GAC Honda Lingpai fuel version discounts of 23,000, but the popular configuration is only a hybrid version of the car existing car


Recently, there are still a lot of friends who have been married. In addition to silently preparing red envelope items for them, they do the most to accompany them to choose a suitable car as a family who lives after marriage. Recently, a friend who grew up in Guangzhou also chose to enter the siege of marriage. When he grew up in Guangzhou, he could see GAC Honda, who was able to see the streets on the street when he was a child. His goal was a compact family sedan of GAC Honda. “Practical save money!” This is his simple demand. According to his thoughts, I recommend this car for GAC Honda Lingpai without doubt. After looking at the photo, he expressed his satisfaction, and now he took me to the 4S shop in GAC Honda to see the car.

Although the sales of GAC Honda were slightly cold after seeing the slippers on my friends’ feet, after some understanding, we still have a general understanding of the terminal market of GAC Honda Lingpai in Central China.


At present, GAC Honda Lingpai’s models are divided into two types: fuel version and hybrid version. The fuel version is the 2019 model, with a total of five configurations. The official guidance price is 99,800 to 139,800 yuan. The model has a total of four configurations, and the official guidance price is 139,800 to 169,800 yuan. From the sales port, we learned that the current fuel version of the model is 23,000 yuan, while the preferential rate of hybrid models is 17,000 yuan. After the discount, the terminal price range of the fuel version is 76,800 to 116,800, while the hybrid version is 122,800 to 13,800 yuan. Although it is a 2019 model, the fuel version of the fuel version still looks higher.


Sales indicate that the current gifts for car purchase are film, foot pads, reserve box pads and steering wheels, which are called “four -piece set”. When we further ask if we do not want these gifts to be cheaper, we get a very firm negation of sales. However, sales also said that the discount currently given can be lifted in full, and only 500 yuan will be spent on the store.


However, if there is a need for funds to buy a car, the sales said that it can currently provide a loan with a maximum of 60 years, with an annual interest rate of 4 %. The current financial policy we know is basically the same. When we ask if there is a subsidy for replacement, the sales notifying the GAC Honda Lingpai this car has no subsidy at present, but when we phone inquire about another 4S shop, we have a different answer. Brands provide a 3,000 yuan replacement subsidy, but the condition is to buy insurance in the store. What is more cost -effective? The car buyers need to choose according to their actual situation.

The current car sales indicate that the current car is not sufficient. If you want to exist, only the fuel version of the mid -range model 2019 180TURBO CVT luxury version of the country VI and hybrid version of the model 2020 Rui · Hybrid 1.5 1.5 1.5 L Rui comfortable version has existing cars, and the color is only white to choose from. The former price was 96,800 yuan, and the latter was 122,800 yuan. If you choose between the two, I still recommend buying the latter. Although it costs more than 20,000 yuan, the motivation really cannot be the same, and there is a technical blessing of the Rui hybrid.

By understanding the car purchase market in the Central Lingpai area of ​​GAC Honda, I think the discount of this car is still good, but if the car is needed, you can only consider white vehicles, and the configuration is not complete. You still need to buy a car to buy a car. According to their own actual needs, the absence of the cost -effective and most popular automatic transmission entry models in the fuel version seems to allow car buyers to choose the current car -entry model with existing cars. It is a more suitable choice.