Spring white sweater how to look up


How does spring white sweater look good? Sweats are now more and more popular, it is convenient to wear, and it is easy to match, giving people a feeling of leisurely. So how do you look good in spring white sweaters? Let’s learn a set of stylish white sweater to take a demonstration.

LOOK1 White Sweater + Black Sharks / Gray Sports Wide Pants

There will be a white sweater in the wardrobe of the sisters. How is the black and white gray base color of this group wore a mistake, the coat is a white hooded sweater, the chest is a simple black letter pattern, the lower body selection is a black shark pants black gray Sports wide leg pants, how to wear it will not be wrong, you can go out with a set.

LOOK2 White Hood Sweater + Black Leather Short Skirt + Canvas Shoes


This is high, the upper is a simple style white hooded sweater, the color is very milk, and the black skin short skirt is mixed. Over stockings and chessboards.

LOOK3 white style sweater + black tight leggings + shoes


Sweater is very suitable for spring and autumn out of the street, wild casual, meatball head high horsetail freely switch is a sweet girl. White loose letter pattern hooded sweater, with black tight leggings and white sneakers, very casual wear, high horsetail showing exquisite five senses, this look of love,


LOOK4 white hooded sweater + beige pleated short skirt


The milk in the milk is in the white moon wearing: this youthful Korean little sister is mixed, the top chooses a white hooded sweater, a very clean color, the lower body chooses to match a piece of a piece of pleated small skirt.


LOOK5 white sweater + inside red plaid shirt + black Martin boots


This handsome big legs wear: top is a white sweater, a red plaid shirt. The lower body wear a very short riding pants, but it was a might of the disappearance, and the black Martin boots wore a black Martin boots quietly.


LOOK6 white sweater + black and white plaid pants

This Korean small sister is wearing, the upper is a simple white sweater, the simple style is very clean, the lower body is mixed with plaid pants, this simple wear, wear extra comfort, sisters sweaters Choosing some feelings will feel more.

LOOK7 white hooded sweater + purple dress

Xin wearing a very fresh and fashionable, dressing white hooded sweater, or zipper design, wearing a fashion dress, wearing a purple skirt, showing the body curve and charm, and having a sexy atmosphere.

LOOK8 white sweater + water wash blue cowboy straight pants + black Martin boots

This white sweater pattern is simple, not monotonous, the cotton material is comfortable, the color is also very spring, and the blue straight high waist jeans and black Martin boots are selected. The whole is full of cool.

LOOK9 light gray white sweater + gray sports pants + white sports shoes

Han Taiwanese woman wearing: This color is really not too much, light gray white sweater with gray sportswear, feet wear white sports shoes, really like it, a set of colors special coordination, very casual and Especially Korean INS women’s tastes, super fit for girls in spring and autumn.

LOOK10 m white sweater + rice white short paragraph + black letter stockings

Letter black silk easy to wear light European and American wind: Top is rice white sweater with colored shorts, underwear plus velvet is very comfortable, color grandmother color super white, legs with Paris family black letter stockings, slimming It is also possible to wear a variety of boots, it is a senior feel.


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