Comprehensively explain the installation and working principle of weak electric access control system


Is it difficult to install the access control system? In fact, it is very simple, difficult to install in the lock, other card readers and controllers are not difficult. Today, we will introduce, in various cases, the installation method of the access control system.

“Access Control System” in the intelligent building, It is intended to Access Control System, referred to as ACS. Refers to the prohibition of “doors” is a guard against “doors”. The access control system is also known as an entrance management system, which is a system of intelligent control of effective management items for personnel. It replaces the traditional cumbersome governing work, achieving high efficiency, high-tech modern management. For the access and export authority of the cardholder, the time to enter and exit, can be easily managed, and all the information such as all personnel will be reflected in the management center in real time, and all historical information can be queried.

The access control system is a new modern security management system. It is integrated with a microcomputer automatic identification technology and modern security management measures, which relates to many new technologies such as electronics, machinery, optical, computer technology, communication technology, and biotechnology. It is an effective measure to solve the effective measures to achieve safety and prevention management in an entrance and export of important sectors. Applicable to various units, such as banks, hotels, park management, computer rooms, arvers, machine rooms, office, intelligent cells, factories, etc.

The access control system has long surpassed the simple doorway and key management, which has gradually developed into a complete set of access management systems. It plays a large role in administrative management of work, environmental safety, personnel attendance management.


The electric lock is usually used in the access control system. In the following simple access control, it is an example of an access control host, a door-to-card reader, an open button, an electric lock, and management software, and an important one of them. The link.

Common access control system topologies

The role of the electros lock in the access control system is mainly used

Control door switch

. Currently used electric locks in the access control system, mainly


Magnetic lock, electric lock, spiritual lock


Wait, Xue Ge will give you all one by one.

Magnetic lock series


1.1 Magnetic lock principle

The design of the magnetic lock is the same as the electromagnet, which uses the principle of electrophysiomagnetic. When the current is passed through silicon steel sheet, the electromagnetic lock produces powerful suction, and tightly sucks the absorbent iron plate to achieve the lock door. The access control system for controlling the electromagnetic lock power supply is correct, and the electromagnetic lock will open the door.

1.2 magnetic lock classification


The magnetic lock can be divided into a single-door magnetic lock and a double door magnetic lock. Single-door magnetic lock is mainly used for single-open door, and the double door magnetic lock is the type used for double opening.

1.3 Magnetic lock installation method

Suitable for wooden doors, glass doors, metal doors, fire doors, etc.

The magnetic lock is broken, because the side will be blocked by the magnetic lock, so only 90 ° one-way open doors.

Magnetic locks must be brackets, each of the single-door magnetic locks, each with a two-door magnetic lock with 2 sets of brackets.

1.4 Magnetic lock installation example

1.5 magnetic lock bracket

At present, the commonly used brackets in the market mainly include two types of LZ, U-Types. The LZ type can be applied to the lower frame door, the L bracket is used to secure the magnetic lock on the door frame, and the Z-bracket is fixed on the door.

The U-type can be applied to the unfraisser door (direct card entry), the installation schematic is as follows.


2. Electrical lock series

2.1 Electrical lock principle

Electrical lock is also an electronic control lock that drives the “lock tongue” to reach or retracted by current, to reach the lock door or open the door.


The key components in the lock body are “locked tongue”, with “lock holes” to achieve two states of “closing” and “open”. That is, the lock tongue is inserted into the lock hole to close, and the lock is open to the lock hole.

2.2 Electrical Solid Lock Classification


Electrical locks generally have two types, which are suitable for doors with borders and boundless portals.

2.3 Electrical Solid Lock Installation Description

Electrical phase lock is open, can be opened 180 °, suitable for glass doors.


There is a frame glass door, and the electric lock is required to match the U-shaped bracket.

Frameless glass door without having a bracket.

2.4 Electrical lock installation example

For the doorless door without the border, the U-shaped lock body and the lock hole are used into the glass door, and the slot is used in the backcruttone to the lock body in the upper box.

3. Lingle lock series

3.1 Spirit lock principle

The spiritual lock effectively combines the advantages of traditional electric control locks and electromagnetic locks, overcoming new products developed by excessive electronically controlled lock noise, electromagnetic locking electricity, and the spiritual lock and electronically locking, magnetic lock comparison, Its performance is more perfect, the advantages are more obvious.


3.2 Spiritual Lock Classification

At present, common spiritual locks mainly include single lock head spirit lock and double lock head spirit lock. The difference between the two is different, as shown in the figure below.



3.3 Lingle lock installation means


The spiritual lock is adapted to the wooden door, iron gate, etc., generally commonly used in home gates, cell units, etc.


When the construction wiring, the power line needs to be arranged 4 cores, and the 2 core wire is used to continuously supply the electrical lock motor, and the other 2 is used to control the electric lock door.


4. Install the diagram Share

Although there are still many people choosing mechanical locks in today’s relatively high universal dislocation rate. In office buildings, enterprises, banks have been quite mature, and the proportion of access control systems in the family is also increased with people’s security awareness. The process of installing the installation of the electric lock still requires a lot of attention. A qualified installation wiring and use precautions can make the access control system more smooth and safe.

With the construction of “security city” and “smart city”, the electrosides commonly used in the access control system are divided into two types: power-on unlocking and power-down unlocking type, the former is open in the case of power-on, the latter is automatically Turn off the power to open the door. However, in the security industry, fire-fighting electric locks generally require break-off door. Once the fire occurs, the circuit is powered off, and the door can be opened automatically. Therefore, the general security enterprises will launch two switch modes when developing products, and adapt to different needs of users.

As an electric lock product with intelligent construction access control and intercom, electrical lock must be closely fitted with the performance, demand, characteristics of the intercom and intercom system during use, in order to effectively play its role. Let’s introduce the door-to-lock lock installation wiring and use precautions:

5, wiring method for access control lock


Since the type of unlocking mode of the access control lock is divided into two, the wiring method is divided into two types, in accordance with the wiring port of the electric lock, in general, the magnetic lock, the magnetic lock, etc., to connect the NC port, and electronically Lock, cathode lock, etc. Power-on-open door-to-open electrosa-lock NO port. During the installation process, it is worth noting that the lock status line and the door status line are laminated. The lock state line connection can provide lock closure information, linkage with the digital input interface of the access controller, which can look at the lock in real time. The door-to-door connection is good to replace additional installation door magnets, which reduces the installation cost and improves system use efficiency.

6, power supply for access control lock

In order to meet the needs of no use, the current and voltage differences are not large, but each controller is managed, the number of electric locks will be damaged because the voltage is not stable due to the unstable voltage. For the need for security level, it is recommended to configure a separate electric lock power to ensure that the current voltage is stable.

7, open, closed delay setting


Many electric locks have special delay setting jumpers or dialing devices, which can set the delay time of the electros, but most of the access control and intercom systems have delay settings, so it is also the best when installing the electric lock. Considering the delay setting, let the user use more comfortable.

In summary, when the installation wiring of the access lock is installed, it is necessary to install the standard wire and the wiring method according to the product description, in order to ensure that it is stable and enhances the user’s efficiency.