, and there is also a market consideration. It is the so-called times to keep a long-term vitality.

Reporter: Please tell us about the follow-up strategic layout around “Three Kingdoms”?

Du Bin: We will start from two angles of longitudinal and horizontal. Longitudinal refers to the product itself in “Three Kingdoms” itself, and continues to introduce updates, add some modes that can be more accurately positioning the player group, similar to the ladder system. And ready to completely open the online version and iPad version. In addition, considering the core players of “Three Kingdoms” have accompany this game for many years, many of whom have been difficult to play such strategic games due to life, work, so we will also launch some more emphasis Easy pattern of confrontation and interaction. As for the horizontal strategy, we will use the role image in “Three Kingdoms” to create more types of games based on “Three Kingdoms” IP itself, and will cover a variety of areas such as board games and mobile games.

Reporter: The winger always attaches great importance to the development of the electricity business, including the competition of many “Three Kingdoms” project, please introduce the company’s layout in the electricity?

Du Bin: We originally made the game of “Three Kingdoms”, and we can’t completely call it as an event. Later, we have always insisted, and finally formed the “Battle of the King”, which has been held for 12 sessions. The real electricity should be the electricity of the whole people. I think that there is enough attention as long as there is confrontation in the game. With the continuous temperature rise of e-sports in recent years, the winger will increase investment in this area, including a series of products represented by the flag TV and the “Three Kingdoms”, will be deepened towards the electrical direction.

Live platform group of the group of business competition users

Reporter: How do you see the red fire development of e-sports in recent years?

Du Bin: I think competitive is a big trend in the development of the entire tourist industry. At the beginning, we carefully consider this when designing “Three Kingdoms”. It must emphasize the confrontation between people, sometimes these confrontation is immediate, sometimes because some delayed skills have triggered strategic Confariation, this will inspire each player’s game desire. I think the competitiveness may be divided into weight and mild, but almost every game will contain a competitive element. From the scene of ChinaJoy, many exhibitors have set up a competition room, invite some well-known teams or electricity election hands and anchor to come to participate in the event, and carry out the competitive confrontation in the scene, and the game is often the sea. The winger is also a lot of star anchors of the battle flag TV. Their fan effect is very amazing. When they are, the outstanding extent of the booth is beyond imagination.

Reporter: Since mentioned the battle flag TV, what is the consideration for the live broadcast platform business?

Du Bin: Compared to foreign live broadcast platforms, the overall operation mode of China is completely different. For real profit models, everyone is exploring the stage, but after all, this business is just starting, we don’t care about the ability of its preliminary performance, we are more concerned about watching the user’s interests of electricity, as long as there is a user base, We believe that there will be clear business model in the future.

Reporter: For live platform business, domestic competition is very fierce, in order to sign a star anchor, don’t hesitate to pay for this competition.

Du Bin: At present, these live platforms have strong capital strength, which can be said to be unable to say that this business competition behavior can be said. In fact, like the previous drips and fast competition, their competition is faster, maybe a activity is hundreds of billion. However, through the phenomenon, this competition is not a winning or loss within the short term, and it is more like a long run. In the long process of operating products, we will continue to improve the aquatic and user service experience through the details of the details. The final competition result, in fact, the user is undoubtedly the biggest winner.

Reporter: The fierce competition has exacerbated the user cost, and many star anchors have exceeded the star of the entertainment circle. Do you think this is normal?

Du Bin: There is a good and bad, good aspects, let everyone invest more attention to this market, like the flag we have the volume of 100,000 anchors, which is caused by the rich effect, this It is a good thing. But the development of any new life will not be unchanged, after the baptism, will eventually stabilize. And it is a few people who really get a special high salary. This is like a basketball industry with only one Yao Ming. There is only one Li Na, and they can seize such an opportunity. They can stand between the pyramids and pay a lot of efforts. So I think at this stage, they are worthy of their own price. At the same time, the high price also brings a large pressure, and the anchors need to continue to improve their own qualities, in order to maintain strong appeal and competitiveness. Although the income gap between the first-line anchor and grassroots anchor is very obvious, there are many grassroots anchors to find the gateway, through the operation of the platform, their own efforts have proved their own value. I believe that the final overall income distribution will be rational and enter a benign development stage.

Reporter: We learned how you take over the flag TV in 2015. How do you meet this new challenge?

Du Bin: The battle flag can be counted as a new project, which is also a project that has a very large development space. For me, it is also treated as a boutique product. Before doing “Three Kingdoms” for so many years, you can say that you have accumulated rich experience, there are many gains that are equally applicable to the new project of the flag TV, including ways, management models, etc., may be just the specific problem specific treatment. Of course, accepting a new business does mean a new challenge, but I believe that the battle flag can be better and better, the overall development of the future will be better and better.