RHT Air Purifier: The first domestic first NGR TUV certified


The global epidemic is still raging, especially in the near-term India, has to sigh the fragility in front of the life and re-virus. Although domestic epidemics has been effectively protected, it is no means an excuse to relax.

Today, I recommend an air purifier brand -RHT air purifier with strong “black technology” in addition to formaldehyde, in addition to bacteria, except for odor, and viruses.

The brand air and millet, Smith, Dai Sensen brand is not using activated carbon.


It is well known that activated carbon is a substance having strong adsorption, which can adsorb gas contaminants in a short time, but it is also easy to account for a hole by water molecules. The maximum limit of activated charcoal air-net replacement is frequent, and the post-maintenance cost is high. Expert recommendations are generally replaced by about 3 months, but it is often ignored. Once the activated carbon filter is saturated, secondary pollution is prone to, and the gas contaminant adsorbed by activated carbon is discharged again in the operation of the fan.


Secondly, the activated carbon filters after use are listed as primary pollutants in the country, which is more pollution in the environment; the most important thing is also the most feedback from the majority of nets, the activated carbon filter is very easy to “hazy”, especially in the south. Area.

In contrast, the NCCO oxygen polyoxiflicit technology equipped with RHT air is said to be “black technology” of air purification technology. The technique main filter element is a nano-stage oblique zeolite, and a large amount of catalyst transition metal is contained in the aperture, and “targeting” actively capturing gas contaminants TVOC, which greatly increases the purification efficiency.

So, what is the principle of NCCO oxygen polydissa technology?


This technology has obtained patented technical certification of China, the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe and Hong Kong, USA, and also obtained the German Rhein TUV safety certification. Technical R & D Team Company – Shatshan RHT is one of the indoor air indicators (IAQ). RHT air net products and technology are also unique products from Hong Kong Environmental Protection Agency and Housing Department.

Germany Rhine TUV certification is a safety certification mark customized for component products, and the purpose of setting up this certification is to prevent personal injury and property damage caused by various hazards possible in the use of automotive products. Including electric shock or electric shock, high temperature or fire, mechanical danger, radioactive risk, chemical risk.


Since the “Meizu Event”, the German Rhine TUV certified the truly entered the vision, and some people have questioned this, questioning the impartiality and objectivity behind the fees. However, Germany Rhine TUV certification has experienced a high prestige of 150 years. In terms of safety certification, it is close to the international IEC standard. It can be seen behind the fee, after all, the eyes of the people are bright.

The RHT air purifier is in the blessing of NCCO oxygen polymezzolysis technology, which can efficiently decompose the TVOC gas such as formaldehyde, toluene, ammonia. At present, there are more than 100 pathological rooms in thousands of hospitals in the world. There are more than 100 triants in China. Hospital pathology (volatilization after pathology) is formaldehyde, generally formaldehyde exceeds more than 10 times, and the formaldehyde content after the RHT airline system is used within the standard of the standards).

In terms of except for odor, the RHT is empty. Hong Kong Airport, subway station, high-speed rail station bathroom, Hong Kong garbage treatment rooms are using rht air.

In terms of bacteria and viruses, it can be more than 99% of bacteria such as petrococci, Staphylococcus, E. coli (97%). For susceptible influenza viruses, new crown viruses, human coronavirus killing rate is more than 99%, The new crown virus killing report was detected by the national authority P3 laboratory. RHT air is also the only airline brand that has obtained new crown virus killing test reports.


NCCO oxygen polymezzanic technology RHT air net TVOC gas, bacterial virus killing rate