HONDA new BF115/BF150 ship outside Honor is listed


HONDA new BF115/BF150 ship outside Honor is listed

In March 2022, Honda’s new BF115/BF150 ship outside the Electronic Control System (DBW) was launched!

The new BF115/BF150 ship is used with dynamic streamlined shapes with dynamic streamlines, a more beautiful appearance design, highlighting the precise details of quality, inheriting the excellent characteristics of Honda ships, high quality, low fuel consumption, reliable and environmental friendliness Essence

The biggest highlight of it is that it is equipped with an electronic control system (DBW). A remote control rod can control up to 4 ships at most, making the operation more convenient, and bringing a comfortable and happy driving experience to users. At the same time, the communication lines are set to the Honda CAN line and the NMEA 2000 line, which greatly improves the reliability of the ship’s outside and ensure sailing safety.

In addition, what are the advantages of HONDA’s new BF115/BF150 ship outside?

Motor and ship’s engine technology complement each other: The HONDA 2.4 -liter engine equipped with the new BF115/BF150 ship is based on the global ACCORD (Accord) engine, which achieves strong performance and height reliability.

Fuel economy: the new BF115/BF150 ship has three large fuel-saving technologies: programming fuel injection system (PGM-Fi), variable valve air time time with the time of valve lift electron control system (VTEC), fuel efficiency mode (ECOMO mode (ECOMO) To. While ensuring the quality and experience of the product, improve the fuel economy and reliability, and excellent fuel -saving performance, so that you can easily cope with various navigation needs.

Maintenance convenience: The optimal design structure of the new BF115/BF150 outsourced aircraft makes it easier for maintenance to maintain the work area. The maintenance time of consumables such as spark plugs, sacrifice anode, and high -pressure oil pump filter elements has been greatly shortened.

Increase torque during low -speed operation of the engine: Optimize the fuel supply and ignition when the engine is optimized by ECU to increase the torque. This Honda unique technology has significantly enhanced acceleration performance.

Powerful charging performance: The use of large -capacity AC generators to achieve excellent charging performance with horsepower levels, can provide 40 ampere battery charging capabilities, and meet the needs of a variety of electricity equipment.

Improve anticorrosiveness: further optimize surface treatment technology, while improving bolt hardness and corrosion resistance. Specifies have significantly enhanced acceleration performance.

NMEA 2000 protocol: It can use a variety of shipping electronic devices compatible with NMEA to display engine information to open a brand new world for our water travel.

Since the first ship’s GB30 was put into the market in 1964, the advent of BF115/BF150 in 2022, after nearly 60 years, the Honda ship outside has always set out from the perspective of the user to integrate every key point that users pay attention to into them into their own. During the research and development, continuous continuation and technological innovation, just to explore the more exciting water world!

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