What kind of children’s bed really needs the market and users?


Most families in our country are two -generation and three -generation houses. Children are important members of the family. With the development of the economy and people’s living standards, parents put more attention to their children.

At present, my country’s children’s bed market is developing rapidly, but the quality and safety of products is worrying. For example, in the notification of the sponsoring of 15 products such as children’s furniture in 2020 in 2020, unqualified products include children’s beds.

So, what are the characteristics of children’s beds? What are the problems of children’s beds? What are the development trends of children’s beds?

01 What are the characteristics of children’s bed?

Children’s bedrooms mainly have four types of furniture in bed, cabinets, tables, and chairs. Among them, the bed has the function of resting. The plasticity of the style and function is more plastic. It is the key development object of children’s bedroom furniture.


Various styles:

The first impression of the human body to obtain outside things is vision. Children’s beds mainly include single -player beds, sub -beds, guardrail beds, and functional beds.

Single beds include ordinary, imitation, storage, retractable, and pulling beds. The commonly available beds and three beds are common; the guardrail bed mainly has two forms: ladder and no ladder; the functional bed is The newer children’s bed style combines different needs functions. There are two main forms, one is to raise the bedboard, the underlying space is designed as a game, learning or other functional space, and the other is to keep the bedboard. Height, add a locker or storage rack on one side of the bed.

Rich function:


At this stage, the children’s bed combines the remaining furniture of the bedroom and is designed as a multi -functional combination of children’s bedroom furniture. It integrates beds, desks, wardrobes, and bookcases. At the same time, it meets rest, learning, and storage functions. Essence At the same time, as children’s lives are becoming more and more abundant, in addition to meeting children’s demand for furniture, children’s beds add many additional functions, such as the launching a child bed in the Shenzhen exhibition, the bed body is embedded in electronic audio, clock, etc. equipment.

Full of fun:

After entering the youth, children’s rich imagination and certain logical reasoning capabilities have continuously developed with the improvement of intelligence, and their consciousness, curiosity, curiosity and competition have continued to increase. In addition to meeting the needs of children, children’s beds are also very important to meet their emotional needs. For example, while some children’s bed retains the traditional ladder, there is a tilt rock climbing board at the end of the bed. Children can climb the rock to bed. It is quite interesting to consider children’s fun needs.

Personal customization:


Nowadays, children’s beds are rich in functions. After meeting the needs of users, they are more particular about personalization, and they are mainly implemented in a customized method. There are two main ways to customize children’s bed personality: one is to simply replace the components of the children’s bed, and the other is to place the children’s bed in the whole house customization. For example, a company in the Shenzhen exhibition launched a child bed that can be replaced, providing users with 5 types of guardrails, and realizing personality customization by simply replacing parts of children’s beds.

02 What are the current problems with children’s beds?

The phenomenon of homogeneity is serious:

Many non -professional companies enter the market and are easy to copy the product styles, causing serious homogeneous phenomena. In this way, professional enterprises are more pursuing the form of product innovation in order to stand out from many similar products to attract consumers’ attention, thereby ignoring the core of children’s furniture: design for children;


Secondly, the competitiveness of the enterprise is lowered, and the pricing of furniture of different quality at the same level is at the same level. The profits of enterprises with good product quality are not available, thereby reducing production costs and product quality, such a vicious circle.

Low product quality:

For example, the surface is frizzy, the corner arc is too small. In the United States from 1990 to 2007, 200 damage related to furniture occurred from 264, with an average of 14,700 per year. Among them, three -quarter damage occurred in children less than 6 years old. The quality of the children’s bed is related to the safety of children and cannot be despised.

The quality of foundry needs to be improved:

Some children’s bed brands do not have special production plants, but rely on foundries to provide products. Throughout the major e -commerce platforms, unqualified lists of products sold in China and flagship stores accounted for a large proportion of products, most of which were produced by foundries.

The domestic infant industry has developed rapidly and the competition is relatively disorderly. As far as the children’s furniture industry is concerned, many non -professional enterprises have poured in, hoping to get a cup from it, but there are many problems. With production experience, lack of support for professional technology and equipment.


03 What are the development trends of children’s beds?

At present, the children’s bed is still in the development stage, the product updates are fast, and the children’s bed will present the following 4 development trends:

Due to safety:

Safety is the primary principle of children’s bed design. Whether it is the safety of the design elements such as structure, material, and shape, or the safety in the actual use process. The most important factor for parents to buy children’s beds, and the problems of low quality of children’s beds and unqualified sampling inspections, all show the importance of “safety” in the development of children’s beds in the future.

User -oriented:

Users in children’s beds are not only children who are direct users of the product, but also parents who buy the decision. Children’s beds no longer simply meet the needs of children’s rest, but not only pay attention to children’s physiological and psychological needs, but also consider parents’ purchase needs.


If you increase multifunctional properties to meet the needs of children; increase interest to meet the needs of children’s fun; increase personalized customization links to meet the emotional needs of children. The development of the child’s bed is increasingly closer to the needs of multi -child families under the open policy of modern small living rooms and second -born open -child open -child. In the future development of children’s beds, the mother bed is the key development object.

Growth design:

Children’s growth characteristics require that children’s beds are growing, which can extend the life cycle of children’s beds and conform to the concept of modern green environmental protection. In recent years, research and design of growing children’s beds have increased year by year. In the research of growing children’s beds, the concept of sustainable and modular design has been introduced.

Overall design:

Children’s bed design should comprehensively consider the function of the function of other bedroom furniture. For example, children’s beds develop in multi -functional direction, and consider the overall furniture customization of the bedroom. For example, various brands at the Guangdong Furniture Fair have launched the children’s bedroom custom concept exhibition hall.

04 Write in the back


At this stage, children’s beds have developed rapidly and have diverse styles. They consider both users’ needs, but also keep up with the development trend of the furniture industry. Children’s furniture design should conform to the development of children, consider different functions in stages, follow the safety of morphological changes, humanized regulation mechanisms and multi -function and morphological changes.

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Cai Wenwen, Zhu Jianang, analysis of the current situation and development trend of children’s beds in my country [J]. Furniture, 2020


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