The popularity of 15 knives in the US medicine store!


Traveling in the US, a lot of people feel:



Especially recent renminbi against the dollar 6.6

Looking at dozens of knives, just have a lot of people.

Coupled with the tax

It’s hard to spend money, I don’t dare …



American Pharmaceutical Store

Everything can be another scene ~~

It’s easy to use and cheap cosmetics and skin care products!


Today, I recommend some

Three major medicine stores in the United States

15 knife (about RMB 100)

I don’t want to talk about the medicine for a makeup in the future.

Big old ran to the US


Don’t seize the opportunity to sweep the goods to get yourself!

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What kind of medicine stores in the United States?

The most famous Chinese medicine store in the United States is






Among them, CVS is the largest pharmaceutical chain store in the United States, with more than 9,600 stores in the territory, which can be seen everywhere in major cities in the United States. These medicine shops are like large supermarkets, in addition to selling drugs, selling skin care products, cosmetics, toothbrushes and other daily necessities, food and water.



One said that the medicine is the first to think of Japan, South Korea, and France. In fact, the American medicine makeup has been around us, but many people may not know that they are medicine, such as

Kiehl’s Coopean




Wait a lot of good makeup products.


American medicine makeup focuses on technology and technical content, that is, “medicine” in the phantom makeup is heavier, so some people have some hope for American medicine makeup. In fact, there are also many kinds of gentle, priced people, good things, even if you don’t want to try American makeup, you can also pay attention to the makeup brand of other countries sold here, they also have touching prices ~

Which makeup worth buying?


Gentle Skin Cleanser Mild and Facial Milk

Sell ​​Price: US $ 5.49 / 118ml (about 36 yuan)

Cetaphil Sitafu is a very popular brand in the US medicine store, the most classic

Mild series

(It is the blue-covered fever in the picture) is a low-sensitivity formula, not flavored and pigment, no smell. This cleanser is a mild weak acid formula, close to the normal acid and base value of human skin. Press the emulsion, no bobbin, containing moisturizing ingredients, especially suitable for dry and neutral skin.



Hydrating cleanser hydrating facial cleanser

Sell ​​Price: US $ 10.99 (about 73 yuan)

CERAVE is also one of the most popular brands in American makeup.

It is a skin care product recommended for American dermatologists.

This facial cleanser is still non-foaming, white tasteless, it is very moist, and there will be no feeling like not washing. The formulation contains a neural amide, i.e., a lipid containing the skin itself. When the skin is dried, the supplemental cyclic amide can quickly restore moisturizing functions quickly.

Moisutrizing cream moisturizer


Sell ​​Price: US $ 14.99 (about 100 yuan)

Cerave’s reputation product ~ paste is a bit like ice cream, but it is refreshed and not greasy, a big can, and rubbing face. Like the facial cleanser, there is also a moisturizing cycramide component.

You can relieve the dry skin dry.


Petroleum Jelly Moisturizer

Sell ​​Price: US $ 5.59 (about 37 yuan)


Vaseline Vaseline, this brand is estimated that many girls have used their moms to use their mothers ~ It is indeed that nearly 150 years of history is a unclosed old brand. Vaseline’s skin care products are freeze to the main ingredients, and there is a significant effect in solving dry skin, helping to repair burns.

Generally, the hands, feet, lips, etc. can be rescued with Vaseline moisturizer.


Dry Skin Cream Dry Skin Moisturizing Cream

Sold Price: US $ 9.29 (about 62 yuan)

In fact, Bewash is also a well-known brand, but with the big names you know, slowly forget it, it is originally simple and easy to use ~

This moisturizing cream is well absorbed, containing a depth of hydrating

After use, the pore is not blocked, and the sensitive muscle is available, it is very suitable for the skin extremely short of water and the skin-sensitive sister.

“Burt’s Bees”

Lip balm lip balm

Sell ​​Price: US $ 3.3 / Branch (about 22 yuan)

The just needs of the girl like a lip balm, and it is necessary to have a few inexpensive. Burt’s Bees, small honey bees, with color and colorless, in the US Makeup Shop.

