“Three Voltic Posts” chaotic survey online: It is difficult to distinguish between true and false, chaotic classification, hidden risks


Source: Surging News

During the Summer Summer, many hospitals in the TCM Creation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the flow of people in line with three volts was endless. On the e -commerce platform, the “three -volt post” was packaged by some merchants into a “universal post” that was cured and healed diseases. It was declared that it could treat digestion, respiratory, and immune system diseases. effect. Many merchants claim to be “ancestral formulas”, “hospitals with the same model”, and “manufacturer direct sales”. The products sold are full of product styles, and the brands are diverse.

The survey found that there were many suspected fakes sold online. In addition, most of the “Sanfu Posts” purchased from the Internet are not the same as the hospital.

As early as July 2013, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued a notice: institutions that carried out the “three volts” services should be the diagnosis and treatment of the Chinese Medicine Department, Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Department or Ethnic Medical Medicine Department approved by the health administrative department and the Chinese medicine management department. The medical institution of the subject has carried out the corresponding Chinese medicine or national pharmaceutical service.

The staff of a Chinese medicine hospital in Shanghai told Peng Mei News that the “three -volt post” project carried out by the hospital is a medical technology. The raw materials used are prescribed medication. In the specific operation process, medical staff will scientifically observe and judge the reaction process of the skin during the treatment according to the actual situation of the patient, and give intervention or termination in a timely manner if necessary. Deng Yong, an associate professor at the Department of Law Department of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and an associate researcher at the National Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Development and Strategy of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that many merchants have deliberately declared that the product has some kind of curative effect and confuses consumers, “but the” San Fu Tie “in the market, It is completely different from the ‘San Fu Pat in the Hospital. “

Relevant national departments have strict classification of food and drug products to regulate production and use, but what “San Fu Post” sold in the market is very chaotic -there are daily necessities, health products, and doctors that have not clearly labeled ingredients. Inscription products. Some products sold by online merchants use the registered number number that has been canceled.

Chen Yunfei, deputy chairman of the China Acupuncture Society of Acupuncture and Pharmaceutical Combination Committee, Chen Yunfei, Director of the Acupuncture Department of Yueyang Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, bluntly stated that the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration and other departments need to further clarify the process requirements and operating specifications of the “three volts”, maximize the land, and maximize the land. Protect consumers’ interests.

A number of products are suspected to be fake, some register for logging in


Surging news found that some individual sellers on the second -hand commodity trading platform “Sanfu” products sold on the “Leisure Fish” are mostly called daily necessities. Many sellers claim to sell low -priced sales at low prices and clear warehouses.

The reporter noticed a product called “Nanjing Tongrentang Green Golden Home Three Volumes”. Its packaging back is marked as “daily necessities, which cannot replace medicines or medical devices”. In addition, there are related information such as methods, precautions, and specifications.


Surging News called “Nanjing Tongrentang Green Gold Home Health Products Co., Ltd.” (hereinafter referred to as Green Gold Home). Relevant personnel and reporters confirmed the packaging, specifications and anti -counterfeiting codes of the product. Essence She said that such as “Sanfu Posts” products, there are many fakes, and their company is also defending their rights.

Green Gold House has no direct relationship with “Nanjing Tongrentang”. The company said that with the authorization of “Nanjing Tongrentang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.”, it can use the “Nanjing Tongrentang” name within the business period, and the two parties are the main entities in the independent market.


Relevant personnel of Nanjing Tongrentang Green Gold Home Health Products Co., Ltd. confirmed that the picture on the left is genuine, and the picture on the right is fakes

On the 1688 wholesale, Taobao and other platforms, the reporter found that at least 6 of the Sanfu Post products under the banner of “Nanjing Tongrentang Green Golden Home”. The packaging was different.

“The original genuine manufacturer, please rest assured to buy it.” If a number of online shop customer service guarantees it, the above -mentioned green gold home staff issued a lawyer’s letter and two official seal identification reports to the surging news. The products sold by Nanjing Qi Caotang Health Industry Co., Ltd. are counterfeit and use “Nanjing Tongrentang” and “Nanjing Tongrentang Green Golden Homeland” brand and font size without authorization. As of press time, the call of Nanjing Qi Caotang Health Industry Co., Ltd. did not open the phone.

In addition, the surging news also found that there was a cancellation of the number of cancellations.

