Itukkc women’s popular Korea to create a fresh natural fan


Friends who like Korean clothing will not be strange to iTukkc, as classic brands in Korean, their cute, casual, natural style leads today’s Korean fashion trend. A few days ago, this brand in Korea’s household in China was stationed in China, and a “Han Flow” industry has begun.

Create a Korean girl fresh nature fan

Korean girls on TV screens are always beautiful, like water, and many domestic women are not convinced, think this is the efficacy of South Korea’s national quintessence -. I don’t know if the cylindrock is on the one hand, the Korean natural fan dress is also a key to giving Korean women’s freshness and refreshing temperament. Itukkc is a representative, since the creation of the brand, is loved by Korean youth girls. The girls who have traveled the streets of South Korea and “the one is Itukkc” is quite common.

The classic of Itukkc is to use the advantages of popular elements to the benefits, the precision of color and patterns, and the destruction of colored cuts and wonderful creative designs, allowing women to comprehensively present their youth, energetic, fashionable and dynamic personality and temperament. Elegant, elegant, is the best portrayal of Itukkc mapping in women.

Leisure and comfortable walking from various occasions

Itukkc’s major consumer groups are located at 22-and 40-year-old fashion urban women, cotton, hemp, all wool and other natural fabrics, and the latest high-tech fabrics such as the two fibers, spandex, Laika with high-grade copper, aluminum alloy accessories to make ITUKKC Not only wearing beautiful, but also wearing comfortable, collecting leisure, dating, work, work, making women at any time, anywhere can be paid, showing the most classic, dynamic side.

Fashion women, love life, love, love shopping, love party: Itukkc women’s clothing, floral, tassels, rivets, fresh and fashionable, feminine. Comprehensive integration of international fashion elements, iTUKKC makes women at their own lives, enjoy life, feel freedom. “You are beautiful”, this is the promise of Itukkc.

Domestic women love itukkc

Since Itukkc enters China, it has become a representative brand of “Hanfeng” in China. It is undeniable that it is the unique design and ideas of Itukkc, and the effects of classic fabrics are always more beautiful than many domestic costumes. Itukkc is always known as the most soft, most natural way to show the most perfect side of women.

In a nearest market survey, we found that ITUKKC has a good review rate of China’s women’s market as high as 97.3%, and many iTUKKC faithful users represent itukkc “natural fresh”, “wearing comfortable, leisure”, “enhance the color value”.

Coincidentally, iTukkc is not just in Korea, China is quite hot, and it is very popular among Japan. “The popularity of Itukkc is inevitable, it is fresh and not Zhang Yang, naturally, is beautiful, it is a fairly excellent in Korean women’s clothing”, and an industry is said so.