Do not touch the young man’s hand accounts, break something you can not pay


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Contemporary consumer attitudes of young people is worth repeated study.

They can spend a commuter solved, ten to fill his stomach, thirty cup of tea, after three bills to buy a new lipstick color number, spent one thousand to buy a hand books, records a beautiful day.

Yes, when you are still arguing ten dollars for the cost of the book, a lot of young people are waved his hand, does not blink to buy thousands of dollars “Tyrant this.” Taobao, a number nearly a thousand dollars because the price of the book and did not try to restrain him PDA player, on the contrary, most of them praised the book feel, style, design, price does not seem a problem.

Of course, for most PDA er, a few dozen books into the hands of dozens of pieces or preferred, but those looks, “then there is no face child.”

And “there are children face,” the PDA look like it?

Figure source “PDA” microblogging over words

These are gorgeous PDA PDA er have to decorate the beautiful book, spend big money buying tape, stickers, books, clothing, pads, crayons, ink, stamps and much more credit. And a roll of tape, a version of the stickers as little as a few hundred to more than a lot of players have a whole drawer of stock.

Figure Little Red Book Source

Rough math is not difficult to know, this is a huge number.

In simple terms, PDA is the “high version” diary, but the text is no longer the main theme, is to seize the limelight of those valuable “parts” who, together they create a player full of memories, depicting the see memorandum thought.

Despite the burn, there are more and more young people are afraid of “money” risks, Pit went alone. Has 435,000 fans in microblogging ultra words, live here vlog players will shoot out of the box for the new arrival of PDA, PDA will make tutorial services in novice white, will share their experience to produce their own hand account of .


But also because there are not afraid to burn these players, PDA brand Hobonichi parent company in Japan as early as 2017, Japan landed on GEM JASDAQ.


After all, valuable PDA fun in the end where? Young people prefer to live frugally Why should spend money and time making PDA? PDA and gave their lives to bring what kind of change?


We interviewed several traffic park PDA er, some of them for many years into the pit, still warm; some freshness into the pit, still groping; some rushed to withdraw, but the memories forever, but also from their experience He revealed the reasons for PDA in the younger age groups burst of fire.

Four years for the love of power generation PDA let me break ring

After 90 up primary “Rain sister to refuel,” office worker

When the pit length: six years

Qiazhiyisuan, into the pit for six years, I spent a five-digit number on the PDA at least.

But I am not ring hand account of “rich woman”, but the willing “for the love of money” work.

Remember that would pit the newly recruited university, hand books 60 I do not willing to buy, in the past few years, I’ve started buying the book value of some of the two or three hundred.

Not rising prices or promotions rich woman, I have still more reason simply does not know what else there is such a good hand so expensive books. The more we understand, the more able to understand the value of a product, the more willing to spend this money.

The final destination is to break the circle circle, PDA circle is no exception.

And to me the biggest circle is broken, into the pit of the third year, I’m from an ordinary PDA er into a PDA up a B master station.

At that time, I had just finished seventh this Starchaser PDA, PDA gradually mastered some skills, I took his hand account experience to share out. More fortunate, posting the second video I gained the playback volume 41000, watching full screen barrage and thousands of comments, I instantly realized the PDA and up Lord brought me double the fun, do not know sleep room, stick to four years.

Four years, while I make a video for fans to share dry, while continuing to do all kinds of PDA, up to now, I have done different categories, including chasing, arts, reading notes, travel diary of about two dozen, getting started, getting on top.

However, my “parents” also had a predilection for children – Tour PDA line to Shanghai last year, I was out of the three video for it, were talking about the production methods of tourism PDA, as well as their own share of tourism PDA plus vlog fragment. In order to give myself precious memories, I spent two weeks making hand accounts, and spent two days video clips. Although hard, but watch those videos back at any time, there will be immersive feel.

Screenshot source of B pictures sister station to refuel @ Rain


Fortunately, such a huge project is not often, after all, I just up the main part, the PDA track itself is a very narrow track, difficult to commercialize, to do basically relying on power generation PDA up to love the Lord . And even if it can not be far, “Baida” were compared, but the Buddha lines such as I, and is pretty happy and comfortable.

It does PDA up the Lord’s four years, during the day I am still the busy work social animal, but in the night, there is always twelve hours is exclusively for my use PDA to record, share, time to plan life, and therefore during that time the dead of night becomes particularly exciting.

“After reading 65 books a year, driven by a friend of my hand account common reading

90 watercress er “list fart” returnees workers

When the pit length: five years

2020 full year, in reading PDA’s “urging,” I read 65 books, five years ago, started going to the pit, this figure is still only 13.

Like many others, I’m into the pit PDA opportunity is afraid to forget, do not want to passively “Burn After Reading,” I do not want to spend the time but nothing left.