A “Sanfu Post” sold by Tmall stores called “Good Pharmacy Flagship Store”. Preparation of No. 20150012 —— “Sanfu Post” here has become a medical weapon product.


However, the reporter found that the registered certificate number had long been canceled. Earlier, at least 5 OEM “children’s cough stickers” on the market had used the registered certificate number. According to the packaging information of these “pediatric cough stickers”, the reporter called related companies respectively. Among them, the relevant staff of Lufeng City Feng Rendang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. said that the registration of this article was registered as a “pediatric cough sticker”, which was produced by the company and another medical company, and other companies were sold in OEM. She said that in 2018, according to relevant regulations, all categories of medical weapon “pediatric cough stickers” must be completely canceled and upgraded to two categories, and the above registration certificate number also canceled.

When the surging journalist reports to the Tmall Consumer Platform reflects the above -mentioned expiration certificate “Zhang Guanli Dai”, customer service response and “the platform will increase management.”

Mr. Ye, who has been in charge of procurement in the hospital for many years, complained to surging news. If the validity period expires and the registration needs to be continued, the application for continuing registration shall be made to the original registration department 6 months before the expiration of the validity period and obtains relevant documents. Otherwise, it will be fined once it is found. The registration number of the cancellation cannot be used again. If the cancellation number is illegally stolen, the relevant manufacturers will also be held legal.

Health products with the “Alternative” text number

Surging news noticed that, like some “three -volt” products in Green Gold House, there are still many “three -volt post” banner of health products. The alternative number of “Yujian Tuan Bid”.


Tianyancha shows that the Henan Provincial Health Products Industry Chamber of Commerce is a social group and established on November 21, 2014. Its business scope is “technical exchanges, business training, consulting services, coordinated cooperation and other activities.”

A statement published on the official website of the chamber of commerce states that health supplies do not need administrative licenses at present. Except for local regulations in Guizhou, Shaanxi, and Jilin, other regions do not need administrative approval. The standard evaluation (consultation) of third -party groups in the industry self -discipline in Henan Province -that is, the “Yu Jianzhong” and other documents of the chamber of commerce are the “evaluation number” issued by the third -party industry chamber of commerce.

In a “Market Economy Statue of Health Products” published on the website of the chamber of commerce, health care products refer to external products that have health functions and promote health. Products, etc., “Emphasize health care and sub -health in terms of text expression, rather than treating diseases.”

A staff member of the Chamber of Commerce told Surging News that the chamber of commerce is currently issuing certificates such as “Yujian Group Bid” and “Yujian Troupe” and other certificates of enterprises in accordance with qualified enterprises, respectively. Whether the product is standardized, the two must be explicitly stated on the back of the product packaging, “If one is missing, it may be illegal abuse or stolen by the company.”

Surging news found that the above -mentioned “three -volt stickers” products using the “Yujian Tuan Label” text, which contain Chinese medicine ingredients such as wormwood, Yuanhu, Asarum, white mustard, and Gan Sui. If the product in the product contains the safety of Chinese medicine, the above -mentioned chamber of commerce staff stated that this is evaluated by the expert team of the chamber of commerce and cannot produce effective detection documents alone.

In fact, since 1997, in order to support the development of Chinese medicine, Henan Province has issued a name “Yu Weijian”. In February 2010, the Henan Provincial Department of Health issued the “Notice on the Approval Number of Health Products”. Zhao Lianzhou, then director of the Food Safety and Health Supervision Division of the Provincial Department of Health, said that the approval number of the health supplies approved by the unit expired, and will not be replaced and continued in the future. Text.

Deng Yong, an associate researcher at the National Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Development and Strategic Research of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, told Surging News that health care products refer to products with health care, and mainly refer to health food internationally. Former Ministry of Health and the Food and Drug Administration have repeatedly requested the approval of non -compatible application products in relevant regions, but alternative text numbers and application health products have emerged endlessly, mainly due to local understanding and grasp of relevant national policies and laws on national policies and laws. Different degrees, the industry is quite chaotic.

