If you don’t understand, what can computer embroidery machine get your hand? ? High-end quality embroidered


What can computer embroidery machine get your hand?

不懂就问,电脑绣花机拿到手了可以干嘛?? 高端品质绣花了解一下

Is that still use? ?

不懂就问,电脑绣花机拿到手了可以干嘛?? 高端品质绣花了解一下

Of course, I am embroidered at home!

不懂就问,电脑绣花机拿到手了可以干嘛?? 高端品质绣花了解一下

Hand embroidered by farewell to time

Open a new machine embroidery era ~

不懂就问,电脑绣花机拿到手了可以干嘛?? 高端品质绣花了解一下

Whether it is clothing, or all kinds of jewelry, even home objects

不懂就问,电脑绣花机拿到手了可以干嘛?? 高端品质绣花了解一下

You can use a beautiful embroidery pattern

Create a different fun

When a simple clothing is romantic

Cute kitty as a small hand

不懂就问,电脑绣花机拿到手了可以干嘛?? 高端品质绣花了解一下

When a simple set is added to add fresh ideas

All this is not simple ~

不懂就问,电脑绣花机拿到手了可以干嘛?? 高端品质绣花了解一下

Come following us into the embroidery world!

不懂就问,电脑绣花机拿到手了可以干嘛?? 高端品质绣花了解一下

Cold winter day

Wear a scarf embroidered with snowflakes

Is it a feeling of Christmas?

On homemade bag

Embroidered uppercase letters

Don’t have a sense of accomplishment!

不懂就问,电脑绣花机拿到手了可以干嘛?? 高端品质绣花了解一下

Embroidery, commonly known as embroidery. From the front embroidery embroidered with a handmade needle, the embroidery is more women, so it is also known as the embroidery. With the birth of the sewing machine, it has a machine embroidered. It is a generic sewing machine to embroidering it, which is a craft of the operator.

It’s simple, you can embroidery using computer embroidery machines. Moreover, the embroidery function of the computer embroidery machine is very powerful, and various types of embroidery can be made, such as:

不懂就问,电脑绣花机拿到手了可以干嘛?? 高端品质绣花了解一下

Pick-embroidery, sketch embroidery, hollow embroidery, cut velvet embroidery, lace embroidery, stereo embroidery, cross stitch, hook embroidery, yarn challenge, bead embroidery, felt embroidery, literal embroidery, ribbon embroidery and pattern embroidery, etc. Wait

(Some embroidery needs to use some auxiliary tools or accessories).

Applying computer embroidery embroidered embroidery has become an important element in fashion costumes.

Below we will showcase some different embroidered types by pictures:

1. Common embroidery

Such embroidery, in addition to the embroidery challenge, it is necessary to stop, and its embroidery should be basically in the need.

2. Pick up embroidery

Any place to stick to cloth is needed to have a parking, picking, trim and other steps. Different cloth and color effect are produced at the debris.

不懂就问,电脑绣花机拿到手了可以干嘛?? 高端品质绣花了解一下

3. Sketch embroidery

Sketch embroidery, as the name sustain is like a sketch.

不懂就问,电脑绣花机拿到手了可以干嘛?? 高端品质绣花了解一下

4. Holding a hollow embroidery

不懂就问,电脑绣花机拿到手了可以干嘛?? 高端品质绣花了解一下

The hollow embroidery is also known as a carved embroidery, and a hollow embroidery will appear in the embroidery.

不懂就问,电脑绣花机拿到手了可以干嘛?? 高端品质绣花了解一下

The hollow embroidery sometimes needs a dedicated hollow needle to make a hollow.

The hollow embroidery is sometimes used.

Below this bag is also a hollow embroidery, can you see it?

不懂就问,电脑绣花机拿到手了可以干嘛?? 高端品质绣花了解一下

5. Dick velvet

The cut velvet is a plush effect produced by the cutting of the machine after repeated embroidery of the machine, with a different kind of stereo.

6. Lace embroidery

Lace embroidery, generally wash away the water-soluble lining directly on the water-solving line, and the effect of lace is presented.

The embroidery works of the water solo with the fabric can also be possible.

7. Stereo embroidery

Steadily embroidery needs to be embroidered several times, and it is also used to use water-soluble lines, more operational steps, but the finished product is too beautiful.

8. Cross stitch

Cross line trace formation formed by embroidery.

9. Ribbon texture embroidery

不懂就问,电脑绣花机拿到手了可以干嘛?? 高端品质绣花了解一下

With dedicated embroidery frame accessories, the ribbon overlapping embroidery will be more convenient.

不懂就问,电脑绣花机拿到手了可以干嘛?? 高端品质绣花了解一下

10. Croche embroidery and chain needle embroidery

不懂就问,电脑绣花机拿到手了可以干嘛?? 高端品质绣花了解一下

The hook embroidery is generally applied directly to the water-solved liner, then washing off the water in water, producing a knitting effect similar to the crochet.

The chain needle is embroidered, and the embroidery must not be embroidered directly on the water, and must be embroidered on the fabric.

11. Yarn challenge

12. Word stitch

不懂就问,电脑绣花机拿到手了可以干嘛?? 高端品质绣花了解一下

Have so many beautiful embroidered works, are you somewhat?

不懂就问,电脑绣花机拿到手了可以干嘛?? 高端品质绣花了解一下

With a computer embroidery machine, you can create a unique personality embroidery!

不懂就问,电脑绣花机拿到手了可以干嘛?? 高端品质绣花了解一下

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