Aojiahua 7608 Massage Chair Experience: With it, I will never go to the massage shop in the second half of my life anymore


Aojiahua 7608 Massage Chair Experience: With it, I will never go to the massage shop in the second half of my life anymore

Relaxing many white -collar workers is a luxurious vocabulary, let alone spiritual aspects. It is difficult to do physical relaxation alone, especially our self -media work, although on the surface, it looks like flying around the country. However, long -term high -frequency work has gradually made my body unbearable, and often sore body, especially the neck and shoulders. The daily work makes my body exhausted. I only want to get a real Relax time when I go home from get off work.

I usually have a rest time, and I occasionally go to the massage shop for the masseur to open my bones and massage. Every time I feel more comfortable, but the biggest disadvantage of this is not expensive, but to relax and massage at any time.

Of course, there are still some high -frequency of shared massage chairs that appear near cinemas, airports or stations. When I am passing by, if there is a time gap, I will stay and press for ten minutes, but it is still not free enough. Therefore, consider starting one, and when you go home from get off work, you will be very comfortable.

However, when considering buying a massage chair, what I think of not only is comfortable but also have certain requirements, but also requires a certain quality, simple and stylish, and a little bit of technology, but it cannot be escaped. In the past, it was a large machine that was incompatible, which could not only improve the grade of the home, but also felt more cool. This requirement is a bit strict for massage chairs. Jiahua 7608 (Star Chair), in terms of appearance, is simple, quality and slightly full of technology. What exactly does this massage chair experience? Continue in -depth research.

Before buying, I learned that this massage chair has a function called “Intelligent Scientific Science and Technology”. This function attracts me more. The biggest feature point is that it can be based on the size of different people. Massage points (parts that are more prone to fatigue and sore) prediction. A bit of black technology. Unknown! Let me experience it.

After booting, about 10 seconds, the massage head is swimming on the back, as if it is detecting, and finally fix the head and neck to start massage. Whether it is myself or a burly father, I can get a more accurate positioning Essence

Usually because I face the computer for a long time, the whole shoulder minister is very sore after a long time. Aojiahua 7608 has related intelligent detection functions, so for some of the more accurate positioning of some fatigue parts that need to be massaged, my shoulders and necks are not good. I feel that the massage head is very comfortable to massage some of my shoulders. There is a feeling of soreness and swelling,

At the same time, combined with the coordination of airbags and massage heads, the overall massage effect is outstanding. The experience of giving me is that after the airbags are inflated and wrapped in the shoulders, it is like a mature massage master open your shoulders back, massage the head to the shoulder, knead the shoulder and neck sore point, etc., and then radiate from the pain point from the pain point The entire shoulder and neck and back, the massage experience is better.

Official data, Aojiahua 7608 massage track length is 128cm, which means that the upper body above the thigh can be massaged. When sitting down the experience, the hips can be massaged. During the massage process, the waist is a relatively large place in the human body, and the massage head has a top massage. This massage itinerary can almost fit the spine curve and segment key massage including the shoulder, neck, waist, hip, and even thighs. Do it. Go to a comprehensive massage cover! At the same time, as I mentioned above, it can intelligently adjust the width through different human forms.

Going down, the massage experience of the waist and hip parts is also satisfactory. The waist has obvious top waist feelings, and the hips are called hips. Due to the bones of the meat, you can feel the top, rubbing, beating, etc. Different actions, there are no ribs protection on both sides of the waist, the massage is relatively gentle, and the comfort is OK.

For sedentary office clan or text workers, all gravity in the “heavy pressure zone” must be concentrated in the hips.

There are two configurations of the hip massage of Aojiahua 7608, one is to massage the head and massage the hips, and the other is a high -frequency vibration. The vibration makes the hip muscles relax, feels numb, massage the head of various methods, so that the hips can be deepened to get deeper. Massage is a refreshing feeling from the inside to the outside. When massage to the positions of the hips, it may be massage to the fatigue acupoint. There is a sense of sourness that is not wordy, and it can only be said. Everyone has a chance to try.