But the unified advantages are not! often! Row! Run!

And without any mineral oil,

Only pure natural ingredients such as sunflower oil, coconut oil, beeswax, pregnant women and children can be used with confidence ~

The small bee in the US medicine store often packs for sale.

4 a row of 10 knives

The inside contains different fragrances such as coconut flavor, Xi Pomelo, super affordable.


Matte Balm / Balm Stain / Lacquer Balm 口 口



Sell ​​Price: US $ 9.49 (about 63 yuan)

After using 2,300 big names, I saw REVLON, you will be happy.

The answer is: It is easy to lose big!

Revlon’s lipstick is more popular with three lips series: Matte Balm, Balm Stain and Lacquer Balm.

Three series profiles look like, but actually very good: Matte Balm is


The outer casing, the upper mouth is also a matte effect; a Balm Stain shell


Some, more than Matte Balm series; Lacquer Balm’s housing is

Sparkling metal luster


The upper mouth effect is also flashing, which is more moist. However, in terms of durability, it is still matte, and the upper mouth of Matte Balm is the most lasting.

The figure above is matte Balm of matte, and the picture below is Balm Stain and Lacquer Balm:



As shown in the figure, each series has a lot of color to choose from, the design of the lips is also very convenient, that is, remind everyone that the cover must be covered when it is placed in the cosmetic bag, otherwise it is like a lipstick. The case is the same … (lessons of small blood)


Mascara mascara

Sell ​​Price: US $ 4 – US $ 12 不 (about 27 yuan -80 yuan)

How many kinds of mascara of Maybelline? Xiaobian also unclear ~ anyway

You can see a variety of colorful beauty lotus mascara in the medicine store in the United States.

, Long, thick, cat, jujube brush head, curved brush head, heart shaped brush head, etc., the price does not wait from a few knives to a dozen knives, don’t pick up the eyes. But remember that it is good to be WaterProof.

Fit me! Foundation Foundation


Sell ​​Price: US $ 7.99 (about 53 yuan)

Generally, the more expensive foundation is more expensive, but

Although the Fit ME series of Maybelline is cheap, it has been recommended by many beautiful makeup.

Many sisters who have used it also give praise. The Fit Me powder foundation is divided into many kinds,

Oil sisters can choose Matte + Poreless

, Can cover the pores, avoid face pan oil, and useful girls expressed out the door for nine hours, and they will not completely do not make up.

Neutral and dry skin sisters can choose DEWY + SMOOTH

, Contain ingredients with hydrating moisturizing.


The picture below is Matte + Poreless, the picture below shows DEWY + SMOOTH:


Daily Moisturizing Lotion Oat Body Milk

Aveeno’s oat body milk, contains natural oatmeal ingredients, good moisturizing effect, also resists oxidation, anti-aging, and does not contain any spices, and recommends children and pregnant women through American doctors. Super a bottle, you can buy it. By the way, Aveeno’s hand cream is also very easy to use ~



Shampoo / 3 Minute Miracle Moist Shampoo and Mask

Sell ​​Price: US $ 3.99 (about 26 yuan)


The hair of the hair, the girl, the girl who loves the oil, always can’t understand each other’s pain ~ Hair’s hair wants to make hair smooth, the grip girl wants the hair to fluffy, don’t post the scalp. Now you have saved!

Aussie kangaroo card shampoo is divided into two models of Moist and aussome Volume.

Contains moisturizing components such as Aloe in Aloe, Poetry, Australia.

For hair dryers, Aussie has a claim.

American champion-level hairdressing product – 3 minute moisturizing hair mask!

Let the hair smooth, have natural fluffy, will not close the scalp, there is a touch of fragrance ~

Finally, you will then give you a small

Save money cheats!

Can download one in advance

Cvspharmacy App


In the mobile phone, I have something discount in the store in advance, and I will be stable in the store, save time ~


“Mutual movement”

What are you still used by American medicine makeup?

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