The trolley case is not necessarily to spend the whistle. Seeing this one will definitely like


The trolley case of the top 8 tie rod box is 55 cm, the width is 37 cm, the thickness is about 23.5, the front is a front mark, and the logo of the Skyline No. 8 is also added, and the back surface does not add any design elements, and the overall looks compare monotonousGenerous.

The top design of the top 8 trolley case has a TSA password lock. The initial password is 000. You need to change to insert the reset hole with a top card. Then make a change, the password is three digits, and after entering the password, push the left module to the left.On the right, open the zipper lock to open the main bin, push the left to open the front mark.


The things inside are heavy, there is a wheel, it is easy. The sport of the four wheels 8 trolley case is better, and it is very smooth, gently push, can slip away. Distance.