Man wearing it too much in summer! Solid than T-shirts, cool than shirts


In the summer, the man is also a problem, after all, our choice is not female:

Wearing T-shirts is too ordinary, not official; the shirt is easy to use, standing is serious, wearing a wearing sweating.

So dilemma, it is time to let a texture.


It is both a mature man’s wardrobe in the cavity –


○ Bill Gatez, Jobs is in social situations, when they talk, they are wearing it, and they have taste and stable.

○ Beckham, C Luo, the little plum rely on it to keep a relaxing wind, put on travel, vacation, watch the game.

Upgrade social nobles go out, Washington, a man’s daily shirt, rich young people doing …


It is also a small fresh meat standard that just came out of society: business negotiation, and leadership, report,

Wear it can make you have a trusted Confucian temperament.

Choose a large code, take shorts and sports shoes, and become a refreshing teenager.


Self-built cool street wind, college wind.

Comfortable cotton, casual and decent style, men have it in summer, everything is just right.


Today we carefully select the small brand




Polo shirt

, Let you don’t worry, you can be happy.


High quality combed Pearl cotton

, Mesh design, soft breathable and breathable in the naked eye, summer cool and refreshing.


Specially designed striped sleeves collar, plus three-dimensional loose tailoring, giving you a kind of inflatable and retro taste.

The inner lines choose a good POLO shirt, watch the fabric quality, two views of the version.


NYCH home POLO shirt, specialty in the version size and fabric texture, let you have no strength, wear it on the workplace, comfortable fit on the sports field.

A lot of cotton POLO shirts, wearing “” in the body – shoulders don’t quite a small belly, there is no spirit. This is a lot of people wearing a POLO shirt.




s reason.

The polyester fabric is thin and cheap, and the sweat will be easy, and there is a dew point in the summer.


This NYCH · Men Polo shirt is better than the shoulder brand.

High quality combed Pearl cotton with high-end Polo shirts.

Soft is quite true, there is a textery similar to the hive, wearing a textbook, no bumps.

Porous structure also guaranteed gas permeability

, We tested its breathability for everyone.


Dediped through the wells on the fabric discharged sweat, it is not bored.


After sweating, it will not stick to the skin as a normal T-shirt.


Even the most prone to sweating armpits can also be kept dry, like a wind blowing your skin,

There is no smell of sorghum, making a refreshing male god of summer.

It itself is breathable, so throws the washing machine in the summer, it can be dried one night after washing, it is also very easy to iron!

Usually short-term business trips, the top is only one piece.

Men’s clothes, if crumpled, will leave the image, pull down someone else to you.

This piece of polo sweater is deeply demanding, adding polyester fibers to the fabric, properly treating its elastic treatment:

Use your hand and it is still very flat.


In the future, I won’t be wrinkles after sitting in the office. Drops have shaped, and do not hinder sports, daily activities.

Sleeve, the neck has a slight elastic force

, I don’t want to pick it out for a long time.


Wear for two or three years or topping

Every time, go out, confident and spirit.

More wear resistance than ordinary cotton, it is not easy to fade.

This polo shirt can touch people, but also it is tailoring.

Everywhere is a big high-level sense.


It is more able to take care of the men’s 4 sexy zones than ordinary polo shirts: neckline, shoulder, cuffs, waist.


Usually wear it will not seem to be exactly official, add some points to close; formal occasion, can also be shirts, mature and charm.

This POLO sweater adopts the classic design, only in the cuffs – retro stripes


Low-key dispel your taste.


White, Tibetan, black

I have a high level in the wear, but I can’t ignore it.

Green, blue, pink refreshing and clean

It is suitable for hot summer, so that you will take a simple summer dress.

Mature men, with suit pants and small leather shoes, suitable for commuting, business trips, clean and not dragging;

Take a jeans, workpiece, and you can go, the whole company is the most handsome! Go down, go directly to the date.

A love sports boy, wear the gym, play basketball,

Junsuo’s bad muscles simply hormon!


In the fall, we can wear a suit and make a cool man playing fashion.

Sometimes, the classic itself is the trend.

It can be done in a century, just proved the trendy gene of the Polo shirt.


Nowadays, it is very preferable, as long as 79 pieces, two pieces are more full, small stocks, don’t miss it.


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NYCH · Pearl Men’s POLO


¥ 79