One -click GET transparent jelly bag, pursue the trend of the trend, take you to play a good summer


In the summer, the backpack is the most troublesome and hottest when going out. The bag is really uncomfortable! However, there is no match for the matching of the bag. In order to reject the hot summer heat, the little fairy follow the transparent jelly bag with the editor!


The transparent texture gives a sense of coolness. This different style just reflects the word “jelly”. Hurry up with the fashion trend and refreshing summer!

The pink transparent jelly bag is presented to the shape of the waist gradient, which is different from the original style of various bags. This style is more distinctive! The gray wide -side bag and pink are more cute in the visual impact. The pink transparent outer bag is covered with small waist trapezoidal frames to protect the small object inside. The transparent jelly bag is the finishing touch of the whole body!

Zhou Dongyu’s oblique “big bag” became a fashionable bag under Zhou Dongyu’s dress. The fisherman’s hat with a striped fisherman hat was the same as the stripes in the bag, showing the characteristics of the “big bag”! The broadband crossing the chest is fresh and translucent, and it is set off in a green plaid jacket. This is not afraid of the transparent jelly bag, the weather is not afraid of it!

Blue gives people a feeling of the sky. The white T -shirt is pierced into blue pants, which just corresponds to the contrasting bag, just like the blue sky and white clouds in the summer sky. The transparent shell is perfectly protected by the bag. The bag also brings freshness to blue and white, so fashionable and cool, learn quickly, keep up with the fashion trend, refreshing summer!


In the summer, quickly put on the transparent jelly bag. The orange handbags are so playful when the transparent shell encounters the transparent shell. The light -colored shirt of the off -shoulder is illuminated. , Give people a sunny enthusiasm, showing youthful vitality! This fashionable jelly bag has a visual sense of “fresh heat”. The little fairies are about to keep up with the fashion trend, refreshing summer!

This feminine pants suit is really different. The lace on the pants looks so emotional. With a yellow jelly bag, it feels close to the fashion trend and refreshing summer! It brings coolness to the sultry of summer. The yellow is like the sun under this strong sun, which is very eye -catching. This color jelly bag is like a large jelly. I really want to secretly “bite”!


Lifting a transparent jelly bag, it is even more cute to print a small pattern! How outstanding this red bag is. Although it is small, the small “WOW” sprayed pattern seems to be a big red bag. It is more beautiful with a white dress. The secret buckle design is also unique. This small jelly bag is not only cute but also fashionable!


Lifting the transparent jelly bag, keep up with the fashion trend, refreshing summer!


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