“Paper people” body is now very popular, wearing a low waist jeans with a short dress is really good.


To say that the widen girl likes the trousers, the answer is the low waist jeans of this waist, and use the wide side of the trousers to tighten the tip, improve the curve of the hips, which will make your legs look More than usual, this has three-dimensional feelings. In the case of gently bare pants, let the slender ankle will appear to be a lot of slim, naturally show the feet of women. .


The low-waist jeans will look more solely, fully release the beauty of the line, the slim girl will have a quite high return rate, walking on the street will let others stay more look.

There is also a little secret for the girls in the biph, that is, the pants is the belt, so it will perfectly split the half body and the lower body segmentation, which can not only make the legs look long and make the upper body more flat, now “paper “People” can be very popular, thinning this effect is really good, pursuing slim body is also the pursuit of all girls, as long as you make you look good, even if you eat a meal.


Ok, today’s wear is here, you want to learn to wear, you must pay attention to the uncle, the old uncle takes you to change the four seasons, let the fashionable clothing make you feel new, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful , Beautiful!