Winter essential zero approval lip balm, easy to use it, I have never forgotten it once!


Lip paste can be a must-have item in the four seasons, especially in winter, the weather is dry, plus eating taste, especially easy to get dried skin, crack, Xiaobian today to adhere to all kinds of lipstick to conduct personal assessment The love of many lipsticks is really unclear, listed a few parity is not expensive to use lip balm, I hope to find resonance with you!

Mentholatum Lip Pure Honey Lip Balm


This is a lot of lip balm in high school, and I haven’t feels tired for a long time. Now there is an inexplicable feelings of other lipsticks including Mentholatum other. Its main natural plants have no spices concept. Natural ingredients are not excited. The light yellow gout looks very warm, lasting and moisture is very good, sleeping at night, won’t feel greasy, great!

2. Vaseline Run small iron canned lip balm

This brand of lipstick is also very hot, relative to the Vaseline lipstick of small iron cans, because it is large enough, and the fingers can take it, it will not easily get the nails. I prefer green aloe vera, and the faint flavor can cause great comfort, rich in aloe vera nutrition, vitamin E and other repair components, anti-sensitivity, avoid lips and aging, it is very thin, will not feel greasy, personal Feeling that its moisture and durability have a little lack, cost-effective is still very high!

3. Small blue cans


The red fire has always been a place in a few years. It is indeed a unique. It has been used in half a year, and the price is super high! Very rich and mint, the first impression is the original version of the cool oil, just painted is a clear feeling of cool cool cool, its moisture and lasting can, no greasy feeling, but the deep repair of the lips Legda, the support is nourished, it is best to apply a thick layer of thickness at night, the best effect!

4.DHC olive lipstick


The little fairy who used DHC lips must have a very dissatisfaction with other lipsticks. It has got a great praise and loyal powder of a large car! This lipstick is very easy to use, moisturizing is not greasy, thick in the evening, the second day, the lips are dead, the lips are also dead, and it is also very suitable for making the bottom of the red, one has to make Almighty lip balm!

5. Wild Moon Lip Balm

I didn’t endure that this trend has recently started this small and new lipstick, but I feel awesome after use, the price is also very high! The green packaging is very simple, its paste is light yellow, it feels very thinner after the mouth, but moist is just good, there is no feeling of sticky lard stick, the smell has a faint osmanthus fragrance, painted at night, The next morning, my mouth has a full state of powder doodle. After the first time I used it, I have been in the fashionable!


In the winter, we must protect your mouth, even if you go out, don’t forget to install a lipstick in the bag, give it a nourishment anytime, anywhere, it is worthy of so many beautiful lipsticks. Everyone can discuss the message at the comment area, and the immortals have any price-free lip balm?