Liu Mintao is not an old goddess, wearing wine red thousands of bird cloaks, black knee socks boots, eye -catching fashionable


Many middle -aged women are always very timid in dressing. Because middle -aged women do not have the advantages of age, and they will also be accompanied by the aging of the skin and the shape of the body. If you are not careful, you will look tacky and old -fashioned, but you can learn from Liu Mintao’s dress. Liu Mintao’s temperament is very outstanding. The eyes are fashionable and the aura is too strong!

First of all, we can understand the overall shape of this body. Choose a thousand birds with a cloak with black boots. This body is very classic and retro. The ultimate black and red collision also showed a gorgeous charm, which enhanced the personal temperament, and the gas field was very strong. Especially when attending important activities, everyone could use the collision between red and black. Maybe perhaps maybe Can bring you different surprises!

Liu Mintao is not an old goddess, wearing wine red thousands of bird cloaks, black knee socks and boots, eye -catching and fashionable, cape -type coat is a very retro item, and this time Liu Mintao also chose this kind of thousands of bird grids. The cloak shows full of fashion. This kind of Chibird grid is particularly retro. It belongs to the more special one of the checkered elements. It can show a delicate feeling, and the weaving thousands of bird grids are also very temperament. It can show our personality charm from the details. Combining red and black, it looks more fashionable and more in line with the aura of middle -aged women.


In terms of hairstyle, it is recommended that you learn more from Liu Mintao. This short hair looks very clean, breaking the original restraint, and it seems more free and easy. Many middle -aged women will only try black long straight, so learn from short hair. Styling may bring you different changes. Liu Mintao’s aura is full, and Bobo head is paired with a set of wine red thousands of bird cloaks. The goddess fan is full.

This tunnel -style cloak -style coat is paired with black super shorts. This kind of long and down short matches are very suitable for small girls, which effectively increases our figure proportions and can shape long legs. Add sexy charm. Both tall and tall and small girls can learn from this dress in daily matching. At the same time, you can also match this kind of black boots like Liu Mintao to modify the calf lines and expose the skin of the thighs.

Her short hair style combines the treatment of micro -curling. This micro -curling perm is more intellectual and elegant, more gentle and generous. It can also highlight the sense of design. If you want to change your hairstyle, try this micro -curly short hair.


Both earrings and rings can add color to our overall shape. This time Liu Mintao with a small white daisy ring shows a sense of girlishness, and the shape of the earrings is also very unique. And generous.


Older women should pay attention to the structure of makeup, and it is best to try naked makeup. This will look more natural. Many middle -aged women like to try some thick makeup to cover their skin defects. It is full of oil, and it looks tacky and old. Everyone needs to avoid cautiously.


At the same time, Liu Mintao chose a black dress combined with lace design. The intellectual and elegant can also highlight the skin lines. It looks more romantic. The treatment of oblique shoulders can also show the fragrant shoulders and show the charm of sexual perception. Create a refreshing feeling, the waist is thinner and thinner.


In terms of dresses, Liu Mintao always likes to choose this fresh and romantic style, as well as this blue dress. The combination of gradient design is more fashionable, and from dark blue to light blue and white, it can also highlight the highlight The sense of layering, at the same time, the white tulle in the lower half can also reduce the sense of weight, which looks much more pure.

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