There is a kind of fashionable “shirt big one”, a high return rate, so wearing more


No matter what kind of fashion style is passionate, there is always one two shirts in the closet. It is undeniable that the shirt is really a hundred, but the rich style will not have aesthetic fatigue. In fact, there is still a fashionable “shirt big one code”, as the name refers to bid farewell to the right-style size, Rapida Made enough return rate!


This generous version seems to be unfolded, but it is a fashionable fashion, compared to conventional shirts, choosing the size of the big code to make the application span of the shirt, mixing with different single items. and.

The shirt itself can also choose a more variety of layers, making the overall matching more diversified, more transversely expanding the visual effect, although there is a freshness of the formation, but the literary breath can be increased.

First, the conventional shirt is plus the code, wear the fashionable fashion

1 Getting Started – White Shirt XL

The entry of the fashion flower road can start from the most basic style. On the basis of a conventional white shirt, choose a larger size to make an opinus, and the color tone is not violated, and it is easy to shape the street art. .


2 Advanced horizontal – striped shirt with straight pants

However, the solid color is very easy to face the void monotonous embarrassment, so you can choose a shirt with a pattern of ripples to replace it, allowing the overall changing level. However, when choosing, pay attention to the shaded body with a vertical stripe design to have the effect of the tie body, the slimming effect, and the width of the straight pants is smoother.


Although the plaid element is also full of routine, the routine style is often the favorite of programmers, and ordinary people are basically difficult to wear aura. On the basis of using large size, you can easily shape the garden wind, so that the old-fashioned image is swept away, it is worth GET!


3 Advanced match – stitching design


More difficult style is to splicing solid colors, which will make the overall matching, and balance the expansion of the style is too fat, almost the highest level of Oversize element.

Second, wear a variety of ways, how to choose will not be wrong

After choosing the style, you have to work hard, but the lines and layers comes with the random shirt, which is really not picking up, almost how to wear.

1 Conventional wear is simple and refreshing, easy to operate easy

If there is no GET to any new wearing method, you can directly white bottom T-shirt outer shirt, which can add a level outside of the line that guarantees the unrelinged line, and it is simple and generous, no aggressive.


2 is a careful machine to improve the waist line in the single side


If the size is not allowed to wear, you can put the unilateral plug in the shirt to clarify the waistline position, which can balance the wide version of the visual center of vision, making the figure more clear.

3 stacking more level


At more time, the big shirt of the big code has both the role of jacket, directly cooperating with solid color or contrast, making overall matching. Although the cardigan molding and buttons are all tiered by two simplest stacks, but the hipster men have long used the neck button to highlight the handsome!

Only one button that can guarantee the match without too loose, so that the shoulder neck is more rigorous, and it is a new way to worry about the wear, it is worth the new practice!

Third, how do you take a large size shirt? These kinds of single products are most practical


The big shirt is lost, and it is different from the width of the women’s clothing. If the men’s trousers also choose a slim version, it will increase the greasy feeling, so the pants is best also selected. Loose version, will be chic, black loose trousers are the most basic choice, I don’t know how to choose it when you do it.


However, if you want to get more eye-catching, you can choose a more bright color color. The men’s clothing should not be too fancy whistle. Commonly used warm colors is a good choice. The bright color card can increase the energy of the overall match and add more handsome to the white shirt.

1 Note the color system and strive to shape one sense


The match of boys often wants to simplify the color to the least, so the color or similar coloring is a trick that must be mastered in the wear. For example, the black and white squat shirt is a gray tone, then the trousers should choose similar color colors to shape the overall sense, and the deeper coloring is used to avoid the routine selection of light weight.

2 wide shorts are not arrested, the ball shoes are more cool.


In addition to this casual style, vitality, sports style can also be easily shaped through large size shirts. Shorts and ball shoes are the standard of sports wind. Unlike a large T-shirt, it is still unloaded with vertical striped shirts, but in the unspetent sessions, there are still a bit of controversial temperament.

3 Select the harbor suits, easy to create a noble cold wind


Although the broad shirt is basically buried, it is difficult to wear, but it will not taste! Just need to use a very strong shirt with a smooth bunch of suits, you can easily highlight the elegant literary fan, and have a clear feeling of “not near”.

“Big One Code” is not a simple choice of more generous layout, but a novel element is more fashionable, these methods are tips for mixing points, as long as they master, return to the horse!

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