“Analysis of water” without jam does not mean deteriorating


Morning News reporter Xu Yanfei reported that bread jam is a favorite breakfast for many people, but people do not pay much attention to jam. Some people put the jam of Kaifeng’s jam for more than half a year or even a year. Some people’s jams analyzed water and thought they were thrown away. Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration issued consumption safety reminders about jam, reminding consumption consumption How to eat jam safely.

Jam is a sauce product made of fruit, fruit juice or pulp and sugar, and is made of pre -processing, cooking, beating (or crushing), ingredients, concentration, packaging and other processes.

Canned jam is generally used as a packaging container. Because the jam is high -acid and high -sugar products, it is not easy to corrupt and deteriorate when it is well sealed. However, if the lid is found to be protruding outward, it indicates that the microorganisms contaminated in the jam have grown a lot, and do not eat it.

During the production process, the fruit -rich orchard or outer fruit glue can form elastic gels under high sugar content and high acidity. The level of pectin content in fruits, the amount of pectin, the amount of chromatography, the time, temperature, and storage conditions of the fruit sauce will affect the strength of the gel in jam. After a period of time under certain conditions, the gel strength of the pectin decreases, and the phenomenon of water analysis will occur. Analysis of water does not mean that the jam is corrupted and can still be eaten safely.

For jams, the color depends not only on the variety and maturity of the fruit, but also depends on the processing process, the addition of the color agent. Fruit color is colorful because it contains natural pigments, but natural pigments are often unstable. Many fruits will be brown after heating or storage for a long time, such as strawberries, apples, pineapples, etc. of. The jam is not as bright as possible, and sometimes the color that is too bright may be derived from excessive use of the color agent.

Fresh fruits are inconvenient to carry. Sugar preservation is a method of storage of fruits and vegetables. Jam is a typical fruit processing product. After sugar and heating, nutrients in fruits such as vitamins C and dietary fiber have a certain amount of losses. The content of sugar content Increase, so jam cannot be replaced by fresh fruits. Consumers should pay attention to that fruct sauce is not equal to jam. The national standard “Jam” stipulates that the amount of fruits, juice or pulp in the jam formula must be greater than or equal to 25%(according to fresh fruit meter), and the content of the above ingredients in fruit sauce is generally less than 25%.

Because the entire process of home -made jam is difficult to achieve sterile control, there may be a risk of microorganisms. The sauces you make should be filled with hot bottle, as much as possible and fully heating and sterilization, and immediately cover. It is best to store jam with a glass bottle. It should be cleaned and dried thoroughly. Self -made jam should be refrigerated in the refrigerator and eat as soon as possible. One production is not suitable, it is best to eat it now to avoid storage for a long time.