Too a little care! Qingdao women bought bulk Alps in Duhui Fresh Supermarket and opened a piece of stunning: more than 100 ants


Too a little care! Qingdao women bought bulk Alps in Duhui Fresh Supermarket and opened a piece of stunning: more than 100 ants

Ms. Yang in the West Coast New Area of ​​Qingdao bought some Alps in the supermarket and did not expect that “high protein” was hidden in the candy

Ms. Yang: This is the Alps buying in the supermarket. In the packaging, more than a hundred ants are wrapped on it. If you eat it, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Although this piece of sugar is somewhat reduced, the countless ants wreckage wrapped on the candy can still be clearly visible. At first glance, people goose bumps. Ms. Yang said that the sugar was in early April this year. The bulk Alps she purchased in the nearby supermarket occasionally opened it and found this.

Ms. Yang: A magnifying ants, all obvious ants, all bond this sugar together, it is impossible to be an ant after opening. Yes, it crawls on it.

Ms. Yang said that when she opened the packaging of this piece of sugar at that time, she found that the ant was wrapped in sugar. This bag of Alps was currently discovered this piece of ants.

Actionmen found that the packaging bag reads extraordinary Emperor Meiller Candy (China) Co., Ltd., the address is Shanghai Minhang Economic and Technological Development Zone. There is no obvious difference from sugar outsourcing to the candy inside.

Ms. Yang: Sugar is genuine. This is the regular supermarket. This is the code in that supermarket. The supermarket itself also admits that it was bought there.

Sugar is genuine sugar, and it is also bought from a regular supermarket, but there is an ant before the sealing of the sugar, and the operator cannot make a judgment.

Ms. Yang said that he found that Ant queen found the supermarket immediately in the sugar.

Ms. Yang: I also admit that they have always been in a good attitude to the supermarket. They also charged us 1,000 yuan in the members and helped us contact the manufacturer. He said several times to communicate with me. I sent sugar over and gave me 500 yuan. I didn’t agree. I asked for a physical examination, and they did not agree.

Ms. Yang said that at that time, the buying Alps was because the big brand was worth assured. Now that the ants were found in sugar, such a big problem occurred, the producer should give her an explanation.

Ms. Yang’s daughter -in -law: He also said that he would not come to deal with it, and he felt that he did not put their brand in his heart.

Ms. Yang: There are so many ants appearing in sugar, but they can imagine their production environment at that time. I don’t want them to compensate, I hope that this matter will attract the attention of their manufacturers and improve their production environment.

Is there an ant with an ant before the sugar? Is the supermarket that entered from regular manufacturers?

Later. Action operators came to Ms. Yang to buy sugar supermarkets at the time -Duhui Fresh Supermarket.

Supermarket staff: I bought it with us. Our side has been coordinated and has been compensated. It must be genuine sugar. We supply normally, because we should not see it with packaging. It is impossible for us to open it for every piece of sugar, so it doesn’t make sense to come to us again. If you want to find it, find the manufacturer. When he produces, he produces the sugar with ants. The situation has been removed, and we immediately got off the shelves.

Subsequently, supermarket staff took out the food production license of Alps. The staff said that they are all sugar from regular channels. The supermarket has made compensation. Now the problem should consult the manufacturer. Is there a problem with the production session in the Alps that Ms. Yang purchased in the Alps? Animalist contacted the Emperor Fanmeler Candy (China) Co., Ltd.

Emperor Fanfanmeler Candy (China) Co., Ltd. staff: If there is no real thing, it is also difficult for our company to conduct a comprehensive investigation. It is also difficult for us to tell which links in the end. When the production is available at the end, it is necessary to experience a lot of links, including warehousing after leaving the factory, and even the process of selling some sales to the end. These processes may cause this situation.

The staff said that they have strict quality control in the production link. Since the company has not received the real thing, it is not possible to make a problem in which link in the judgment of sugar. As for the current feedback of consumers, the company is also actively coordinated.

The staff of the Emperor Fanmeler Candy (China) Co., Ltd.: At that time, it was also arranged for the first time. The corresponding staff met her and contacted her. We also gave him a shopping card. We also wanted to help her handle it. It has been complained to the local market supervision and administration bureau, and we will also actively cooperate with the market supervision and administration bureau.

Subsequently, the operator contacted the Yangtze River Road Market Supervision and Management Office of the West Coast New Area.

西海岸新区长江路市场监督管理所工作人员:她这个投诉我们前期处理过,双方已经协商解决了,当时我们看超市里面供货商的资质都很全,包括供货商的食品经营许可证,供There are all the test reports. If you look at the outsourcing packaging, you can’t see the contents inside. The supermarket party has fulfilled the obligations of the purchase inspection. The amount in her hand may not meet the detection standard, and it is recommended that she go to the country’s 12315 complaints.

At noon that day, law enforcement officers arrived at the incident’s supermarket and investigated the test report of Alps candy. All indicators were in compliance with national regulations. The problem.

Source: Ai Qingdao APP

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