In terms of operation, the hand control interface is relatively simple, and the design of this subtraction is more recognized.

The hand controller design of the flip cover is relatively concise, and it is some preset procedures. For women, men, and old people, there are different key points, for the shoulders and necks, the waist and hips, the whole body, the whole body, the whole body, and the whole body. relaxed. One -click choice, more worry -free.

When it is turned on, it is a personality setting. During the massage process, we can set the massage, speed, air pressure strength, massage width of the massage head, etc. Massage can be narrowed. The official introduction can adjust the width of 9-20cm. I feel that I feel personalized details in place. You can also choose a massage method by yourself. There are 11 methods to choose from, or you can choose a fixed -point massage for targeted massage.

Usually, I can lie down at home and I feel comfortable lying, but I have two zero -gravity modes in Aojiahua 7608, which is more comfortable than lying. It simulates the weight massage state of the space cabin itself. This feeling is like drifting by itself, relaxed and without pressure. Combined with the wrapping of the body of the massage chair to the body, it has a very secure feeling.

There are airbags on the shoulders, hands, calves, and feet. When massaging, you can choose the air pressure of a certain part alone. For example, if you just want to press your hand, you choose your hand.

There are two airbags on the calf and feet. It can be segmented when working, pinching, and pinching together. When the calf has a convex point, when the calf pressure is strengthened, the convex point of the calf is on the two sides of the calf belly. It seems that the masseur uses his fingers to press the calf belly, the feet airbag, and the feet are completely wrapped in the feet when inflating, and massage the soles of the feet at the same time. The massage on the soles of the feet is more obvious and sour. Similarly, the feet soon became hot.

There is a thick buffer pillow on the head position. I feel too thick to manually take out the pillow core or remove it.

The PU used in the massage chair is very good, which is relatively grade. The PU has a long life and is not easy to damage. And it is easy to clean. Some things like the ash layers in life fall into the formation of sanitary dead ends, and do not have to worry about forming dirt after contacting the body more.

When you choose the material of the massage chair, remember not to choose the leather, because the massage chair will frequently rub you with you. If you use the leather, the price is expensive, wear -resistant and damaged, and the service life is also very short. It is usually about 2-3 years. PU environmental protection leather is a very good choice.

I thought it was a lamp, and the result was a speaker. The speaker said that it was HIFI level, but it felt like the sound quality did not reach HIFI burning ears, but the sound quality was OK for the massage chair.

I thought it was a speaker, but the result was a lamp. This light was a gradient light. The three colors changed slowly. In the daytime, it was almost ignored. It was a bit atmospheric at night without turning on the lights at night.

Today, an excellent massage chair requires not only high value, but also a sense of integration. Being able to versatile different family decoration styles, Aojiahua 7608 adopts high -end matte material and high -end PU environmental protection leather in appearance. The one I bought is a starry sky black. The overall feeling is very low -key luxury, and the quality is good. Of course, the elements of technology must be indispensable. There is also a silver curve design on the side plate of the high -end matte material outside the massage chair. There are atmosphere on both sides of the head and handrails. It can be said that it has become the finishing touch. It also added a sense of technology.

The overall space is not large. Even if it is backward in the actual experience, it is enough to be about 1.5 square meters. I usually put Aojiahua 7608 (Star Chair) in one corner of my study, and it does not take too much space. Looking at the scenery outside the window every day, lying on the massage and relaxing yourself, you can work better.


A smart home product that is too busy every day is very practical for us. Let us relax well in leisure.

If you are also like a crowd who is busy with work and has no time to relax, then this Aojiahua 7608 must be suitable for you to enjoy at home, because basically it is more prone to fatigue and soreness, his massage experience is very good, his massage experience is very good. It is worth starting.

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