Tanabata sweet dating, how can you have fewer things?


Seeing that Tanabata is coming, it is a few happy holidays. How can I have a romantic dating of my red heartbeat? During the date, draw a beautiful makeup, put on the best little skirt, showing different previously exquisite states, and the immediate TA reviscous moment, but the skin is not online, maybe there will be embarrassing.


OMG, this can not, you need these good things to keep your skin at the moment, and the critical moment does not turn off the line.

1. The skin is waterful, and the makeup is exquisite. Hydraululum milk,


Multi-plant moisturizing essence, a smeared water’s meticulous quality, source supply, so that skin is restored to moisturize, summer refreshing moisturizing and no pressure. With water-rich skin, it is best to keep the best in KEEP, nor is it to make a makeup, and the card powder is not afraid. The skin keeps the moment, the makeup keeps the moment, and the weaver can’t dare to come out and be more beautiful.


2, Ten is “complement”, urgently saving the “dangerous muscle”. Waterfall bomb frost,

The core ingredient is 4D hyaluronic acid, from the muscle bottom from the inside, constructs three-dimensional water storage sponge, internal deep hydrating, and external soothing. Frost membranes are used for two, the appointment is one night, the thickness is the next layer of ice cold waterfall bullets, the skin state is carved back, the water is online ~ skin tender to the water, the skin QQ bullet, date “Face” no longer use ~

3, “Eye” value is improved, and the value of the “light”. Luxury pet platinum eye cream,


Contains a variety of natural plant extracts such as Rhodio Day, Monkey Bread, Cordyceps, etc. Bright, gently massage in the eyes and quickly absorb, the eyes are the windows of the soul, and when the dating is dating, the water wave flows, I see the phy of “hanging goddess” is not you!

4, face the peach blossom, beautiful fairy. Peach blossom mask,


The main ingredient is a plant flower essence, peach blossom, plum blossom and sakura. It feels particularly suitable for small fairy, use it, as if there is a small elf dance, the skin is spirited, tender as petals ~ Qingrun essence, It’s full of water-filled water, and I don’t feel the smothering and greasy, and the clear skin is full of water. Even if Su Yan can have a good color of the peach blossom, let you look like Tianyu Tianxian!

The little ritual can help the love and warmth, leaving a little-star-like memories for plain life. The Tanabata is coming, I hope that Xiaoxian will have a sweet romantic date. Of course, single sisters should also love themselves, but Tanabata, but they have to live every Tanabata.