How to debug the drainage valve of Parkins diesel generator set?


How to debug the drainage valve of Parkins diesel generator set?

Next, our Yunnan Zhenbang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. will introduce you to how to debug the drainage valve of Parkins diesel generator set? Let’s learn together:

How to debug the drainage valve of Parkins diesel generator set? The advantages of Parkins diesel generator sets are great power and good economic performance. The working process of diesel generators has many same central government as the gasoline engine. Each work cycle also experiences four strokes: inhalation, tightening, work, and exhaust. However, the fuel for diesel generators is diesel, which is larger than gasoline and is difficult to evaporate. However, the spontaneous combustion temperature is lower than that of gasoline. The combustible composition of Parkins diesel generator set is different from that of the ignition. The main difference is that the mixed gas in the diesel engine oil is burned, not ignited. When the diesel initiator works, the air is the air. When the air in the oil tank is tightened to the end, the temperature can reach 500-700 ° C and the pressure can reach 40-50 atmospheric pressure.

In winter, the temperature is low, and the generator set is excessive when working. Insulation is the key to using diesel generators in winter. In the northern region, the diesel generator used in winter must set up cold -proof equipment such as thermal insulation cover and insulation curtain, and use the abnormal startup method of water -free start (first start and then add cool water). This approach causes serious damage to the machine and must be stopped. Preheating method: First cover the heat preservation on the water tank, open the water release valve, and inject clean water at 60-70 ° C in the water tank continuously, touch the water flowing out of the water flowing valve with your hands, turn off the water storage valve and inject 90 into the water tank into 90 -100 ° C clean water, shake the crankshaft, appropriately.

There are two types of Parkins diesel generator sets: air ring and gas ring. The role of the former is the gap between the sealing piston and the cylinder to avoid the high temperature and high -pressure gas from the fuel room to escape from the crankshaft box. At the same time, most of the heat on the top of the piston will It is passed to the cylinder wall and cooling medium, and then its role is to remove excess smooth oil on the cylinder wall so far, the piston has returned to the upper end point. A single cylinder four -rushing -out diesel engine completed a working cycle, and the crankshaft rotated two times. In addition, under the actual situation, the time for diesel engines and exhaust valves is not to move up, but to move the piston, but to open the valve before the top point, and the off -point shutdown valve is closed before the lower point at the bottom stop point. Open, turn off after the upper stop point.

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