Several Tumi wallets in the near future


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The Lord has received the poison, and the wallet is naturally desperately desperate, and the salary will be a credit card every month.


For TUMI’s cognition, it is also from Zhang Mom. I have been using a horse, who has been using a Ma Yun family. The ** wolf, and I don’t think there is something wrong. It is just that Zhang Aunt is too much, and it is inexplicable to Tumi’s brand long grass. Although the Lord knows Tumi’s feature is the product of the ballistic nylon, but it always has (YA) unparalleled (YA) (YOU), I feel that Tumi’s wallet is not extravagant, but it can be slightly Enhance your own product (BI) flavor (GE), which is a good price from half a year ago. The Lord is more likely to have this classic design, 2 bills plus 6 ~ 8 cards, which is enough for me.

Tumi Men’s Delta Global Double Billfoldtumi Men’s Chambers Global Double BillFold with id


These two are the Lord in the shopping cart for half a year, helpless Meiya and the official website are not discounted all the year round, and the black five did not meet the price, only can be made.


Until a day, the Lord saw this push:

Tumi Tami / Titting Chambers Global Men’s Short Wallet 12637TK

Borrow a few items

This pattern seems to have only the left part and what I want, what ghosts, change bags on the right? I am sorry that I don’t speak money on my body … but I think that I can put a TT 啥 in the cotton bag (mistake, what kind of bike, I have a bicycle, I registered a summit account, next is long. wait…………

The speed of Western set is good, Tianjin customs clearance, SF distribution, praise

January 13th got the hand, directly dismantled, did not leave more pictures, only this


The appearance style is very like, the leather is also very comfortable … But the zero bag on the right side is really Nima! The whole wallet is also very thick! Not suitable for me to wear jeans in this past year (Diaosi)! So I immediately wiped a zero to give a big friend, during the heart, in the box, did not leave more photos


I didn’t have a few days, and I brushed this push on Zhang Mom:

Haitao activities: TUMI US official website Sale

So the TUMI official website rolled over, the two wallets in their own, but they saw a card bag to participate in the event, just like the Lord to learn the experience of the last wallet, and I feel that I can’t use the wallet. I will go directly to the order, and I have burst into urine, and I have a discount of $ 28.8. What kind of bike

TUMI DELTA Series Slim Card Case ID Men’s Card

It is just a month, it is too lazy to take the packaging (pseudo) out of the box, take a few photos, everyone tap


There are 3 cards on the front, but I generally hold two, a salary card, a credit card, and the red line is exposed.

The back is a photo bit, I generally stuffed an ID card

There is also a card in the middle, but also a card, but I am 2 ~ 3 Mao Grandpa.

By the way, I am close to work, but I can’t use my grandfather. I don’t have a wallet. I have a little faint to use money. It is not used to use it. I have used it. The card package is really good to take so much thing, oh, there is a mobile phone, there is no shot, no MacBook ah camera, the player, the headphones, the electric paper book, the poor, there is no bag … Party light spray


…………………………………… It seems that it should be almost ended here ………………………………………………………………………………


Wait, it seems to be less ………… Is I still lack of wallet?

Half a month after the card package, the enthusiastic Zhang Mom also pushed such a way to continue to empty my deposit (I won’t say that I have a urine)

TUMI Chambers Series Global Double Billfold 12633 Men’s Wallet

It is also a western collection, separated for more than a month, and the western set will be a heart to consumption. It is necessary to buy two coupons to use the big mom’s coupons.


I have found it to find the Western set, and I don’t pay taxes! Do not charge tax! Do not charge tax! ! ! ! ! ! What is going on? Before it is still the package tax.


No way has already paid, I can only see people.

Then there is a long wait ………


I finally went to the domestic express a few days ago, I didn’t pay taxes, I was secretly celebrated.

But what is the ghost of Hohhot customs clearance! What is Debon! Debon is not a dry logistics, how can I go back and express! Is it true that I am ignorant!


Today, I finally received it, Debon and ordinary express delivery seems to have no difference, and aging is similar. In short, it’s a pleasant opening!

The box is a www.capacity, Jane (Cu) Single (BAO)

The inside is filled with this bubble, so I feel that I will continue to have no shake, praise on the road.

Take it out is two boxes, the outer circle is black is on the box, except for the label without other marks.


Take it out, the color of the red word black is a representative indication of Tumi


It seems to be recyclable in nylon paper looks


The present appeared, one is a NAVY navy color one is black. At that time, he considers the next two colors, leaving the like, the rest of the machine (TOO) wisdom (TOO), (TOO) I ( NAIVE)


Because the Lord is a virgin (mistake), choose obstacles, it takes half an hour to get rid of which … color, 主 主 海, but my card package is black, it seems black and more compared


After half an hour, the Lord is still selected.


This wallet has 5 cards, 1 phase


There are two banknotes (nonsense)

The big red paper journey came out, introduced the Tumi ID LOCK technology, simply plagiarized:

Tumi ‘s ID LOCK sews in a fabric that contains a special material of the wire. This layer of wire opens a layer of protective network after the lining, effectively resists the interference of the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) signal, that is, blocking anyone through RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to steal the personal information stored by customers with the goods.


In short, something is ovate to me.


Remove cardboard, rough look at the thickness, natural state (no pressure) less than 2CM


Say full of card

This is a global version of the performance that should not be open, but often seeing the value of the value of Tumi’s global will also open, so the Lord is showing that 8 Mao Grandpa is completely unfair …

After 8 Mao’s grandfather and 6 cards, although the thickness increased slightly, it is still acceptable within 3cm.

However, witness of the witness guess will definitely have a value friend who will lift the bum: “8 calculate a fart, the labor is all the grandfather to go out” helpless, there is not so much grandfather, East, the West is found. 30 sheets, come back

The space of the outer banknote is really stretched for 30 Mao’s grandfather, but it is not stress in the inner layer. Complete! No! dew! head!

In short, the sun is over, for Tumi, the Lord is just a new user, not too much use feels can be shared, and I hope to have the opportunity to feel the essence of Tumi in the future:

Future main attack Asian market: new beauty 1.8 billion US dollars acquisition tumi


PS: The two wallets have not been received in the past few days. At Zhang Mom, I saw TUMI’s news that Tumi was acquired by Xioli. It is desirable to think that the Sagi is TUMI’s own brand.