Supermodel AA wears a black navel dress, a split skirt is elegant and agile, and high -waisted skirts wear a perfect proportion


Although the supermodel Alexandra Ambrumu is not very good, her temperament and high value are recognized, and her clothes are also biased towards a relatively simple style.

The classic black dresses can always play a lot of tricks. AA’s interpretation of black skirts is also in place.

The elegant and smart split skirt and the exposed navel tailoring showed the slender waist, and the walking room was bright and advanced.

The hollowed out -cut skirt reveals the waist curve, with a split skirt to make the slender and slender legs show, paired with a western -style hat, and black boots. The overall shape looks neat and simple.

The high -waist skirt perfectly increases the proportion of the body, and it looks very high visually.

AA’s height is not a particularly outstanding type, but her slender limbs and control over their figure are in place.

Light silk fabrics, with an elegant fashionable atmosphere, a smart and beautiful feeling is quite impatient?

Although black is versatile, it is also important in the choice of fabrics and versions. AA can also show an excellent aura while putting on a split long skirt.

The cut -out cutout design has a looming beauty. With a pair of boots, it adds a little handsome style.

AA’s dresses are also very eye -catching. Black lace highlights femininity, looming lace flowers, as well as exposed waist tailoring, outline her sloppy waist. Ambro -long is obviously more suitable for her than her gorgeous puff dress, which is obviously more suitable for her, while showing her supermodel gas field.


Wearing a shining crushed drill dress, it looks gorgeous and noble, walking and flashing, with some mirroring gorgeous atmosphere. The elegant chiffon skirt on the right, light up the noble goddess fan with Barbie powder,


The split design of the shoulder tailoring and the skirt not only shows her arms, but also makes the slender legs perfectly displayed.

Recently, the red skirt shape of AA participating in the event is a relatively three -dimensional tailoring. The shape of the combination of sequins and red satin looks noble and elegant. The sequins and retro satin are matched, like roses -like skirts, showing an excellent figure curve.


In fact, the beauty of AA is a very sunny and vibrant feeling. The defect of her figure is that the waist is relatively long. The classic black and white match is very advanced.


The retro goddess Fan’er golden tube top skirt, with a woolen coat, shone a noble feeling. The slender collarbone and small V face make the charm of AA perfectly emit.


The supermodel AA wears a black navel dress, the split skirt is elegant and agile, and the high -waisted skirt wears the perfect proportion. Do you think her black skirt looks good?