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Continue to welcome every legal person to contribute to us.

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“What kind of manuscript do we want?”

Panda Legal Articles Readers are primarily legal, including lawyers, legal, law, and so on.

稿费200元/篇起 | 公众号「熊猫法律星球」征稿启事

“Word Count”

The space proposal is adjusted appropriate at 1500-3500 words, special forms or topics.


Customize the form of content, it is recommended to understand, I hope to use / interesting / attitude, avoid academic papers.


The article is clear, the structure is clear, and the experience of the length is recommended to use a small title for each part, so that the reader quickly understands the article. Please pay attention to the WeChat public number: Submission Essay Station (WeChat directly search ID: TGZWYZ), timely understanding the latest developments in the events and drafts.

“What type of article is more popular?”

After long-term operation adjustment, the Panda team has set the following columns based on the degree of service and preferences, it is recommended to write articles according to the column.

First category: practice dry goods (energy star)

Work guidelines, model collection, case assembly, research report, regulatory compilation, etc.

Good text review:


Download: Legal common data and calculation formula, a total of 17 categories 65! | Energy Stars


The latest: company law related regulations and judicial interpretation assembly! 798 page full version download | energy stars


Heavy download: contract risk list, compilation, judicial interpretation, guidance case, legal instrument | energy star

Second Category: Technical Tools (Future Stars)

Practical App recommendation, tool recommendation, electronic evidence, Internet court related content, etc.

1 Future star

2,2019 version: WeChat, QQ chat record forensics, court detailed proof guidelines | Future stars

3, the latest finishing: handling the case search tool list! Total 43! (Worth collecting) | Future star

4, the most detail: SMS, Alipay, WeChat, etc. 9 major electronic evidence, how to get evidence, survival, proof? Future star

Third Category: Brand Image (Brand Star)

Workplace dressing, office decoration, brand strategy, marketing Raiders, etc.

1, another red circle has a salary! Inventory 12 salary increase in the highest domestic capital | brand star

2, male lawyers wear guidelines, so that they can wear exquisiteness | brand stars

3, how to wear senior, cool, and workplace? | Brand Star

Fourth Category: Peripherals (life stars)

Industry’s attention, topic spit, work record, fun comics, film drama comment, etc.

1. Contemporary lawyers industry depth bragging guide (forward need to be cautious) | Life Star

2, the lawyer’s assistant to the volley-volley-volleyball | life star

3, Douban 9.5 points “What is the real criminal lawyer? | Life star

Fifth Class: Hot Time Review

稿费200元/篇起 | 公众号「熊猫法律星球」征稿启事

In response to the legal analysis of recent social news, the commentary of popular cases, the industry’s hotspots comments, etc.

1. Mercedes-Benz female owner: Just run a wolf nest, I will enter the deep pit?

2, the slapse “defense word is red, who is behind the scenes?

3, the shake and Baidu torn first case, actually lost in low-level mistakes …


1. Any use of publishing, 200 yuan / article.

2. If the article is released from the time of 48 hours, you will receive an additional bonus:

50000> Reading ≥ 10000: 300 yuan / article;

100000> Reading amount ≥50000: 1000 yuan / article;

Read the amount ≥ 100000: 2000 yuan / article.

3. This festival is suitable for the Panda Legal Planet and is only applicable to

Original starting contribution and appointment


“brand display”

Where the submission is adopted, you can display personal or team profiles within 50 words at the end of the published article.


All contributions, Draft, Panda Legal Planet have been confirmed and released by both parties, ie:

1, the author is awarded the Panda Legal Star Public Number

(ID: PandalawPlanet) and the same name from the media to publish this article in the media;

2, the author awarded the right to panda legal planet to transfer the article.

“How to contribute”

Add a half WeChat: XM-Planet, will send the submission article Word document to a half.

Half panda will reply to the author within 48 hours after receiving the submission.


If the Panda Content Team believes that the submission of the puwei is not in line with the panda legal planet, it will feedback the proposal to give the author. The author can modify it according to the recommendation; if the second revision is still not in line with the panda legal planet, it will no longer Accept the submission of this article.

Of course, you can continue writing other articles to contribute.

I look forward to seeing your manuscript ~

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