Japanese beautiful girl Sasohi is unveiled to wear “ostrich” to install cute, once the “king of swimsuit”


The Japanese wear is more focused on comfort and clear feelings. This is the biggest feature of the Japanese.

日本美少女佐佐木希亮相 穿“鸵鸟”装好可爱 曾是“泳装之王”

The European and American style is more focused on the interpretation of unique sense and personality. The match is more focused on the body’s modification, the line beauty is a mainstream style.

The look of the Japanese is more focused on relaxing,

The wind of the wind, big cardigan

, Loose, touch, and Japanese girls also pay more attention to lightweight materials and comfortable matching style,

Focus on sweet portrait and loli cute creation.

“The characteristics of the Japanese style”

The Japanese style is actually a synthesis of diversification, which can be simple, casual, or sweet, pure, not too deliberately concave, focusing on the true meaning of beauty. Don’t care about excessive opinions and opinions of others, portray your own “Wear Map”.

日本美少女佐佐木希亮相 穿“鸵鸟”装好可爱 曾是“泳装之王”

Sasaki’s matching style:

32-year-old Sasaki is a household name in Japan. “

Pure girl

“, From grocery store

“The world’s most beautiful face

King of Swimsuit

To the fashion model champion, Sasaki is destined to be a

“Legend Goddess

Our unique style.

Sasakico’s tube top dress with a deeper dark blue and black combination were used. The surrounded fancy dotted weakened monotone, more sweet and fresh, such as “ostrich” feathers, this is The mainstream style of the Japanese, paying attention to the use of soft elements, the pleats of the tassel make the garment elegant and soft,

Broken black and blue mature elegant

日本美少女佐佐木希亮相 穿“鸵鸟”装好可爱 曾是“泳装之王”

I can’t see my mother’s mother, and Feng Yu’s match is also perfect.

Covering the shortage of body.

Knowledge point 1: Color interlaced breaks monotonous

The same color clothing will appear

日本美少女佐佐木希亮相 穿“鸵鸟”装好可爱 曾是“泳装之王”

Compare monotony

But in color, there is one

Basic principle

It is a cold color and a cold color match.

Warm color and warm colors

Pay attention to match

日本美少女佐佐木希亮相 穿“鸵鸟”装好可爱 曾是“泳装之王”

Aesthetic and unique

The overall matching is more coordinated, there will be no abrupt beauty. If you want to be mixed, you can form a small area of ​​cold and large-area warm color coordination in the clothing, or small-area warm colors and large-area cold color matching. Of course, the seasonal and its own needs are required.

Important: The large-scale black and dark blue are all cold tones, which can weaken the monotonous tone of the same color, increase flexibility, and tassels are also new.

Knowledge point 2: Advantages of fluffy elements

Fluffy elements can be used in a lightweight material, can also use the rich in the dress, use the fluffy weak body, increase the effect, highlight the beauty of the thin part, in fact, the love of the bubble sleeve , The loose nature of the wide legs is a form of fluffy.

Increase comfort, weaken the bloated body

, Clever use to increase the length of the elements to achieve the purpose of highlighting the size.

Important: there is loose

Element and match

There is a tight

Element coordination

This is that the body is

Devil’s body

“Sasaki is easy to interpret the Japanese beauty”

Japanese ripe wind

Key points: pay attention to the use of light flexible quality and hollow effect, reaching

Ripe, no dull, increase gentleness.

Sasaki is a lightweight lottery with a dark style, this material comes with an elegant feeling of mature women, than 30 years old.

Women are equivalent to mature, so they need to add some unique elements, large-area hollow style, and the skin-based style is a good choice, highlighting the slender and legs of the leg, and tube top perfect shoulder beautiful curve, high pick Gentle.

The Japanese match is more focused on the combination skills of the skirt, because the skirt is the most beautiful decoration, occasionally try the wind and motorcycle wind, but the Japanese woman is not very suitable for this kind of neutral style, too cool and Handsome cool, and the sweet freshness of the Japanese is not coordinated.

Japanese girl

Key points: commute and comfortable, low-key, Japanese girls are extremely sweet and pure show.

along with

Northern European simple integration

, The minimalism of the Japanese is like the rain, the spring, the spring, the rising, many materials in the Japanese pursuit

Light single colors

It will not take advantage of a particularly growing color combination, it seems that there is too much fancy, but many beautiful colors are used.

Pink, green, beige, white, rose

Waiting for the mainstream of the Japanese.

The Japanese style of the Japanese style can be sweet enough, such as Loli Feng and the college wind, pay attention to a lot of complex elements and embellishments, and the more, the kind of woman’s temperament is perfect, but the girl is more of

Ordinary point

日本美少女佐佐木希亮相 穿“鸵鸟”装好可爱 曾是“泳装之王”

, Focus on reflecting

Self-contained beauty, not alive.

Japanese pure desire

Important: The combination of pure temperament and sexy, will not be as bold as Europe and the United States, more restrained, but more sexy than ordinary girls.

The “purex” style of the Japanese is more focused on the interpretation of the body, and many short costumes are perfect, but the sexy winds of the Japanese style will not pay close attention to the Korean style.

日本美少女佐佐木希亮相 穿“鸵鸟”装好可爱 曾是“泳装之王”

“Short narrow” style

Instead, in the skirt of the suspenders, fluffy skirts, and more

Fluffy material

, Will not give up the pursuit of comfort, so much

The loose version is mainly, the material is relatively soft.

Most of the Japanese style focuses on the skin of the leg, highlight the beauty of the long legs, but also focus on highlighting the beautiful skin lines, but lower than the waist is very small “

Empty or modified,

Soft belt beauty, pursuing nature, material is also paying moreweighted with soft silk,

Cotton linen, chiffon, knitting, etc. are all commonly used.

Summary: This matching style is compared

Focus on the interpretation of the body and the ultimate reflection of the soul, the matching of the Japanese is a unique matching style of the Asian circle, does not use the trend as a center, and people-oriented, this is the charm of the Japanese.

Tips for Japan:

Highlight the texture of the material, the expression of the color and elements of the costume itself, so the simple elements are like the pattern.

Try to match the pattern, solid color is the mainstream of the Japanese, so the color of the color is not too fancy.

日本美少女佐佐木希亮相 穿“鸵鸟”装好可爱 曾是“泳装之王”

Plain is combined with the plain combination, can be like.

Pay attention to the hierarchical, stacked beauty, similar color layers, simple and simple,


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日本美少女佐佐木希亮相 穿“鸵鸟”装好可爱 曾是“泳装之王”

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