Less your Martin boots! The hottest in autumn and winter is “smoke boots”, and fashionable feelings are wearing


If you only choose a pair of boots in autumn and winter, many people will definitely think of Martin boots, but the fashion spermathers have new choices in autumn and winter.


It not only can draw lengths of the calves, but also match the fashion and ryese with various items. Shoots belong to the lengthened version of Chelsea boots, keeping the fashion and freelance of Chelsea boots on the style, and the style is simple and generous.

Many people now think that Martin boots with straps are strong, and it is more likely. However, from a practical point of view, the boots of the hood boots are relaxed, no straps are decorated, similar to the smoke bar, not only wearing comfort, but also very wild.

So the hookah boots have a good fashion effect that is a good fashion, either a dress or a pants.

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1. Precautions and features of cat hookah boots

2. How to choose the right boots


3. Matching of hood boots and other items



Shoot boots

Because the hookes boots themselves do not have any decorations, all boots are used to create a natural free fashion effect. So when we choose tobacco boots, don’t choose the thick hookaire boots, which will enhance the stupidity of the original boots, not only don’t take clothes, but also look good enough.


How to choose a suitable hooka boot?

Take the body chooses the right style

The length of the cylinder of the low sleeve boots is approximately about 14cm, and the ankle can cover the ankle, which has a good modification for your feet. But because the tubular is not high, the modification effect on the calf is not strong. If your own is high enough, or the leg type is fine, you can choose this low sleeve boots.

The tube of the hookaire of the middle tube is about 20 cm, which can just be below your knee, so you can wrap your calf very well. If you are a muscle leg or a micro fative leg type, you can choose the middle tube. The hood boots are modified, and it is more slim.

The tubular of the high tube boots is probably 37cm, which is the length of the knee or knee, which can be completely wrapped in your calf, and improve your leg line with a tube. This high is suitable for the height of most people, not picking up legs and height, how to wear well.

See what style choice shoes


This shoe will have two kinds of shoe shape, one is square shoes. This shoe looks more flat, then with this low-heeled style, it will look more fashionable and thin, belonging to a lady’s shoes, which is very suitable for some official autumn and winter items.


The second is the shoe shoe, it looks more round, there is no angle, plus most of the best designs, and the whole looks more blunt, but the advantage is that the casual style is full. Suitable for clothing with sports or leisure wind, personal style is particularly foot.


Shoot boots matching demonstration

Short hooka boots with plaid pleated skirts and plaid tops

This belongs to the griller set, the same rated jacket and short skirt, look up, it seems that youthful and energetic. In order to highlight the leg line, it is matched with a short hookah boot, just cover the ankle, both modified foot type and very high pick. Black shoe body is also black and white, with a good echo effect.

Cowboy set with medium hooka boots


This is also a set of matching, jeans embroidered jackets and mini skirts, a black shirt, which looks casually and youth. Compass with a pair of black middle tube boots, round boots appear to be more powerful, with cowboy’s casual wind, youthful feelings come out.


Coat with shirts and skirts and short hood boots

Coats and boots are more matching, this gray coat looks full of texture, with brown half-length skirt, not only slim, the texture is also very good, the pedal this short hooka boots, the color is the same, it seems Both are highly fashionable.

Coat with dress and short hooka boots

The coat belongs to the daily paragraph of autumn and winter, and the dress is charming and fashionable, no matter what color, as long as this style is selected, it can wear very thin. With this dress, and the low sleeper boots, the temperament of the whole person came out, elegant and generous.


Choose too many popular shoes, it is better to choose a classic hookah boots. Not only do you have a wild, different tubes are also suitable for different figure, whether you are a little child or a high child, wear it can have a good results.

Pay attention to daily matching guidelines, use more beautiful yourself!


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Less your Martin boots! The hottest in autumn and winter is “smoke boots”, and fashionable feelings are wearing