A woman with a vision, “Eye Cream” only selects these: HR wrinkle removal, Baiyou dilutes fine lines


A woman with a vision, “Eye Cream” only selects these: HR wrinkle removal, Baiyou dilutes fine lines

The eyes of the eyes are most likely to expose the age of a woman. Whether it is the fine lines of impotence, or the dark circles, bags under the eyes, and tear grooves now, we will instantly enlarge our age. According to surveys, women’s eyes are generally earlier than other parts, so the skin condition of the eyes should be paid attention to after the age of 20. Eye cream should be used earlier. When the water is still moisturizing, the eye cream will start to resist the old age or dilute the dark circles. Let’s take a look at women with sunlight today. What will the eye cream choose!

HR eye cream

The skin care products of Hellena are still very good in telling the truth, especially anti -aging effects. Whether it is ingredients or a large number of experiments, it has proved that the skin improvement is still obvious. Its eye cream contains Yu Ganzi essence, Zamak’s low -temperature zinc alloy and other ingredients. It has its own unique composition composition, rather than choosing some popular anti -aging components with the waves.

It can relieve eye fatigue, the skin around the eyes, and let the eyes be shiny. And it can lightly dilute the small fine lines around the eyes, dilute dark circles, etc. It is a comprehensive eye cream.

The texture of the eye cream is relatively thin, and its texture is between milk and curry. It can be pushed away with lightly, it is very moisturizing and absorbed, and it is not greasy at all.

What’s more important is that her moisturizing performance is better. The most satisfactory eye cream is that it adds the design of the massage head and combines the structure of the human body, so it can massage well. If you insist on using it, you will find that the small fine lines around your eyes are really faded. Wrinkle removal and consider moisturizing and nourishing. Generally, there is no shortcoming except for expensive.

Lancome Eye Cream

This eye cream is claimed to stay up late, and Lancome’s products, in addition to the pure series of anti -aging, the black bottle series is generally more suitable for women between 25 and 35 years old, because anti -aging is not very strong, this eye cream is faded down The effect of dark circles is better.

The ingredients are added to the ingredients such as polyol, hydrolyzed wheat protein, amino acids, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients, so it can play a good role in hydrating and moisturizing. At the same time, it also adds a lot of nutrients, so in addition to hydrating and moisturizing, dark circles can be modified.

The paste is a bit similar to frost, but when it is painted on the face, it will quickly become curry -like, very delicate, with a light and fragrant fragrance when applying it on the eyes. It feels good. It is recommended to match the massage method when using it. When you get up the next morning, you will find that the eyes are obviously improved, and the eyes are a bit watery.

Shiseido Baiyou Cream

As an old net red Shushengtang, there are also a lot of cost -effective brands. Although Baiyou Cream is not cheap, the name is also a proper name. He mainly improves various problems around the contour around the eye, allowing the skin around the eye to reproduce the vitality, and it is more obvious for some small fine lines and small dry patterns on the eyes.

It is rich in yeast fermented iconic solution filtrate, which can improve skin performance well. At the same time, it contains vitamin induction and Asian plant brown tea essence, which can tighten the skin around the eye. This can also be seen that Baiyou Cream is known for its ingredients or use effects.

The paste is more delicate and the ductility is great. You don’t need to be able to apply your eyes without special. The dosage is very savvy. There are no need to worry about rubbing mud, let alone fat particles. Applying it on the skin, there is a sense of moisturizing wrapped in an instant. With massage techniques, insisting on using the small fine lines around the eye, the skin around the eyes becomes very shiny.

Billes Eye Cream

In the past two years, Iris water milk has also been at the forefront of net red skin care products, and the effect of eye cream is also very sought after. The core component in the eye cream is the retinol. This ingredients are more popular compared to some of the above exclusive features, so there is no need to talk about the effects, which can play a good effect of anti -wrinkle.

At the same time, it also adds some antioxidant components, such as white pond flower seed oil, so it is also good for women in their 20s. The texture of this eye cream is very moist. After coating, it will feel that the skin becomes very oily, but it is not greasy. Among the cost -effective rankings, the eye cream of Irisol is still very suitable for Moonlight or girls with insufficient budgets.

The skin around the eye is the most vulnerable skin in our face, and the usual care must be in place. If the eye care is not in place, how tight the noodles are nursing, it will also affect the overall visual effect, and it looks older. So these eye creams will use the eye creams, have you arranged?

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