Seven-point sleeve cotton linen shirt, watching quite thin, still a literary fan, actually a large size women’s clothing


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七分袖的棉麻套头衬衣,看着挺显瘦,还很文艺范 其实是大码女装

Recently, the baby’s clothes are always sent to themselves.

Share a seven-point sleeve cotton linen shirt, look quite thin, and it is very literary. In fact, it is a large size women’s clothing, and the average people can wear.

七分袖的棉麻套头衬衣,看着挺显瘦,还很文艺范 其实是大码女装

Do you feel, many moms have a baby. I like easier and comfortable clothes, anyway, I am like this, now I will not wear high heels. . .

七分袖的棉麻套头衬衣,看着挺显瘦,还很文艺范 其实是大码女装

Not nonsense. Cropped, large size

七分袖的棉麻套头衬衣,看着挺显瘦,还很文艺范 其实是大码女装

XL Bust 108cm Length 70cm Middle long section seven-point sleeve, sleeve length 47cm

The other number type can be pushed according to the length of 4cm length 1.5cm

Before and after



The neckline small wooden ear, small playful. If you don’t like it, you can cancel it directly, you can do the inner bag.

七分袖的棉麻套头衬衣,看着挺显瘦,还很文艺范 其实是大码女装

Needle lace effect

Front door cylinder effect

七分袖的棉麻套头衬衣,看着挺显瘦,还很文艺范 其实是大码女装

In front of the cartridge, make a fold. Directly on the next foot

Cuffld lace effect

Cuff small wood ear and neck echoes. Here, the fungus is used to copy the machine, and there is no special machine or the built-in size of 0.3 is also possible. I don’t like it, I can cancel it.

七分袖的棉麻套头衬衣,看着挺显瘦,还很文艺范 其实是大码女装

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