Talt power on the northeast, media focus: What happened? Why is it not enough?


“Daqing morning stops water power, the home is not dripping, the toilet can’t rush” “There is no signal of the mobile phone, I can’t get on the Internet” “I have no electricity in my family, I’m discovered, I found out to find people” …

Recently, many northeastern users reflect the news of the power outage, “Northeast Power” news is also on the microblogging, causing widespread attention. Outside the Northeast, other places have also passed the “limited electricity” news, what happened? Why doesn’t I apply it?

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Power is tight, multiple launch limit

Recently, due to the presence of a pull limit in Northeast, according to the local residents, there is a road because there is no electricity of the traffic light, and there is a resident to climb the stairs of more than 20 layers; some shops can only open the candle.

According to CCTV News report, September 24 In the accident, a total of 23 people were sent to the central hospital of Liaoyang City.

On the 26th, Jilin Xinbei Water Co., Ltd. issued a notice on WeChat public account also triggered a hot discussion.

According to the requirements of the National Grid, the Northeast Telecommunications Bureau and the Jilin Provincial Energy Administration regarding the spirit of the Jilin Provincial Energy Administration, non-regular, no time, no planning, no notice of stop power, this situation will last until 2022 March, power outages, stop water becomes normal. “

In this regard, some netizen leave a message, “After seeing this notice, buy 100 candles.”

On the 27th, Jilin Xinbei Water Co., Ltd. once again released the announcement. Prepare. But the notice is not properly, the content is not accurate, and the relevant users have misunderstood. We deeply feel a self-blame and treat this matter seriously, strictly controlled the relevant responsible in the company system. “

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Not only the Northeast China, September 26, Guangdong Provincial Energy Administration and Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd. jointly issued “to the province’s power users in order to use electricity and electricity proposals”.


Initiative of the party and government organs and institutions at all levels of the province, the workplace of institutions, and the following stops using the elevator; advocate the provinces, commercial enterprises to actively participate in saving electricity, support with ordered power implementation; and encourage the general public to take moderate Savings, green low-carbon family lifestyle, home lighting as much as natural light, encourage air conditioning to set the temperature not less than 26 ° C.

According to the incomplete statistics of China’s new network reporters, dozens of listed companies have issued “temporary discontinuation” or “temporary production” announcement. In the announcement, “Power Supply Tight”, “The Requirements” of “Canadal Double Control” in the Region “is intensive, involving Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Guangxi and other places.

However, different residents in Northeast China are different, and these provinces are mainly concentrated in industrial-limit.

Why is it limited to electricity?

This is a problem of many residents concerned. Recently, the domestic mobile phone customer service staff said that the media said in the Northeast China, the Northeast China has implemented an orderly power supply, but there is still a power gap in the execution. At present, the entire grid has a risk of crashing, and has adopted residents. Electric measures.

On the 26th, Wu Jingping, member of the Standing Committee of Jilin Provincial Party Committee and executive Deputy Governor, said in the province’s power-saving coal supply, the operation of the winter, the operating video dispatching meeting, is subject to the shortage of national coal, high coal price, and the coal-electricity prices are inverted. Most provinces have a tension situation.

Data Map: Coal railway transport Lu Yufei

Under the influence of coal supply, this year’s coal prices continue to rise. China Coal Electric Coal Purchase Price Index (CECI) issued by China Electric Power Enterprise Federation, September 16th to September 23, the prices of power coal reached 1086 yuan / ton, up nearly double, up 56.26% from the beginning of the year.

Some insiders revealed that because the coal prices have risen, the fire power plant is now lost money every time.

“This year, the price of international commodities, coal, etc., causing the downstream costs to rise.” Lin Boqiang, Dean of the China Energy Policy Research Institute, Xiamen University, also pointed out.

Central, place multiple measures to ensure electricity


On the 26th, the Liaoning Provincial Department of Industry and Information was held in the province’s power security work conference. The meeting mentioned that from September 23 to 25, due to the shortage of wind power, the supply gap has further increased to the severe level. The Northeast Power Grid Scheduling Department directly issued the instructions to implement the “Power Grid Shift Power Ship”. The pull-off power is different from an orderly power supply, and it is the ultimate means of safety net, expanding to residents and non-communities.

The meeting requires that it is necessary to implement an orderly electricity to implement in place, which is most likely to avoid pulling power saving. Each local power operation department must finely organize an orderly electricity, refine optimized electricity programs, and avoid the shutdown limit to safe production, people’s livelihood and important users. The grid company should extend the prediction time and early warning level issuance time and early warning level, and expand the scope of information, which is easy to arrange the electricity plan in advance.

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In Jilin, Wu Jingping said at the 26th meeting that we must implement coal supply agreement with Mongolian coal mine, increase import coal procurement, organize the safe release of internal coal mines to ensure that the reserve coal is up to standard, and do heating electricity Coal is constantly supplying, and heating is not stopped. At the same time, we will fully protect the demand for the basic people’s livelihood, and the most likely to avoid pulling power saving. It is necessary to stop power failure, inform the residents in advance to prepare, guide the enterprise unit to avoid the peak peak. Power Generation companies should prevent systemic regional long-term centralized power outages.

According to the National Energy Administration, on the recent news, according to the preservation of the work of the heating season, the State Energy Bureau’s relevant business division has went to Beijing, Tianjin, Montan, Heilongjiang, Hunan and other matters and other matters, natural gas insurance for work, site Coordinating Solving the Problem of Restricting Gas Supply, Guiding Local and Enterprises to Implement Energy Support for various initiatives, and strive to increase energy supply, and go all out to ensure that people’s livelihood needs this winter will be used.

On the 24th, the National Development and Reform Commission has also organized Jinshangong and the relevant production coal market, the key coal enterprises held a special conference, and arranged power supply and heat transfer coal-long contract full coverage of coal-free coal-coal source implementation.

Source / China News Net

Editor / Fan Hongwei