Full analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of car pads in the past, how to choose a good cushion?


Full analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of car pads in the past, how to choose a good cushion?

China has become the world’s largest automotive market for nine consecutive years, and the automotive market market has also become more prosperous with the increase in sales. After buying a new car, the necessary installation of love cars has become the basic operation of domestic consumers. Car pads, as necessary decorative projects, have also received more attention. Auto foot pads are protected, dust -proof, and anti -slip. After several generations of change, the materials have been evolved from design to materials. What kind of foot pad do you use?

Generally speaking, the evolutionary history of automobile foot pads basically follows the laws from the original blanket foot pad to the large surrounding silk leather foot pad. Of course, there are still car pads with integrated injection plastic processes, but it has not yet been popularized.

The original blanket surface pads are rare at present, but there are still many new cars from the factory. This kind of original blanket surface, although the foot feeling is good and quite fit, and the odor is not heavy, but because there is no high side, there is no high side. The protection of waterproofing is slightly worse and easy to get ashes. Therefore, most riders choose to replace them. Later, because the blanket surface was not easy to take care of the characteristics, manufacturers would choose to give a rubber foot pad, which is mainly based on latex materials. It can be washed directly, easy to take care, and it is very dedicated to the special car. The area is limited and it is prone to displacement.

Around 2005, a car decoration was driven by a taxi, which was paving the whole car glue, which was commonly known as the ground gum. At that time, many 4S shop decoration departments had such decorative projects. Must, propaganda, is almost impeccable, completely waterproof, and even can even improve the sound insulation performance of the chassis.

However, as the owners of the paving glue are more and more, the problem is also coming out after a long time of use. And the material is mostly made of PVC polyvinyl chloride, which requires a large amount of adhesive and plasticizer. The odor is very serious. As the use time increases, due to the reasons for disassembling seats, the possibility of abnormal noise of the vehicle may be increased. Once the ground gum is ruptured, it may also be water, which will cause serious odor in the car and all kinds of disadvantages. The disappearance of glue, at present, almost no owner has chosen the vehicle to spread the ground glue.

Around 2008, the silk ring pads gradually emerged, and it was also made of PVC polyvinyl chloride material. The cost is not high. This silk circle structure can scrape the soles of the soles of the feet into the silk ring pad, and it is not dirty. It is not dirty. However, because of this, the silk ring pads are very difficult to take care of it. The dust stains hidden in the silk circle are difficult to remove, so the possibility of breeding bacteria is also greater. However, there are advantages and disadvantages. The silk ring pad can maintain a long degree of flatness, non -slip resistance, and the practicality is quite good.

Later, the rise of the surrounding leather foot pads can be said to replace the function of most paving glue, and at the same time inherited some of the advantages of the entire vehicle glue. Disasuring the seats, basically it is dedicated to special cars, and the fit is very high. Of course, the disadvantages are relatively obvious. After a period of use, it is easy to damage, deform, and decline in fit. If the raised place is just under the brake or throttle pedal, it will easily affect driving safety.

Based on the large surrounding pure leather foot pads, the large surrounding silk leather mix and matching foot pads have also gradually come out. This kind of foot pad combines the advantages of silk ring pads and large encirclement foot pads, but generally this foot pad is relatively thick, occupying a certain amount of certainty, and it has occupied a certain amount of certainty. The interior space of the car increases the height of the floor, and the level of process is relatively high, and the price is not cheap. However, because there are indeed more advantages, this mixing foot pad has become the mainstream today, and the utilization rate is quite high.

Today’s car pads, special cars are not dedicated, the materials for selection are more environmentally friendly, and there are many styles. It also plays a considerable role in improving the texture of the entire vehicle. Do not leave the principle of money and one penny, so which foot pads do you choose now?

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