Recommendation of super strong water supplement whitening cream: Remove the effect of yellow qi and achieve the effect of uniform bright skin tone


Recommendation of super strong water supplement whitening cream: Remove the effect of yellow qi and achieve the effect of uniform bright skin tone

Recommendation of super strong water supplement whitening cream: Remove the effect of yellow qi to achieve the effect of uniform bright skin tone ~

Affordable grassy white cream

A creamy product that enhances skin moisturizing and moisturizing, while assisting in whiteness and enhancement of skin transparency. The core ingredients used are the essence of the brand star Hongjingtian, assisting the wisdom to bless black technology. The red view component wrapped in a microcarbon has better penetrating skin effects, which can ensure the active ingredients for a long time of antioxidant activity, and play longer antioxidant skin care effects in the skin.

The black suppression technology accurately directly strikes color sinking, fades internal inhibitory, and prevents the skin from becoming black. In addition, multiple plant extracts are added to provide moisturizing, repel -redeem the effect of yellow qi, and achieve the effect of uniform bright skin tone.

This cream is a thick milk texture, which is fine and moisturized. After use, the surface layer has a slight oil, which can better meet the dry skin needs. On the basis of antioxidant, the cream fades the melanin in the skin, and the whitening effect may not be obvious in the short term. But for a period of time, the skin’s skin feel will gradually improve.

Hei Sili Black Rose Cream

This cream has a significant role in comprehensively improving the skin state and reproducing the natural health of the skin. The active effects are triple roses, which have improved effects on skin texture, hydration, and gloss.

In addition, add VE ingredients to enhance the moisturizing antioxidant effect of cream. The texture of the cream belongs to a relatively light type, which is strong on the skin and is very easy to absorb.

After use, the skin has a faint sense of water, medium moisturizing power, is more suitable for mixing, and the use of neutral skin. The cream continues to use it for a period of time, and it can obviously feel that the skin’s dullness has been improved. For cream products with more prominent antioxidant effects, you can try this bottle.

Snowflake Show Elastic Cream

If the skin becomes dry, the skin will accumulate virtual fire, and the skin will naturally grow the pores in order to release the fire. And this phenomenon continues, it will make the skin feel puffy, and the facial contour will change. The Snowflake Show’s Ziyin series effectively improves skin dryness and helps the skin eliminate virtual fires, and the elastic cream is among them.

Nourishing Yin Dan and Ziyin Nongyin Dan, which contain the phenomenon of drying, also have plant components such as pomegranate, filial picia, Angelica, Sichuan arow, ginkgo leaves such as pomegranate, and firming the skin. The shiny pure white noodles drop quickly and continue to strengthen the elasticity inside and outside the skin.

Huayu Ji Rose Cream

It is said that a bottle of Huayu collection of rose cream is equivalent to five effects of lotion, lotion, beauty liquid, mask, and cream. This Huayu Ji Rose Cream has a super hydrating ability, which allows our skin to bloom from the inside out.

The “flower water steam injection method” makes “rose seeds containing” rose seeds “. It also contains Malaysian rose essential oil, which can whiten, hydrate, brighten the skin color, and moisturize the skin, but it is not greasy at all. Let our skin have the touch of moisturizing Q bombs anyway, and exudes the tender and fair water from the inside out.

Its taste is a refreshing rose fragrance,

The face is very moisturizing, and it is very refreshing and smooth moisturizing. The effect is very good. It can also be breathable to apply skin at night.

, The next day will find the skin moisturizing,

It took a while to see the skin a lot of it with the naked eye. Now I dare to go out, and I feel very confident that I can become the boy of that boy.

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