Does the hood do not take counter valve? I tell you with blood tears, double countervers is an increase fee


I have learned an article before, through the flue, smelling the noodle taste of the neighbor’s cooking, tastes the attitude of the neighbors. In fact, this is the taste problem of exhaust pipe, and almost every household will encounter.

To solve the fans of the flue, the most direct way is to install the anti-hood to stop the countervalue, prevent the neighbor’s oil to make the kitchen. Do you want to install the reverse valve? I told you with blood tears, add more than one truth, and add 100 yuan, don’t want to spend this money, don’t install it.

Why is it suggest not adding a countervalve?

“Does the hood do not equip counter valve?” It is the most important issue of many owners and merchants, especially the owners of online shopping hoods. They themselves buy them online for economic affordable. Install the reverse valve, so it is very unpleasant.

I didn’t install my own home. At that time, I went to the next store to buy a hood, I found that it was self-contained, it was used to prevent back the wind, and I didn’t want to take more than one.

There are a lot of hoods in the market, and it is also self-contained, so it is not recommended to add money to install one.

How to solve the flavor of the flue?

Some bloggers on the Internet said: Buying the hood must see the air volume, but also have to calculate the wind pressure of the flue, so it can avoid the hookes of the neighbor cooking, floating into my kitchen.


They solve the obedific method is that the hood should be selected. In fact, the abnormal problem is not completely resolved, and can only prevenrate in advance, so the existence of the countervers is crucial. Determine whether the check valve is installed in advance, and it is recommended to install it.

1. Add 2 countervers, need to pay extra.


I started to say that almost all the merchants don’t bind the money of counter-valve. You have to pay extra dozens of hundreds of yuan, although this money is not much, but “mosquito legs are also small.”

2, the hood on the market, the exhaust amount is on a grade, probably 20m3 per minute.

Once the hood is opened at the same time, the flue cannot withstand this pressure, so there will be a taste problem, and it is also necessary to stop the reverse valve to reduce the flavor of the oil.

3, you can choose to seal the exhaust pipe and the flue


Using a week, look at whether the kitchen’s abnum is serious, if it is not serious, it can save a lot of money, and the experience experience in the later period is quite good.

How to install a counter-valve?

First, the inspection valve is the end of the exhaust pipe installed in the hood, and the intersection of the flue.

This location is determined. If your renovation master doesn’t do this, the probability is a negative team.

Secondly, if your exhaust pipe is in the interior of the hanging cabinet, it must reserve a square hole of 23 cm on the side of the cabinet.

Convenient to stop the reverse valve. Whether it is a woodworking, or custom cabinets, 23 cm is enough.

Finally, avoid the reverse valve to be mounted to the inside of the cabinet.

Because many hanging cabinets have a gap between walls, it is not a rigid seam, it will stop counter-counter, but it will cause the side of the cabinet to leak, and become “black smoke”.

The above is whether the smoke machine is equipped with all the contents of the countervalue, and finally summarizes:

The hood itself is self-contained, and we don’t have to add an additional alternate check valve. When the master installs the counter-counter, remember to check the position of the counter-counter valve, if on the plate on the side of the cabinet, must be reinstalled.

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