Water burned by electric kettle can’t drink, will drink neuries long long? Reminder: 3 points should pay attention


Summary, an article on “Electric kettle made from high manganese steel for health is unfavorable, and needs to choose 304 kettle” has attracted high attention.

The explanation of experts from experts is:

Water can dissolve the manganese of the kettle made of high manganese steel during heating.

And if the human body can ingest manganese, it can harm the nervous system, the memory has decreased, and the spiritual wilting is not recommended to use this type of kettle.

Is the truth really? Does the electric kettle identified by non-304 use?

First, use the electric kettle made of high manganese steel to poison the poisoning?

The “mad” of the article made a lot of people with panic, according to the survey, at the time to sell the kettle, asked the “304 stainless steel” kettle to significantly increased significantly, is it possible to use the electric kettle made of high manganese steel? Let’s take a test.

Test one: 304 Identifier Isolated Electric kettle precipitate?

The experimental expert will use time for 2 years, and the bottle is marked with “304” logo, pour the distilled water, after boiling, stand for 24 hours, then move it to 100ml capacity bottle, by flame atom absorb spectrophotometry Measure the manganese content in the sample.

The results found that the instrument could not read precise values.


Because the content is below the minimum limit of instrument detection, it can basically be “no”

. From this, it can be seen that the 304 steel electric kettle is boiled and distilled water, and there is no manganganese.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

Test 2: Is the electric kettle safety of non-304 logo?

The experimental expert chose the kettle that is not marked with “304”, and the same operation is carried out with the above experiment, and the same result is obtained, and the manganese content is lower than the minimum limit of the instrument, and cannot be read.

From this, it can be seen that after the two kettle boil, the detected manganese content data is basically not bad, all in a secure range.

And for “manganese poisoning”,

He Qing, Director of the Clinical Nutrition Department of the 6th Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University


Manganese itself is one of the indispensable elements of the human body. Normal brain and neurological operation require it, especially in promoting the growth and development of human bone growth,

Excessive intake will be unfavorable to health



China, the formulated manganese intake standards in the United States is 3.5mg / day, 2-3 mg / day, with a maximum of 10 mg. The manganese eaten, after the intestines pass,


Digestive tract absorption is probably only 1% -5%

It is not enough to achieve poisoning, so manganese poisoning is rarely caused by diet,

It is mostly caused by respiratory suction (occupational reasons)

In addition, manganese belongs to a high degree of dissolved elements and will not be easily precipitated from the kettle.

Therefore, everyone should not listen to the wind, it is a rain, and sincerely, it is not necessary.

Second, high manganese steel and “304 stainless steel” are different?


Also as an important material for the kettle, high manganese steel and 304 stainless steel do still have a certain difference, which one is better?

Li Guangqiang, deputy director of the Key Laboratory of Metallurgy

Introduction: High-manganese steel and 304 stainless steel do not differ much, but the former has increased manganese content during the production process, reducing nickel content,

This type of stainless steel is relatively weak.

The outer sightseeing is slightly dark, but because the price is relatively low, it is more than “welcome”. Many fields are used, such as cuttings such as cutters, indoor water storage equipment, etc.


Of course, if you must choose one, 304 stainless steel will undoubted more “excellent”. However, this does not mean that high manganese steel is insecure, it can’t be used.

As long as the regular manufacturer is produced, it is in line with the national standard product.

I can use it with peace of mind.

Third, is it harmful to the human body in the electric kettle?

The most common problem with electric kettle is that the pot will produce scale, then can the water cooked after the scale can drink?

Let’s learn first, how is the scale? In fact, in the process of heating, the calcium, magnesium ions dissolved in water, magnesium ions are mixed in water-based precipitate, and the time is long, and scale is formed.

Since it seems “dirty”, many people are “bad” by default, which is unfavorable to health.

But in fact, it is much harmful.

Most of scale, indicating that calcium, magnesium ion content is also high, and these minerals are indispensable.

. So, from this point, it is not only harmless, but ingesting this water can also add a little mineral material (just talk about it, I want to supplement the best way to supplement the minerality or food supplement).

However, it is necessary to remind everyone that although scale will not endanger human health.

But it affects thermal conductivity and consumes more electricity

So it is still cleaned regularly.

Clean the scale of scale, smashing: Cleanlings into the kettle, the citric acid (belonging to weak acid) in the heating process can be “evaporated”.

Fourth, how should I do for safe use of electric kettle?


Electric kettle is a very common daily necessities in daily life. It is also a lot of precautions to use, and the wrong way of use may also endanger personal safety.

1, correctly use the plug

In general, when using an electric kettle, try to connect the socket with the ground socket and the plug needs to be fully inserted into the socket.

At the same time, pay attention to keep the plug, socket, and power cord.

To avoid electric shock accidents.

2, can not exceed the highest water level

When using the kettle, you should pay attention to the water level, you must not exceed the highest water level line, otherwise the water is easily overflow when boiling, enhances the leakage risk; it is not less than the lowest water level line, otherwise it is easy to burn, shorten the useful life of the kettle.

3, avoid dry burning

If no one is in, try not to burn water, so as not to burn the water,

Easy to trigger electric kettle spontaneous combustion

Incident in a fire accident.

Summary: Generally, the electric kettle survived from a regular manufacturer, even if it is made of high manganese steel, it is also safe, and more importantly, it is to master the correct use. Of course, if there is condition, 304 stainless steel is still relatively better.

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