The reporter called Henan Provincial Drug Administration, but relevant personnel said that health products need to complain to the Market Supervision Bureau. A relevant personnel from the Henan Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau confirmed to Peng Mei News that this type of text was issued and issued by the local health department in the past. If consumers want to complain about product problems, call 12315 hotline telephone report feedback. “

For a long time, my country has encouraged the development of Chinese medicine and minority medicine. In some regions, in order to support local enterprises, strengthen local economy, and encourage local associations to develop. However, Deng Yong pointed out that the self -discipline of the association alone is far from strictly regulating the market order of health care products. Once the proclaimed caliber of health products appears, “the effect of treating diseases” appears, indicating that this merchant is suspected of false propaganda, and the public needs to consider consumer products carefully.


Medical weapon? “The ingredients of bidding Chinese medicine cannot be approved”

“You look closely at the” Sanfu Post “sold on the Internet. The actual packaging is not the name, it is all to wipe the ball.” A salesperson of Shandong Medical Device Co., Ltd., a “Sanfu Post” OEM service, to Surging News (www. THEPAPER.CN revealed that products such as “acupoint stickers”, “shoulder and neck cold compresses”, and “eliminating pain and cold compresses”, whether it is a type of medical device that belongs to family health care, or require further filing or registration The second category of medical devices will not be clearly marked on the outer packaging.

Surging news found that a total of 5 products named “Summary Medical Equipment Store” with a total of 5 products shared the same “green equipment” name, including Sanfu Powder, Sanfu Patch, Cervical and Lumbar Patch, etc. “Old Chinese medicine inherits ancient prescriptions and is hand -made.” The manufacturer is a medical device Co., Ltd. in Qinghai.

One of the canned “Sanfu” Chinese medicine powder products showed more than 300 monthly sales, and only one white note was posted on the packaging. , Did not write important information such as manufacturers. Evaluation of the first one is the buyer’s vomiting- “Burning it after posted it, it was not good for half a month, soaked in the water, it hurts.”


The reporter asked why the seller did not explicitly show the manufacturer’s information on the jar. Is a number of products illegal? The other party only responded that the products were prepared by pure Chinese medicine powder without any additions, no need to worry about safety issues, “rest assured”.

According to the information registered by the merchant, surging news reporters did not inquire about the relevant “medical device enterprise production/operating enterprise (license)” information on the official website of the State Drug Administration. The product name corresponding to the “green weapon preparation” size is the second category of medical weapon products “remove pain and cold compresses”. In accordance with the approval of the National Drug Administration, this “pain and cold compress” consists of non -woven fabrics, rubber layers, anti -adhesive layers (polyethylene film or anti -stick paper) and other parts. The rubber layer is mainly composed of high -molecular resin, mint brain, and hydroxybenzoic acid. It does not mention the Chinese medicine ingredients such as white mustard, asarum, and astragalus in the above “tri -volt powder”.

On July 23, 2021, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the “Announcement on the Registration of Pharmaceutical Combination Products”, which is clear that the pharmaceutical and device portfolio products refer to the co -produced by drugs and medical devices and become a single physical production. product. Traditional Chinese medicine applied products are pharmaceutical and device combination products based on drugs, and are registered and managed in accordance with “drugs”.

Sales staff of a medical device Co., Ltd. in Shandong claims that the current supervision is not strict. It will only check whether the information on the product packaging information will be approved regularly. It will not specifically check whether there are drug components in the inspection. “Mr. Ye, who is responsible for procurement in the hospital’s pharmacy, also told Surging News reporters that this type of product cannot enter the hospital and regular pharmacies, so most of them are sold online and sold online.

Yang Min, a lawyer of Shanghai Huiye Law Firm, told Surging News (www.thepaper.cn) that if you add medicine cakes in the treatment sticker in the treatment sticker in the “second category of medical devices” The relevant specifications of registration management are “high categories and low batch” and should be corrected.

At the same time, if the perpetrator cannot explain its legal source of the agent, it cannot provide the “Medical Institution Positive License” and the approval number of the preparation, it violates the relevant provisions of the Drug Management Law. Article 74, paragraph 1 of the “Drug Administration Law” stipulates that “the preparation of the medical institution shall be approved by the drug supervision and management department of the people’s government of the local province, autonomous region, and municipality directly under the Central Government It is not allowed to formulate preparations. “At present, major medical institutions across the country mainly processed the dressing in accordance with regulations, or provided raw material preparations by enterprises, and then applying in the hospital in accordance with standards.

Sales staff of the aforementioned therapy equipment company also revealed that in order to look genuine, many manufacturers will also apply for trademarks with “three volts” related words to confuse consumers.

