The highest importance of 5 large cars, red flag H9, Han Ev list, Audi A6L ranked second!


For the middle-aged middle-aged people in the career, the bought car has become a face. They or a car should be able to deal with daily business social needs, or need a car to open back to the hometown, to show that he has a small piece of grades.


Above, large-sized large cars in luxury brands can often become alternatives to their hearts. After all, it is the middle and big car of this level. If it is a luxury brand of Germany, then the price is at least 400,000, so it can also show that he is the image of social backbone. In this case, what is the attention of which models in the large-scale cars? Today, let’s take a look at the highest importance of 5 Chinese cars, and also make a small reference for the large cars that have rich people.

Fifth, Hongqi H9


Guide price: 30.98-53.98 million yuan


Average daily attention: 994,500

The Hongqi H9 ranked fifth in the middle of the large-scale car payment list, as the most powerful medium of the gas field in China Automobile Brand, the emergence of Hongqi H9 not only made the Chinese people gave up the purchase of Audi A6L to choose it, It also takes a fire to the wedding car rental market, so its attention can be so high.

On the shape, the red flag H9’s gas field can be said to be the Rolls Railles. Entering the car, the whole is also advanced and the luxurious feelings. Power, starting is 252 horsepower 2.0T engine, with 283 horsepower 3.0T V6 models, so this price is not expensive, the face of 300,000 domestic luxury cars, pay attention How can it be high?


Fourth place, BYD Han EV

Guide price: 20.98-279,500 yuan

Average daily attention: 1017,600

As a leader in domestic new energy vehicles, BYD’s two years of popularity and attention can be said very high. Especially after this model launched, BYD has successfully opened 20-300 million medium-high-end cars, so I have to say that the BYD is really a look. In the recent latter, BYD Han EV is also the fourth place in the success of the success.

From the product, the appearance of Han EV is sufficient to have originality and identification, which is the first point of the Chinese love it. Although the interior design is general, it is stronger than the material. Space performance is also the level of medium and large cars, plus 506 kilometers and 605 kilometers of battery life, 100 kilometers acceleration is only 7.9 seconds and 3.9 seconds, so this is a good new energy car with strong open space. It’s no wonder that the concern of the Chinese will be high.

Third place, Mercedes-Benz E-class

Guide price: 43.99-56.29 million yuan


Average daily attention: 1031,200

As a representative of the old luxury Chinese, Mercedes-Benz E-class is ranked third. To be honest, I think Mercedes-Benz E-class should be the first one. After all, it is said that the impression of Mercedes-Benz is always exceptional. That is what E-class is not as good as the Audi A6L and BMW 5 Series? I personally think that this is mainly related to Beijing Mercedes-Benz, and the early models use 1.5T engines and is related to factors such as frequency rollers above marketing.

From the face, Mercedes-Benz E-class is definitely the first choice for rich people to use business social needs. However, from the perspective of household, the Mercedes-Benz E-class is really better than Audi A6L and BMW 5. Therefore, the attention of Mercedes-Benz E-class is also very well explained.


Second place, Audi A6L

Guide price: 41.98-656 million yuan


Average attention: 104.32 million


Audi A6L has always been a large-scale car in the luxury brand of the Chinese people. In the past, Audi A6L is the first luxury in the Chinese market to enter the Chinese market, with a high comfort and unique gas field, Audi A6L is called early It is “official car”. Therefore, it is also the long-term impression, so that the Audi A6L now has already taken a luxurious route that has already taken the technology of technology, but the Chinese still believes that it is the first choice for business luxury and official cars.

Of course, from the product itself, the current Audi A6L appearance is still atmospheric, the interior is also a technology, plus space performance does not decline, the seat comfort is outstanding, and the terminal offer is still large, so the product is The Audi A6L is definitely worth the second place in the focus list.

First place, BMW 5 Series


Guide price: 42.39-5519 million yuan

Average attention: 10.566 million

Yes, you have not mistakenly mistakenly, the highest in the middle of the large car market is the BMW 5 Series from Bavaria. To be honest, it was so high that the two opponents behind BMW 5 may not be so high, but now with the product power of the current 5 Series is really excellent, and the label on it does not have Mercedes-Benz E-class and Audi A6L. Strong, so consumers naturally be more willing to buy and pay attention to it.

From the product power, the 5 series is not only high, watching fashion, the internal space and comfort does not lose E-level and A6L, plus the brand of BMW has always been handled as a selling point, and the 5 Series is indeed It has been the perfect combination of handling and comfort, so it is not surprising that the first place in the large-scale sedan market is not surprising. In short, BMW 5 is indeed quite high, and it is also the first place in sales, so it can be said that it is the most worthy of the large car in BBA.

Finally, after reading the top 5 large cars under the statistics of the big data, do you think who will be your next car or the first car alternative? Let me talk about it in the comment area, everyone will exchange discussions. (Text / Advisory Auto Dazhuo)


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