The contribution rate of agricultural science and technology in our city increases the first domestic apple baggage robot Apple plant protection drone


The contribution rate of agricultural science and technology in our city increases the first domestic apple baggage robot Apple plant protection drone December 29 (YMG All -Media reporter Miao Chunlei Lai Haoyang Photography Report)

At the theme launch of the “Thirteenth Five -Year Plan” achievements held this morning, Sun Mingchuan, a member of the party group and deputy director of the Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau, introduced the question from the reporter. During the “Thirteenth Five -Year Plan” period The instructions of the General Secretary of the Internship, strengthening the research and development and promotion of science and technology, the contribution rate of agricultural science and technology progress has been increased from 62 % to 67 %, which has played an important role in promoting agricultural transformation and upgrading and serving the revitalization of the countryside.

Cultivate and promote new varieties

In terms of grain and oil varieties, 101 crops such as corn, wheat and other crops approved by the city and province have successfully cultivated and promoted a number of high -yield and high -quality varieties such as Denghai 618 and Tobacco farmers. Breaking through the national winter wheat alone record, the current corn variety of Denghai series has promoted a total of 1.3 billion acres of corn varieties, and the cumulative promotion of 800 million acres of wheat varieties in the tobacco farmers series of wheat varieties. In terms of fruit and vegetable varieties, 195 fruits and vegetables such as apples, Chinese cabbage, cucumber, and cucumber have been selected. Among them, the number of apples registered accounts for 50 % of the country. Big cherry varieties account for 80 % of the country.

Innovate and promote new technology

Efforts to build a platform for agricultural science and technology innovation, and have built 4 national scientific research centers such as the National Corn Engineering Technology Center, and 5 provincial engineering technology centers such as the Sweet Potato Demonstration Engineering Technology Research Center of Shandong Province. There are 14 comprehensive testing stations, and are building Shandong Apple ยท Fruit Industry Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jiaodong Peninsula Innovation Center, and national crop regional test stations. Focusing on promoting new technologies and new achievements, a number of major key innovative technologies such as wheat corn balanced and increased production, vegetable collection of intensive grafting seedlings, apple dwarf aggregates, integrated water and fertilizer, physical insect -proof and insecticidal, and meat chicken multi -layer flat nourishment. Apple baggage robots and Apple plant protection drones are the first in China.

Cultivate high -quality farmers

There were 14,346 high -quality farmers, including 666 young farmers, 347 agricultural managers, 121 agricultural leaders, and 3,660 e -commerce, creating a large number of new agricultural business entities, leading the transformation and upgrading of agricultural production in the city. Training grass -roots agricultural technical promotion personnel 3563 people, focusing on training agricultural laws and regulations, policy projects, main push varieties and technology, e -commerce knowledge, etc., comprehensively improve their technical level and business capabilities, and enhance their ability to serve the grassroots and serve farmers. Carry out the activities of science and technology to go to the countryside, hold more than 5,700 training courses in various types. Scientific and technological personnel will guide more than 40,000 people to the countryside, and train farmers to train 1.18 million. Using Yantai Agricultural Information Network, WeChat Group and other media, carefully edit and upload and upload technology information, and respond to farmers’ various consultations in time to effectively solve the “last mile” problem of agricultural science and technology promotion.

In the next step, it will actively promote the construction of agricultural science and technology innovation and service system, improve the ability of agricultural science and technology to develop and transform, and insert the wings of technology for the sustainable and healthy development of the city’s agricultural and rural economy.

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