Take a medical cold compress post of “Wanxun Hall” as an example. The packaging is printed on the words “TM” in the upper right corner. It has not become a registered trademark and does not have legal protection. Surging news reporters inquired on the “China Trademark Network” that many companies tried to apply for trademarks with the word “three volts”, but they were basically rejected.

Zhan Guang, partner of Shanghai Zhengce Law Firm, told the lawyer that even if he did not obtain a registered trademark authorization, he could printed the “TM” logo on the trademarks of daily necessities, health products, and medical products. Essence

Some companies apply for trademarks containing the word “three volts”, but they are basically rejected. Screenshot from “China Trademark Network”

Deng Yong told the surging news that the “three volt stickers” itself has health effects, high acceptance, and relatively low danger. In addition, the cost of such apply products is low and the marketing speed is fast. It is difficult to focus on supervision. For the pharmaceutical factories or enterprises involved, even if it is investigated, the cost of illegal illegal is not very high, and it is difficult to meet the standards for filing.

“Policies are part of it, and execution is another part.” Deng Yong believes that we must continue to strengthen law enforcement teams and strengthen regulatory efforts. At the same time, on the basis of formulating principles and requirements, more specific implementation methods and strategies are given. Let the parties that are supervised and supervised, especially the Internet platform, can have sufficient operating space. “The use of its own advantages to reasonably solve the problem is part of the current policy needs to be implemented.”


Traditional Chinese Medicine Experts: Hidden Risks of “Sanfu Posts” on the Internet

What consumers are most concerned about is undoubtedly whether the product is effective, but in the view of Chen Yunfei, director of the Department of Acupuncture, Yueyang Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is convenient for online shopping “San Fu Tie”. The hidden harm behind is not small.

After Chen Yunfei saw the three three -volt components that the reporter saw randomly on Taobao, they all said “inappropriate”. He pointed out that in the formulas of “Mother Leaf, Sichuan Fritillaria, Beef, White Fruit, Licorice, and Camphor”, beef and yellow are cold, while Sichuan shells and ginkgo are high, easy to help long dampness and heat, and it is counterproductive to deficiency and cold diseases. Essence In another formula of wormwood, frankincense, no medicine, Yuanhu, chicken blood vine, extension grass, papaya, etc., the two -flavored medicinal materials of “chicken blood vine” and “papaya” are mainly rhizomes. It is mainly used to nourish yin and nourish blood, and should not be used as applied.

When the surging news reporter communicates with a number of Taobao sellers, the other party recommends that it is purchased by multiple boxes of the course of treatment. It is said that Sanfu Tian is not finished, or it can continue to be used in normal times, but the effect is not so good. On the vast majority of product pages, the shelf life labeled by the product is 2-3 years.

Chen Yunfei pointed out that traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the coordination of nature. In the summer, a little sweat should be properly sweated, but it should not be too much to hurt the yang. The seller claims that it can be applied for a long time. On the one hand, it means that the dose has not been achieved, and there is no effect. On the other hand, it may not have a significant response in the short term. “This requires more vigilance.”

He explained that some Chinese medicine (such as gypsum, Poria, Cooked Land, Ophiopogon, Dendrobium, etc.) have a cold taste, without aromatic substances, and not suitable for applying drugs, because the amount of applied paste and penetration through the skin is too small, no, no, no There may be obvious pharmacological effects. The quality of aromatic drugs used by hospitals is generally short, such as musk. At room temperature, it can only be stored for 2 hours. For more than 2 hours, the medicine will disappear by itself, and the shelf life set on the market cannot be achieved at all. At the same time, some of the Chinese medicine drugs used by some manufacturers on the market are unknown. Some may be a medicinal material that damages the liver and kidney function. ) Some dressing can only be used for external use. If you accidentally eat it, there will be risks. “

Chen Yunfei explained in the past case that some patients with yin deficiency and fire were not suitable for applying “three volts”, but these people would still buy it. After a period of time, unknowingly, I couldn’t sleep at night. “This is caused by the virtual fire in his body. Many patients will have similar adverse reactions, but they are not obvious. Everyone is not attentive.”