At first, I was just doing some routine records, the hero’s name, the story framework and words excerpt. But then, I was studying abroad, beautiful sticker tape almost hard to get, so I finished the whole PDA thanks to two colors black and red pens, which also makes my hand accounts become more “atypical pneumonia type”.

Later, students of the art professional accomplishment I knew it to be converted into book illustrations drawn kernel, and then do some design sense of the layout based on the content of the book, now also gradually have their own style of the original PDA.

Figure source watercress list fart @

But the content is always higher than the form, as long as the PDA can help you, then it makes sense.

What I think makes sense is that some of my friends saw me reading PDA to share, and I began to read together, do reading PDA, to feel like they did something.

In fact, modern man always says he’s busy, no time to read, but 95% of the free time is filled with electronic equipment, so in fact there is always time to squeeze in.

Not just reading, in fact, if any habit is difficult to adhere to, might be a schedule PDA.

Up to now, to me, more like reading and PDA batteries relationship to each other,

Because I like to read, so I go writers account, but also because he wanted to hand accounts, so look forward to reading.


Next, I intend to open a video Knut force account, put my hand accounts of these reading Tips and tricks Amway to more people.

“Sufficiently compelling PDA is the key I loved the beans flop

After 85 Starchaser girls, “Moon” Math Teacher

Long into the pit: two months

All in all, I like a PDA and a lover of 419, after satisfy their curiosity I withdraw it completely.

Since childhood passion for hand, let me teach mathematics for drawing Shoudaoqinlai, two years ago, so when I saw this hand account of new things immediately to the interest, but have not been contacted. If it were not that Starchaser sisters and 24 other similar white water rafting this sent love beans, I might just as it was a beauty, a distance not fondle.

Light write boring, since it would do well do see, do suction eye, and PDA form is the first choice, so floating in the book to me two weeks ago, I started to prepare.


The first step, I look at the B station, the little red book, microblogging platforms such as PDA bloggers a lot of tutorials, I learned from them that some of the production methods PDA authorities, and ins-style layout skills, but most of flashy and expensive tools range and snore. So the second step, I spent 20 to buy some necessary tapes and stickers, decided to create their own.


Versailles to say that I do have more talent, I try to do a hand account on the “qualified” and that this paste into the book value of the 80.

Microprinting few pictures love beans, coupled with my shot back view of the concert organ made of PDA, let the 7-year-old daughter, add some of her pictures and text whatever, I rushed this hand account white book will drift to the next one person.


Two months later, drifting this love beans arrived in the company, and I am surprised that, not only love bean shoot video with this drift, also praised a particularly prominent part I made during that 7-minute video in my part accounting for nearly two minutes, I was so excited that night more than two points are still pounding heartbeat.

The picture shows the moon’s love beans read her PDA part

But after the excitement, but I did not touch those who bought the tape stickers,


For me, it’s cumbersome than the degree gives me pleasure to be more, but I also love beans closer to a way to meet three minutes of the heat is enough

“This girl loves dress Sankeng not start posting pit

After 00 “strawberry” freshman

When the pit length: 7 days

After seeing roommate did pretty delicate hand account, I flame to “dress up” is rapidly ignited.

Very early on, from the king of glory hero skin, warm miracle dress jewelry, to become JK, Han Chinese clothing, Lolita Sankeng girl, I’d rather eat hot pot meal, drink a cup of tea, you should also spend money on ” dress “, the PDA is no exception.


Went ahead, after the decision to hand accounts into the pit, I spent a whole afternoon to see bloggers share of PDA, but also different categories will be a good purchase program.

But open Taobao shopping for a lap down I found,

Each piece of material, my! All! think! Buy!

In store publicity, I found hand books can be divided into squares models, models lined, blank money, easy to locate this box, lined convenience of this writing, this is conducive to the blank tiles, each have their own good. Tape divided into line bleeding, pet tape, paper tape and the like, nor the specific use of the same. Not to mention the other sticker, notes, brushes and other tools of.


Although they each have their own good-looking, but I’m still abstinence only bought more than 100 pieces of material. After expectantly waited for three days, at the moment open the box, but suddenly there was a sense of restlessness filled my whole body.

I admit, before this very moment, I still fantasize about doing up the main movers and shakers PDA or PDA to become the god for the white are answering questions, but one second later, I began to worry about the day was there most of the day off to do this manually in the dorm, or “meal operate fierce as a tiger, only to record the value of two-five cents,” it seems more harm than good.

And after trying to do a PDA record day, looking at those “ugly things”, I also found his guess right: For the PDA, I have neither the patience, time-consuming and too lazy, not at this material.

Finally, I gave these materials roommate, leaving only the value of 30 of the book, considered a PDA pit left me only want to read it.


Figure source watercress list fart @