Casual leggings with white crane vest, cute casual and fan, small waist long legs really envy


Currently, more and more young people are more pursuit of comfort and dress, but how to combine leisure and fashion, and the focus of people’s attention. With the changes in the lifestyle of contemporary young people, many people pay more attention to exercise and fitness exercise, and the tights have become a new fashion project, and many friends have made new features, becoming a new dress guide, leading People walk through the journey, form a new style, have a new dress.

The overall casual movement of the hot girl is a new fashion that wears, it can be said that the fashion is really a tide. The tight white is deep into the lower body, but it is as good as an optional as an optional. Knitted fabric improves the texture and taste of the whole piece, and also increases the wrap, highlighting the chest characteristics and contours; and the overall comfort is full! The design of the navel is also one of the characteristics of fashion apparel, explains the babited style, showing the physical advantage of exercising girls.


Casual spicy sisters are of course an indispensable gray tights, let the overall body proportion is perfect, and sports style is the current hot boom, and the mentally tights are a must-have item for sweet and cool girls. One reason I think is that people are very convenient to change clothes, and it can show everyone’s physical characteristics. The leggings are definitely the essentials of all our people.


The overall style is leisure, and the tights is definitely a big hero! It not only makes it convenient for the daily life of sports friends, but also one of the people of popularization, making the characters more prominent. The design of black rope shoes is a kind of skill, which makes the whole look simple and elegant. The black is always a whole casual classic color. The spices are our current booming, and the standard of comfort and summer tips, we need to render the pants The dress, wear a style belonging to your own style.