In addition, he pointed out that the acupoint maps attached to many online shopping products are not accurate. If consumers are wrong in some large blood vessels or subcutaneous fats, such as Payo acupoints, once ulcers are ulcerated, it is difficult to heal, and it may cause a series of problems such as inflammation. For another example, in the acupoints of immunity, acupuncture points in the joints should not be used for applying. The “Xiexi” acupoint is located at the ankle joint.

The surging reporter also found many three -volt products for children. Some sellers bluntly said, “sales are better than adults.”

According to public reports, in 2019, many children in Nanchang were burned after posting the “three volts” in the Jiangxi Provincial Children’s Hospital. 92 children had adverse reaction symptoms such as itching, burning pain, and blisters that caused heated discussions. Chen Yunfei emphasized that children’s skin is very thin and tender, and the dosage may be less than one -tenth of adults. The foaming time is slightly error, and it is easy to burn and purulent. At present, regular medical institutions are also constantly exploring and adjusting the application site, length of time, posting interval, and total application times. If parents use medicine powder at home, they are more prone to serious consequences.

Chen Yunfei bluntly stated that in Chinese medicine, children are considered to be the body of pure yang, and the biggest feature is that the yang is sufficient. Most children do not need to apply “three volts”. Some advertisements claim that the “three volt stickers” have obvious effect on children’s asthma and are limited to patients with yang deficiency. “The human body structure is complicated, and an experienced doctor needs to judge, not‘ one post ’can be achieved.”


【Extended Reading】

“Sanfu Paste” is the abbreviation of “winter disease and summer acupuncture points”, also known as “drug foaming” or “apply foaming”, which is a type of traditional Chinese medicine scar moxibustion therapy. The principle is that Apply the stickers on the corresponding acupoints of the human body, and in conjunction with the most vigorous season of “Sanfu Tian”, stimulate the acupuncture points and achieve the corresponding effect.


The “Notice on Strengthening the Application of Application of the Application of Winter Disease Summer Point Paste Application Technology” issued by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in July 2013 pointed out that the “three -volt stickers” are mainly applicable to the chronic respiratory diseases of recurrent attacks, which can also be used to repeatedly Extraction and winter worsening are clinical characteristics, and other diseases that are syndrome of traditional Chinese medicine.

In fact, “Sanfu Post” is considered to have no clear historical origin and instance records in the Chinese medicine community. Some opinions believe that the “three volts” have evolved from the concept of “Tian moxibustion”. Sky moxibustion is mainly applied to acupuncture or affected area with drugs that are irritating to the skin. Sun Si, the Tang Dynasty, took the lead in putting forward the word in “Golden Wing Fang”. In the Song Dynasty, the king of the Song Dynasty used to apply malaria in the “Scripture of the Acupuncture” and then used the ruling grass to treat malaria, which was regarded as the prototype of the “three volt stickers”.

Chen Yunfei told Peng Mei News that the concept of “winter disease and summer treatment” behind the “three volts” can be traced back to the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon”. In the “Fifty -two Diseases” unearthed from the tomb of Ma Wangdui Han, there are many external Dandan prescriptions, which can be regarded as the prototype of the three volts. Tianxue is another form developed on the basis of applying application. “In the Qing Dynasty, a major adult appeared.”

During the Kangxi reign of the Qing Dynasty, the doctor Zhang Lu recorded in “Zhang’s Medical Tong” in “Summer Moon Sanzhong”, using mustard, Yanhu, asarum, and Gan Sui to study as the end, add musk, apply it to Feishu, put it in Feishu, put it in Feishu, and put it on Feishu, and put it on Feishu, and put it on Feishu, and put it on Feishu, and put it on Feishu, and put it on Feishu, The method of treating cold earth acupoints such as Bai Lao — this is considered a sign of the formation of “three volt stickers”. At present, major hospital institutions will still choose medicinal materials with foaming and Wenyang effects, such as ginger, white mustard, Gan Sui, Asarum, etc.

There is no standard uniform formula and ratio of standards. With the same medical institution, the department is different, and the selected drugs and ratio are also different. Chen Yunfei explained that the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine has the scope of drug selection for the “Sanfu Post”, but does not have a clear specific medication and ratio. “For example, some hospitals will replace ginger as garlic, which has similar characteristics. This is Chinese medicine and western medicine The biggest difference”.

Beginning in the late 1970s, the types of diseases corresponding to this therapy have developed from cold and gelatin to the entire lung system, adapted to more yang deficiency pathology, and gradually promoted.